Kitten Reportedly Found Brain Dead After Being Kicked and Dunked in Toilet Deserves Justice

Target: Knox County, Tennessee District Attorney General Charme P. Allen

Goal: Charge and arrest man for allegedly kicking kitten so hard the animal is now brain dead, and do not allow him to continue playing college football.

A 6-month-old kitten named Nugget was allegedly kicked, put into a toilet, and locked inside a bathroom by a University of Tennessee football player named Aaron Beasley. According to reports, Beasley’s girlfriend and roommate waited for hours before bothering to open the bathroom door to let the kitten out, rather than immediately calling the police.

The girlfriend claims to have not seen any abuse. However, a third roommate reportedly told police that Beasley’s girlfriend had sent her a text saying her boyfriend had put Nugget in the toilet. Reports state that she also told them the girlfriend had been crying and telling Beasley he could not do what he was doing during the alleged incident.

The roommate put up a Go Fund Me page claiming that Nugget now had brain damage and required being hooked up to an oxygen tank. The case is currently being investigated. Sign this petition to demand Aaron Beasley be arrested, justly punished, and no longer allowed to play football if it is found he abused this animal, and that his girlfriend also be arrested and charged if it is discovered she did not call authorities in a timely manner after the alleged cruelty took place.


Dear District Attorney General Allen,

A University of Tennessee football player, named Aaron Beasley, is currently being investigated after it was claimed he mistreated a 6-month-old kitten named Nugget. He is being accused of locking Nugget in the bathroom and putting the kitten in the toilet, as well as kicking the helpless creature. He needs to be arrested, charged, and permanently suspended from the football team if these allegations prove to be true.

Although Beasley’s girlfriend told authorities that she did not see her boyfriend harm the cat, a third roommate told them she had sent her a text message relaying how Beasley was handling the animal. She also told police that she heard the girlfriend crying and telling her boyfriend that he had to stop what he was doing.

According to a Go Fund Me page, put up by the roommate, Nugget was put on an oxygen tank after it was determined that the kitten displayed brain damage, was unable to walk, and further after a bleeding hemorrhage was found in one of the kidneys as a result of the alleged brutal assault. For these reasons, I demand Beasley be arrested, legally punished, and kicked off the football team if he is found guilty of hurting Nugget, and that his girlfriend also be brought up on charges if it is found she texted her roommate about the reported abuse instead of immediately calling authorities.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alex Renaldi


  1. Hope when he takes it out onbher someone respinds quicker than they did with that poor animal. You are in college you are adults and should know better if u can send a text you can call 911. Both are complicit pieces of shit.

  2. Marisa Di Silvestro says:

    Football players have been known to be abusers and not very smart. Clearly this Aron falls in that category.
    Why should someone whose really got big problems be allowed to play any sport- he’s probably aggressive on the field too.

    Despicable behaviour where you harm an innocent pet. The girlfriend must also be charged

    • Denise Alvarado says:

      Actually football players are among the more intelligent of sports people demonstrated in how they must learn and follow complicated plays. However, this particular he-man is a disgusting poor excuse for a human being and will inevitable turn to abusing smaller humans if he hasn’t already done so. I don’t think insulting generalizations about groups of people is helpful although -isms seems to be the “American” way. Putting this subhuman in prison for abusing a tiny, helpless animal and not allowing him around animals and children will most likely spare torment and save lives.

  3. I can’t understand these people! I have been crying over my cat Jake who went into kidney failure and had to be put down. His kidney function was at 25 percent. I’ve been crying off and on for a month and these people do this to an innocent kitten? Prison time.

  4. Make shit head here pay all the medical bills!

  5. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    BOTH parties are responsible! One for the injuries inflicted upon this poor cat, the other for not trying to stop the perpetrator and for not calling for help in a timely manner. BOTH must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Beasley must PAY ALL VET BILLS to restore this poor animal to full health, be BANNED from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with any animals ever again, and be PERMANENTLY REMOVED from the football team.

    • joanne bradley says:

      Totally agree with all your comments. There is no excuse for animal abuse, these evil psychos must be punished to the full extent. Hope karma comes right back at them and they get what they deserve.

  6. Both of these people are complete idiots. They BOTH need to be held accountable – and neither should be allowed pets ever again. Please think about the kitten. These 2 people are garbage.

  7. Find the sick freak that did this beat in head with metal studded baseball bat – until hamburg.

  8. Get this moron OFF the team and into JAIL! I hope that his fellow inmates put his head into the toilet until brain dead!

  9. Tammy Rossetti says:

    Aaron Beasley you chicken shit brain dead sack of wasted skin, you deserve to be drowned right along with that twat of a fat assed girlfriend. What’s her name, I’d like to visit you two….

  10. I second Evan Jane Kriss!

  11. EVIL MONSTERS!! Lock them up!! DO NOT ALLOW him to EVER be near another animal!! Kick him off the team!

    PLEASE law makers, prosecutors do what is right for this baby who suffered mercilessly at this bastards sick hands.

    He and others like him will do it again to another animal or child!!!!

    Girlfriend is guilty too!

  12. OMG this is one of the worse that I have read in a while. How can this asshole live with himself. He must be found. He must be send to jail. Laws must be changed and changed soon. May karma get him.

  13. Joyce O'Malley says:




  14. Aaron Beasley needs to fully realize the consequences of his actions, including jail time, heavy fines and banned from playing football. Animal abuse generally leads to spouse or child abuse. All abuse in every form needs to be punished or they will repeat these actions. In addition, and most importantly, BAN Aaron Beasley for life from owning any animal.

  15. He’s already brain dead, but I do hope that he is sent to prison for a long time. I also hope he has a cell mate that is an animal lover and he just happens to find out what the bastard did.
    His girlfriend, nitwit bitch that she is, should also get some heavy duty jail time with the same kind of cell mate. Animal abusers should all be dead.

  16. I’m just sick to my stomach about what these two POS did to this precious kitten. Will anything happen to them? I certainly hope so. I’m so damn mad!

  17. Poor Nugget. The girlfriend should have taken this poor baby away from that monster. These roommates failed to protect this kitten. They should all go to prison!

  18. Larry Menden says:

    Aaron Beasley should be killed for what he did to that kitten. He is a waste of a human being.

  19. Put SCUMBAG POS MURDERER Aaron Beasley behind bars!!!! Also put his CUNT POS LYING girlfriend behind bars!!! These scumbags of society are a threat to the community. Never allow them near animals again!!!

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