Protect Whales From Being Injured By Vessels

Target: Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard

Goal: Protect whales that are being injured in Canadian coastal waters.

A humpback whale has a large gash on its tailstock that is believed to have been caused by colliding with a vessel in Vancouver’s Point Gray. This is a far too common occurance in the water’s off Canada’s west coast. Boaters are legally required to reduce their vessels’ speed and stay well away from whales, yet these measures are clearly not enough.

Humpback whales are in particular danger from boat strikes due to their unpredictable swimming behaviors. The world’s humpback population is making an impressive comeback from near-extinction, yet their future safety is still of great concern as they are still greatly affected by human interference. In light of this, more care needs to be taken to protect them. The whales are meant to be in the water, while humans are invaders of this habitat. People are either on the water for monetary gain or pleasure-seeking, and these are shameful reasons to put other species at risk.

Sign this petition to urge the government to implement measures that will protect whales from being injured and killed.


Dear Honourable Jordan,

A humpback whale has been reported in the waters off Vancouver that has apparently been injured by a boat strike. Humpback whales are very threatened by human activity, and it is shameful that we have invaded their natural habitat with little consideration of their well-being.

Urging boaters to use more caution is not going to save the whales. Furthermore, the current laws are clearly insufficient to protect sea creatures from harm. More drastic measures need to be taken to protect whales from boat strikes and other injuries caused by people.

I urge you to consider this matter seriously and formulate enhanced rules and regulations that will better safeguard the magnificent creatures of the deep.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Florian Rohart


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  1. Julie Bates says:

    SHAME Shame SHAME Shame zone our B. Jorden minister of fisheries. We voted her in ????

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