End Commercial Whaling Forever

Target: Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland

Goal: Stop using whales for profit and pleasure in Iceland.

Iceland is one of only three countries in the entire world that still allow whaling. It is pathetic that the country still allows such a pointless and barbaric act in the name of commercialism. Iceland has seen a significant decrease in the demand for whale meat, and many operations have voluntarily shut down, yet the country has yet to take the step of outlawing this archaic practice to save such a magnificent species.

On top of whaling, whale watching is a common tourist industry. However, the recent decrease in tourism due to the current pandemic has shown many researchers that even something as unobtrusive as watching has detrimental effects on the health of whales. Scientists have found that the noises and water disturbances caused by boats and other aquatic industries greatly increase the stress levels in whales. This is linked to the whales’ inability to successfully reproduce which further threatens their species.

Sign this petition to urge Iceland to stop exploiting whales for meat and tourism.


Dear Prime Minister Jakobsdóttir,

Recent scientific studies have found that tourism industries such as whale watching have detrimental effects on the health of whales. The continuous underwater disturbances caused by whale watching boats greatly increase whales’ stress. Among other things, this decreases a whale’s conception rate which is detrimental to the future of the species. While whale watching may increase human sympathy for the plight of these magnificent beasts, it is slowly killing them and destroying their future.

On top of that, it is shameful that Iceland still allows whaling. The recent loss of tourism has shown the dwindling market for whale meat and how unnecessary this cruel practice is.

I urge you to outlaw the horrific slaughter of whales in your country and stop exploiting and harming whales for human profit.


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Photo Credit: Erik Christensen



  1. Paula Morgan says:

    All countries need to come together to ban whale hunting and killing. Thee are majestic creatures of the oceans and they also take on their back more carbon than trees. This is not a joke and we can’t wait any longer for these whales to be saved. Ice land, Norway and Japan need to know the world is watching.

  2. Shelly Blazich says:


  3. The sight of this enormous carnage of which humans alone are the disgusting specialists is unspeakable! Our ability to plunder and destroy seems to have no boundaries. Here’s another sickening example of our species’ gross “harvesting” methods. No doubt there will also be unintended by-catch in this haul and in every one just like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlOtjxufybM. In a similar fashion, with equally devastating results, we’ve devised new ways to further pillage the oceans and their vulnerable species:

  4. Stop killing animals!Disgusting retarded freaks!

  5. Beth Frank says:

    This is absolutely heartbreaking. Please stop doing this to these beautiful creatures.

  6. We need to unite globally and exterminate each and every animal abusing scumbag!

  7. Jaime Perez says:

    This disgusting horror must be stopped now. Leave the whales alone!! This is a monstereus practice that should be banned and outlawed forever.

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