Stop Torturing and Mutilating Sheep for Wool

Target: The Honourable David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management in Australia

Goal: Protect sheep from abusive exploitation for wool.

More than sixty million sheep are shorn each year in Australia alone. While it is a common belief that wool is merely a byproduct, it is actually its own industry–and like every other industry that revolves around animals, the wool industry is abusive and exploitative.

Sheep are gentle animals who, with a functioning nervous system, feel pain, fear, and loneliness but are most often disregarded as meat and wool machines. Domesticated sheep are purposely bred to grow massive amounts of wool that they cannot shed naturally like their wild counterparts. The fleece that is supposed to provide them with effective insulation against both cold and heat can become fatal.

Shearers are not paid by the hour but by volume, which encourages many of them to work fast at the expense of the sheep’s wellbeing. Hurried and careless shearing often leads to severe injuries, which are only patched haphazardly without the use of painkillers. Tails, teats, ears, and strips of skin are frequently cut or ripped off for the sake of time and money.

From the day they are born, sheep in the wool industry are subjected to the most horrendous cruelty. Lambs have their tails chopped off, and when a male lamb’s castration fails, shearers often cut the testicles off with clippers. Hundreds of lambs die each year before eight weeks of age from exposure or starvation, and mature sheep die from disease, lack of shelter, and neglect.

More than 50% of the world’s merino wool originates from Australia, a product that is used from clothing to carpets. A merino lamb has to endure a gruesome procedure called “mulesing,” in which huge chunks of skin from the animals’ backsides are cut off. This mutilation is completely unnecessary and if anything, only predisposes sheep to disease and parasites.

PETA investigated more than thirty shearing sheds in the U.S. and Australia, uncovering horrendous abuse. Shearers allegedly kicked, punched, and stomped on sheep, restraining them with full-body force while standing on them. Using weapons like hammers to beat the animals, forcefully twisting and breaking their necks, and using sheep to clean up fecal matter is more unspeakable cruelty that PETA reportedly observed.

Sheep that are no longer of value for the Australian wool industry are shipped to the Middle East on overcrowded ships. They go to countries where animal welfare standards are poor or non-existent. The panic-stricken sheep leave the ships to be loaded onto trucks and are transported to slaughterhouses. The abattoirs are often unregulated, and most sheep have their throats slit while they are still conscious.

As with every form of animal agriculture, raising sheep for wool uses up precious resources. The land is cleared and trees are cut down for pastures leading to poor soil quality and a decrease in biodiversity.

Just like cows, sheep release excessive amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere, with their manure also contributing to the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases. This accelerates devastating climate change.

Supporting the wool industry means supporting animal cruelty. Sheep that are shorn en masse suffer greatly for a product that is obsolete with countless ethical alternatives.

Sign this petition to stop the wool industry.


Dear Honourable David Littleproud,

Your country is responsible for the horrific torture of millions of sheep. The wool industry in Australia exploits the animals for human profit, disregarding their wellbeing and subjecting them to endless cruelty. Sheep have their skin ripped off, are dragged through mud and feces, are beaten and kicked, and sometimes are deliberately killed to speed up the shearing process.

When the sheep are no longer of value for the wool industry, you let the meat industry take over in countries without animal welfare regulations. Hundreds of animals have their throats slit open while still conscious with your consent.

The wool industry is bad not only for sheep themselves, but also for the environment. Raising sheep for wool uses up valuable resources. Forests disappear to create pastures, damaging the land, and decreasing biodiversity. The greenhouse gases released by the massive number of sheep accelerate climate change at a rapid pace.

The exploitation of sheep for wool has to stop. The unnatural growth of their fleece has to be rectified.

End the wool industry, and treat animals with respect.


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  1. Mankind will never stop being cruel!

  2. Boycott Oil of Olay which uses lanolin which is a byproduct from sheep sweat.

  3. Stop abusing and torturing animals!be kind-go vegan

  4. Such horrific treatment for these gentle animals is unacceptable. When will humanity win over greed?

  5. Charleen Murphy says:

    So sad& so wrong! It was difficult to read that. Upsetting. I don’t wear wool & don’t eat sheep or lambs, & any animals. I help the animals as much as I can with $ & petitions & emails every week

  6. This is a ridiculous petition. Has anyone stopped to consider the welfare of sheep if they aren’t shorn? They would not only suffer from blowfly strike, but they also would not be able to properly function because of the weight of their wool. In the case of ewes, their lambs would not be able to nurse from their mothers.

    • Ros – I live in Australia. The welfare of the Sheep is important and they must be protected from the psychopathic animal torturing Shearers. The vile and evil Shearers absolutely torture these precious and defenceless sentient beings. The Australian Government is an absolute disgrace allowing the sadism and evilness to be committed. The psychopathic monster Shearers who deliberately torture the precious Sheep must be brought to Justice and jailed for life. The vile and evil torture committed against the precious and defenceless Sheep by these monster psycho arseholes must be stopped.

  7. Julie Bates says:

    Oil of Olay is the worst offender
    Maybe we should petition against this fringing $$$$&worthless cream

  8. Julie Bates says:

    It’s allllll about $$$$

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