Puppy Reportedly Locked in Car With Mouth Taped Shut While Owners Went Shopping Deserves Justice

Target: Florida State Attorney of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, Amira D. Fox

Goal: Justly punish people who reportedly left puppy inside car with mouth taped shut while they went shopping at Walmart.

A 9-week-old great Pyrenees was allegedly rescued after being found inside a car with the animal’s mouth taped shut. Jaelen Anthony Barge and Allison Marie Sweck were later arrested for the reported incident. They need to receive a harsh legal sentence and not be allowed to have pets if these allegations are found to be true.

According to reports, a training lead had been taped around the puppy’s mouth for the purpose of making sure no biting took place. However, these types of leads are specifically designed to keep an animal from pulling during a walk, and not to be employed in the way it was allegedly used. Witnesses called police after they reportedly noticed mucus profusely dripping from the dog’s nose and mouth. It was also said that there was a second dog in the vehicle. Someone allegedly tried to give them water. However, Sweck reportedly told witnesses to get away from her pets.

The suspects were both arrested for animal cruelty, and the puppy is now in the care of Lee County Domestic Animal Services. It is not known what happened to the other dog. Sign this petition to demand Sweck and Barge receive a prison sentence and to further insist they have both animals taken away if they are found guilty of this crime.


Dear State Attorney Fox,

Jaelen Anthony Barge and Allison Marie Sweck were arrested for allegedly taping their puppy’s mouth shut and leaving the animal inside the car while they went to Walmart. It is important that they be required to spend time in prison and be banned from having pets if they are found guilty, to better ensure other animals will not endure the same fate.

Authorities were called after witnesses stated that the puppy’s jaws were taped so tightly, mucus was dripping nonstop from the nose and mouth. Police brought the puppy to Lee County Domestic Animal Services. They stated that the owners had taped a training lead around the mouth to keep the animal from biting, even though these types of leads should only be used to hinder an animal from pulling on a walk. Another dog was also allegedly found inside the car, but it is not known whether this animal was taken by authorities or was possibly released to another family member.

For these reasons, we demand you seek a prison sentence for Barge and Sweck if it is discovered they committed this crime and that you further tell the courts that if they think taping a puppy’s mouth shut is a proper training method, they should not be allowed to have pets.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office


  1. They should never be allowed pets….this is NOT how you train ANY living being, AND people quit overtraining your animals….let them be who they are as well!!!

    • Aileen Cheetham says:

      SPOT ON.

    • That’s NOT training. That’s human ignorance. If you are a responsible human and truly love your dog, you WILL train that dog properly because you are supposed to be the leader of your pack. If you do not, they will take over reluctantly and that’s not a good situation. Behavioral issues can often be attributed to human neglect, ignorance, lack of training and discipline. If you as a human cannot see and understand how that is best for the dog, then you probably shouldn’t keep pets. Human education is key. Animal training is key.

  2. This is obviously a lie if the dogs are in the car and the windows were even cracked they would only bite someone if they stuck their hand through the window. These two should never be allowed to own an animal again this is horrific just horrific torture they just wanted a dog not to bark

  3. They do not need any more dogs or pets. They must did not want them to leave them in a hot car with no water. I hope the maggots get prison time for 25 years for animal abusers and cruelty. they should have put both of them in the hot car and sweated awhile.

  4. It’s just a matter of time before these two human monsters do the same to their other dog or even other animals that may be unlucky enough to fall into their evil hands. The remaining dog needs to be removed from this household in which both perpetrators of the harm to the puppy should never again be allowed to “own” another animal. Ever! Lee County Domestic Animal Services you need to do your job and take Barge and Sweck’s other dog away from them before they can hurt it!

  5. Are people really this stupid ??If so why are they allowed to leave there home without a person with some intelligence looking after them. No this is not a joke some people have more stupid cells than responsible ones this must be fact seeing the dumb acts some humans perform. Please make them aware this is a CRIME and it will not be tolerated.

  6. Nancy Pecker says:

    People are so dam illiterate. These 2 LOSERS should be thrown in jail and tape placed over their mouths and hands tied behind their backs. useless humans serving no purpose on this planet

  7. Aileen Cheetham says:

    Throw the Book at them after treating them the same.

  8. Tape their mouths and hang!!!!!

  9. Christine Nuttall says:

    They should never be allowed to have a pet ever again. Tape their mouths up and chuck them in jail were they belong!!

  10. Priscilla Casey says:

    These evil pos’ did this so this poor dog would not be able to bark and alert people to his distress. Pure evil and I hope they are banned from ever owning any pets ever again! If I had my way these lowlife subhuman scums would suffer the same fate this poor puppy did. I hope they get the harshest punishment.

  11. Tracey Griser says:

    Stop The Madness
    Help The Voiceless

  12. These cold-blooded heartless low-life scumbag bastards should have their mouths taped tightly shut – see how they like it. What a horribly CRUEL and senseless thing to do!! Arrest them, JAIL them for the suffering and TRAUMA they caused this poor defenseless puppy, and TAKE AWAY THEIR OTHER PUPPY. DON’T EVER ALLOW THEM TO OWN OR TAKE CARE OF ANY OTHER ANIMAL AGAIN.

  13. Jolene Krise says:

    It’s really bad that one idiot would think this behavior is ok but two??????? WTF??
    Year’s ago found I found a t-shirt that read :
    and if it was read and followed back then maybe we wouldn’t have these problems in our world today.
    Throw them both in a hot car with their mouths and hands taped up. LOSERS

  14. besides being accused of these crimes, these dumb cunts live in Florida where one should NEVER leave an animal in a hot car. PERIOD!!! leave your animals HOME you stupid whores!!! I could go on and on…………..

  15. remove this dog immediately and no more pets – these people are insane adn what else did they do in private with this dog – thank god it’s a puppy but, I bet they had dogs in past and they probably are died at young ages – sick people – end this madness

  16. Death penalty for animal abuse , torture and killings! No mercy!!!

  17. Julian Dugan says:

    Strict punishment please.

  18. Patricia Williams says:

    Prosecute Prosecute Prosecute. These are not animal lovers and do Not deserve them. Take the other dog also and I will bet it has problems too. If there is a next time, an innocent will Die. Stupidity is not an excuse. Why take the dogs in a hot car if you’re going shopping? Lack of caring. This is abuse and cruelty! The laws are there to protect the voiceless. So use them and Protect the Innocent!

  19. Debra Gumerman says:

    The owners should have their mouths taped shut, and locked in a car indefinitely!

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