End the Horrific Torture of Animals on Factory Farms

Target: The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Goal: Protect animals and our environment from the consequences of raising livestock for human gain.

More than three billion livestock animals are viciously abused, tortured, mutilated, and slaughtered for human use every day. The number of livestock sent to slaughter each year is eight times higher than the human population on planet Earth, according to the United Nations. Never in history have so many animals died or suffered more throughout their lives.

The main reason for animal suffering and abuse is factory farming. The animals are sentient beings with a will to live, but humans convert them into machines that generate products for their profit including meat, milk, and eggs.

Chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits, geese, turkeys, sheep, goats, and cattle endure countless hours of torture to be either killed for meat or die because of starvation, disease, and other horrifying causes. Most of these animals are confined in tiny cages, have body parts brutally cut off without the use of painkillers, are carelessly thrown away alive, crushed with clubs, have tubes forcefully pushed down their throats to fatten them up, and never see the light of day. Sick and weak animals often die without veterinary care. Their brief, anonymous lives end sad and alone; they never even experience the slightest glimpse of compassion.

The animal abuse continues on its way to the slaughterhouse because the transport conditions are extremely inhumane. Animals are crammed into large trucks, sometimes traveling long distances, without food or water, many get injured or die already before meeting the metal bolt.

Raising animals for human use not only has devastating effects on the animals themselves, but also our environment. The livestock industry is the source of a broad spectrum of environmental impacts, including climate change. The livestock industry causes 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The rising demand for animal products and the lack of land has caused the livestock industry to become the main cause for clearing forests to turn them into pasture. Already do livestock farms cover one-third of the world’s total land and more than two-thirds of its agricultural land.

Furthermore, the livestock industry produces enormous quantities of waste. The livestock industry in the U.S. alone produces 116,000 pounds of waste per second.

To prevent farm animal suffering and giving our planet a chance to recover from our ghastly actions, we have to end factory farming. Every creature on the planet deserves a chance at life. Sign this petition to stop the exploitation of animals for human gain.


Dear Honourable Mrs. Bibeau,

Nearly a trillion animals are tortured and killed for human use every year. While people use their leather purses, eat their steak, and crack their breakfast eggs, they contribute to a great deal of pain and misery.

Animals, people, and our environment alike suffer from the livestock industry that pollutes our planet and causes detrimental diseases.

Every sentient being has the right to live. We only have one planet earth, I ask you: Why do you support its downfall? Stop factory farming in Canada.


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Photo Credit: Mercy for Animals MFA


  1. This horrific torture of animals on factory farms must be stopped. Its barbaric what is been allowed.

  2. I think this owful why would they make suffer I love animals all animals not right how would they be a cow any animals the cruel I thought they were killing elc shock fast where they would not feel why they that need to stop I feel so bad them I help this help it’s need to stop if they are doing that they should be shut down how like body part cut off when they were live believe they would go for that they to be shut down

  3. You bastards!I hope you die a oriole death for doing this!!SUFFER!!!

  4. Anita Yott says:

    Go Vegan-I know it is hard but not impossible. Eliminate the demand for animal products! Speak out and teach! We have to BE BOLD AGAINST CRUELTY and $$$$$GREED$$$$$.

  5. Paula Morgan says:

    Too many people eat meat. We need to take a few days off each week to allow these factory farms to get their acts together. Our demand is so great factory farms can not keep up with the demand. Why can’t people view this as they would their bank accounts. Spend your money anyway you see fit. But if you spend it all there won’t be money for retirement, illness, etc. We all need a rainy day fund. Animals need a rainy day fund too. The processing and abuse of factory farm animals exceeds any rational expectation. Humans are multiplying too quickly and we are eating up every animal in sight. Even science tells us we will be completely out of fish in the ocean by 2048! Come on people … we can do better but we must do so collectively.

  6. Stoppt Tierquälerei! Stoppt Massentierhaltung! Tiere sind fühlende Lebewesen und wollen leben!

  7. We need to unite internationally and exterminate each and everyone of these, filth bag, repulsive, vile factory faming vermin’s who abuse and kill these poor defenceless animals. An eye for an eye. We can turn these vile scumbags into fertiliser!!

  8. Julie Bates says:

    Minister BIBEAU SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME on u for letting this happen …worse still u are WOMAN and we are protectors PROTECTORS!!!!!

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