Stop Creating Unethical Animal Hybrids

Target: Professor Julian Savulescu, co-director of the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities

Goal: Stop scientists from creating unethical human-monkey hybrids for scientific research and organ harvesting.

A group of international scientists has combined human stem cells with a macaque monkey embryo. Many of the mutilated embryos died in the first few weeks, and the remainder were terminated when they were 20 days old. These scientists think they have made a scientific breakthrough, but have instead created a perversion of nature for unethical human exploitation.

If this horrific research continues, these hybrid creatures will be raised and have their organs harvested for human transplants. It is bad enough that these embryos are tampered with in the first place, but it is shameful that people are trying to create another living being just so they can kill them and mutilate their bodies for human purposes.

This research raises numerous ethical questions. This and all other similar projects must be stopped.

Sign this petition to stop researchers from perverting embryos in a lab and to stop them from creating animal hybrids.


Dear Professor Savulescu,

I am concerned about recent studies that are being performed that are creating human-monkey hybrids. International scientists are adding human stem cells with a macaque monkey embryo. One point of this research is to understand how cells communicate. This perversion of nature is a shameful way to attempt to understand how the world works.

Another horrifying result of this research is to develop animals whose organs can be harvested for human transplants. This is disgusting and must stop.

I urge you to do all in your power to stop this research from continuing.


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Photo Credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ



  1. Paula Morgan says:

    No hybrids, please! Humans kill animals, take habitat and hurt animals with in lab tests. Poaching is killing so many animals and now they are poaching plants. They plunder the earth and are not caught on a regular basis. And now, humans want to have hybrid monkeys? What is wrong with the real ones except if people kill them off and they go extinct.
    It has been said that humans don’t deserve dogs. With the way the world looks today it appears humans don’t deserve a beautiful world either. Earth may not escape human torture, stealing for profit, industry, big banks and governments which speak on bombs. The earth will end if we do nothing to save it. The beautiful blue marble will no longer exist. As it goes, s go we.

  2. The main problem I have with this is creating animals just to harvest their organs.

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