Senior Cat Reportedly Thrown in Dumpster With Broken Legs and Displaced Hip Deserves Justice

Target: Los Angeles County, California District Attorney George Gasco’n

Goal: Justly punish man who allegedly threw old cat with fractured legs and out-of-place hip in dumpster.

An eleven-year-old cat, named Bow, was allegedly found in an apartment dumpster with two broken hind legs. Darion K. Hackett was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty and two misdemeanors for allegedly not getting Bow proper medical care. He needs to receive the maximum penalty if he is found guilty to ensure more animals will not be harmed.

A veterinarian determined that Bow’s right back leg had not healed properly from a previous break and that she further had a fracture in her left hind leg. Doctors also said she had a bruised lung, a dislocated right hip, chipped teeth, and torn ears. Reports state that SPCALA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles) staff have been helping her to become physically rehabilitated. Bow is now available for adoption, and Hackett could spend four years and eight months in jail if he is found guilty. Sign this petition to demand he receive a prison sentence if it is discovered he committed these heartless acts.


Dear District Attorney Gasco’n,

Darion K. Hackett was arrested after his eleven-year-old cat, named Bow, was allegedly found inside a dumpster with fractured legs and several other serious injuries. He needs to be fully prosecuted if he is found guilty of hurting this innocent creature, so that other animals will be less likely to endure the same fate.

Besides the alleged fractures in Bow’s hind legs, she was also said to have broken teeth, ripped ears, a damaged lung, and a disjointed hip. The staff at the SPCALA have reportedly been working with Bow to rehabilitate her, and she is now eligible to be adopted by new owners. However, experts claim that an older, previously abused cat may have trouble adjusting to a new environment. For these reasons, we demand you seek the strictest possible punishment for Hackett if he is found guilty of abusing this innocent animal.


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Photo Credit: James Petts



  1. Samina Araf says:

    Please please don’t shoot him, it’s too good a death! Send him to me for five minutes, just five minutes is all I need to break every bone in his bastard body, then I’ll pull out all his teeth and nails and give him a collapsed lung while I’m at it. If he doesn’t pray to go to hell, I’m not my father’s daughter cos hell would be paradise for him after I’ve finished with the bastard evil scum of the earth!!!

  2. Eileen Bennett says:

    Don’t hold your breathe waiting for Gascon to do anything about this. He doesn’t lock up killers.
    This poor baby must have gone through so much pain in her life. I hope she finds a good person to adopt her and give her the love she has so far in life been without.

  3. No,he deserves more than 4 years. Throw the book at him 99 years. If these states had stricter laws these maggots would not do anything to the animals. People wake up and smell the roses. Animals deserve protection too from sick psycho bastards. I hope he rots in jail. Hope the cat finds a better place to live.

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    Only 4 years for this heinous crime?! This creep deserves the death penalty, or better yet, some good old street justice. Beat the living hell out of him and break every bone in his body and leave him to rot!!

  5. 11 is not old for a cat. my adopted cat is anywhere between 15 to 17 and I would define her as just getting old. 11 is middle-aged. the cat will still have a lot of spunk. how people can be so cruel is beyond me

  6. Christine Eckerson says:

    Evil human!! Let someone do the same to him!!

  7. This bastard needs to die

  8. First, this evil cruel punk/killer needs be suffer the EXACT SAME fractures – both legs and arms would be a great start.. and all the other horrors he inflicted on this totally innocent animal – broken teeth, bruised lung, dislocated hip is very important for him to enjoy too. All in the same day preferably. He needs to be removed from society forever. Punks like this don’t change and don’t ever think he hasn’t abused humans too. Time for this one to disappear forever….solitary would be a good fit for him…IN MY OPINION

  9. I hate reading these horrible stories of animal abuse and it seems like there is very seldom any real punishment for the monster perpetrators. This poor little cat most likely has been abused for years. Just what is it going to take for law enforcement to actually take these charges seriously and stop giving plea deals to these monsters.

  10. OMG! What is wrong with this person? What in the world did this senior kitty do that made him hurt her so bad.
    He needs to be punished and never have another pet.
    Any one that does evil to hurt a little animal should be punished.

  11. 4 years and 8 months is not enough for a violent criminal! He should be removed from society permanently – by any means necessary!

  12. This evil sadistic bastard must receive the harshest punishment !!

  13. Paula Long says:

    Have these morons ever heard of an animal shelter? Disgusting, gutless and cruel A**holes. Hope when they get o!d someone disposes of them the same way.

  14. Carolyn J. Paurowski says:

    This cruel monster who threw his elderly cat in the dumpster had no right to have any pet in the first place – He is most likely the one who caused all these horrible injuries to the poor cat, and should be not allowed to ever go near animals or have any pets ever again. He should also be locked up for much more than 4 years, and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He has probably been torturing animals most of his life and is a predator and abuser. He will eventually hurt humans as well as animals, so he is very dangerous. The cat should be adopted by a new family who will love and appreciate him and give him a good life. Please give this abuser a very harsh punishment, and please keep him away from any animals.

  15. Worthless POS. What should happen .. is he has every bone in his worthless body broken. Wait til they heal: .. REPEAT … wait til they heal: REPEAT … wait til they heal: REPEAT … Do it until the day this bastard dies!!!!!

  16. This just breaks my heart. I know so many cowards hurt animals, I just cannot fathom why anyone would think to even do it. If you don’t like animals – don’t get one as a pet and don’t go near them. Simple.

  17. Darion, May you rot and burn in Hell!

    No punishment is too harsh.

  18. Please make sure Darion Hackett gets a lifetime ban from ever owning any animal ever again. He has forfeited the right to do so. Thank you

  19. Take this SOB MF do the same to him! Make sure he never gets an animal again. Plaster his name for the world to see! Then take him to the desert and hang him by the neck! Show no mercy to this POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to be thrown away and left to rot! He is such a coward!!!!!

  20. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Jail us too good for this DEMON!!Lets all line up and shoot the bastard – get it over with!! Anyone that hurts animals should be SHOT!!!

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