Immediately Close Cruel Fur Farm


Target: Minister of Parks and Wildlife Laurent Lessard

Goal: Seize animals abused at fur farm and prosecute operators

Foxes and minks on a Quebec fur farm are being held in deplorable conditions without adequate food, water, and veterinary care, according to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or SPCA. In Quebec, these animals are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks- a government agency which has been slow to act despite clear evidence of inhumane treatment at the farm.

Veterinarians that inspected the site noted that every one of the farm’s 91 foxes showed signs of dehydration, with many of them also emaciated and starving. The animals did not have adequate access to water, and they were left in filthy cages with piles of excrement building up in the lower cages. Many of the animals were injured as well, with broken toes, legs, open wounds on tails, and even missing eyes. Kept in small wire cages without floors, the animals can easily injure themselves during the bouts of restlessness and erratic behavior which are often displayed by captive creatures.

Despite being reported by the SPCA, it took two months for the government to inspect the facility, and even after inspection the farm continues to operate unabated. Government inspectors have been in and out of the farm on several occasions yet have not removed a single animal, even though the farm’s owner has faced over 250 charges of animal cruelty in the past.

Because of the Quebec government’s refusal to take action, hundreds of animals are being left in poor conditions. While they claim that they want to work with the owner to improve welfare standards at the farm, they are actually enabling a person with a cruel past to continue treating animals poorly. Your signature will demand that the farm is permanently closed, and that appropriate punitive measures are taken against the owner.


Dear Mr. Laurent Lessard,

Hundreds of animals were found living in filthy conditions at a Quebec fur farm. The animals were dehydrated without proper access to water, and many of them showed signs of emaciation and starvation. They suffered from preventable injuries such as broken toes, broken legs, open wounds, and even a missing eye in one case.

Rather then confiscating the animals, the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks has left them at the farm in hopes of working with the owner to get the facility up to code.

The owner of the farm has faced over 250 animal cruelty charges in just under twenty years, and has clearly not learned from them. If the farm is not shut down and the owner not charged, it is likely that the operators will re-offend. I demand that the government of Quebec move to remove all animals from the fur farm pending charges and a trial.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Flavio.brandani via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Sam Outhorn says:

    I thought this must be happening in some hell-hole in Asia at first. But Canada? Please put an end to the backward trade and practice. Abominable wherever it takes place!

  2. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    C’est terrible!

  3. Barbara Griffith says:

    There are at least three fur farms operating in the US. They operate in the open now days when before in the 90’s the USDA in the US kept them hidden from the public because of activist were climbing the fences turning the animals loose. The US government changed the laws so they could charge anyone doing this as a terrorist. Sort of overkill if you ask me but they did it anyway. Now they all have web pages and face book pages. Still killing the animals. Sick people that would wear fur.

  4. Canada again. Home of the nightmare seal pup bloodbaths. No animal cruelty laws to speak of. Any criminal behavior is acceptable to Harper the global terrorist and profits trump everything including preserving the environment. Well I say the nightmare of Harper Canada is a threat to not only Canada but the entire earth. Canada’s criminal government is competing with China as a global threat. Harper should be publicly executed, he is one of the worst in the world.

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