Expose Animal Cruelty in Livestock Industry

Target: The Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, Canada

Goal: Protect animals from horrendous abuse in the livestock industry.

Animal cruelty often goes unpunished due to Ontario’s restrictions on its investigation and exposure. It is illegal to go undercover to expose animal cruelty, unsafe working conditions, and food safety risks, that are common in animal agriculture. These restrictions are known as “Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 202” also known as “agricultural gag” or “ag-gag” laws.

Not only does this bill cover up the frequently occurring abuse of animals that is often criminal, but the new law also invades people’s fundamental rights to free assembly and free speech.

Farm animals in Canada are not protected under the law, and the majority of what happens within our food system is concealed from the public. We should increase protections for farmed animals and transparency within our food system, not diminish them.

Sign this petition to stop the “ag-gag” law.


Dear Honourable Mr. Ford,

The Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 202, is a ghastly piece of legislation that allows animal cruelty to pass unnoticed. This bill does not protect farmed animals, but subjects them to more harm.

Many factory farmers want to conceal animal cruelty from the public and you willingly oblige them for your own gain. The “ag-gag” law makes it easy for factory farms to hide the oftentimes criminal animal abuse.

Not only do you support hiding cruelty, but you also approve of infringing on our fundamental rights to free speech and free assembly. The people have the right to obtain evidence of and expose the cruel nature of this industry and advocate for change.

Animals in Canada are unprotected under the law and now you deliberately endanger them. You must increase the protections for these animals and transparency within our food system and not diminish them. Stop the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 202 and let the exposure of animal cruelty become the downfall of factory farming.


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Photo Credit:  Mercy For Animals MFA


  1. Paula Morgan says:

    I feel cameras on site would diminish animal cruelty. Canada doesn’t not presently allow this yet to stop this horrendous abuse cameras are necessary. Farm animals feed the country. They should at the very least be treated with kindness, compassion and understanding. To hide abuse is to do nothing. And doing nothing must stop. Reasonable, intelligent people do not hide they take action stop the offense.

  2. The Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, Canada

    Protect all the precious and defenceless animals from horrendous abuse and torture in the vile and evil livestock industry.

  3. Each of these vile animal abusers must be put to death. We need to unite together globally to enforce this !

  4. The cruelty and torture and suffering against these sentinent animals must be stopped! They are physically and psychologically tortured and then killed! This is no way to treat these intelligent animals!

  5. Nothing “honourable” about Doug Ford! Who do you think brought this ag-gag bill IN while people were distracted this last year?! Also need the same kind of petitions for both Manitoba and Alberta, where their premiers snuck in the SAME ag-gag laws during 2020. And now they’re “considering” bringing these in all across Canada, FEDERALLY.

    All these so-called inhuman ‘leaders’ are psychopaths and traitors to all Life. They take delight in the suffering and hellish deaths of ANY AND ALL living beings, including those humans not of their Elite clan. Whatever they do to nonhumans, they will do to humans next. See it for what it is – much bigger than stomping on public Charter freedoms aroung only the Ag industry, but ALL freedoms. And most importantly, it’s about ridding humans of EMPATHY and all other good traits, because their ilk doesn’t HAVE any, so they HATE those traits.

  6. Every animal abusing moron must have the death penalty performed on them.

  7. Julie Bates says:

    DOUG FORD has made soooooo many mistakes ….will he not make a single decent decision in this blind industry

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