Reduce Light Pollution That is Harming Wildlife

Target: Michael S. Regan, President of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Encourage all municipalities across the nation to adopt more environmentally-friendly methods of nighttime lighting to reduce light pollution that is harming wildlife.

Across the nation, light pollution is having an unforeseen and detrimental effect on insects. While bugs are often seen as pests, their loss on a large scale would have devastating implications on our plant and animal ecosystems that remain, as always, in a delicate balance.

In particular, the mating lights of fireflies are seriously hindered and this may cause issues for the future of this species. The effect of light pollution has also been seen on grasshoppers. In 2019, 45 million grasshoppers were attracted by nighttime light pollution and descended upon the city of Los Angeles. In this case, eco-friendly lights, such as LEDs, may be more attractive to insects than other types of lighting.

Sign this petition to encourage all areas of the country to implement wildlife-friendly nighttime lighting.


Dear Mr. Regan,

Bugs are typically seen as unimportant pests that we have to deal with. In truth, they are an integral part of the ecosystem and their loss could be catastrophic for the planet. New studies indicate that many insects are being negatively affected by light pollution. Fireflies’ mating lights are being interfered with in a way that might impact the future of this species. Other insects are being unnaturally attracted to artificial lights, as seen in the 2019 incident of 45 million grasshoppers invading Los Angeles.

I urge you to work with municipalities and local environmental groups to find ways to reduce nighttime light pollution, and design lighting systems that are more friendly to wildlife.


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Photo Credit: BarbaraALane


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    It seems this is the least we can do. Humans have gobbled up all land and we are in action 24/7! This light situation seems to be an easy fix but it must be more than just a mere suggestion in order for it to be effective. Why? Some goof ball will protest. We need to outline what will and will not be tolerated. These creatures deserve to live and multiply as the earth is their home too.

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