Dogs Reportedly Left to Die in Urine and Feces With Untreated Injuries Deserve Justice

Target: Commonwealth Attorney of Orange County, Virginia Diana O’Connell

Goal: Prosecute dog trainer who reportedly let dogs live in their own waste with painful sores.

Some dogs suffered burned skin after twelve of them were reportedly discovered living in crates filled with their own urine and feces. A dog trainer named Shawn Michael Deehan was arrested and charged shortly afterwards. He needs to be held accountable if he is found guilty to ensure other animals will be less likely to suffer.

The dogs were reportedly found at Deehan’s dog training facility, The Perfect Dog. Police claimed that the animals did not have access to food or water. One dog needed immediate medical care after officers allegedly found severe injuries on all four of the animal’s paws. Per investigators, the dog also appeared underweight.

The dogs were seized by authorities, and Deehan now faces one count of felony animal cruelty, as well as other possible charges. Sign this petition to demand Deehan receive time in prison and that he not be allowed to work with animals if it is found he abused any dogs in his care.


Dear Commonwealth Attorney O’Connell,

Shawn Michael Deehan was arrested shortly after police searched his dog training facility and allegedly found twelve animals without food or water living in crates filled with feces and urine. He needs to receive a tough prison sentence and further be banned from being around animals if he is found guilty of committing this serious act.

It was reported that they lived in crates with their own waste for so long that some of them developed skin burns. One of the dogs was also reportedly underweight and had serious wounds on all four paws. The animal allegedly needed to be treated by a veterinarian right away to avoid further complications. Officers took all the animals out of the facility, and Deehan was taken into custody for felony animal cruelty and may eventually also be brought up on other charges.

For these reasons, I demand you seek an appropriate punishment for Deehan and that you further do whatever possible to make sure he is not allowed to work with or be around animals if he is found guilty of neglect or abuse.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Nena Miller says:

    Put this depraved asshole in prison. One count? There should be 12 counts – one for each animal!

    • Those lowlifes should be held in a crate and left without food and water. Nena, talking about these crimes will not change anything. Actions speak louder than words. Lets go!!

  2. AnnMarie Fischer says:

    I hope & pray it is more than ONE COUNT!!! He was a dog trainer? Are you fricken kidding me?!? Why were those dogs in such deplorable conditions? He needs to be responsible for a whole lot more counts. Punish him to the fullest extent, not just a slap on his hand.

  3. Hilary Cormack says:

    This piece of shit should have a taste of his own medicine, i.e.bundled into a small crate and left to lay in HIS OWN urine and faeces and with no food and water…Hopefully Karma will catch up with the bastard sooner rather than later!!😠

  4. Yes,Bru,needs to pay time for mistreating dogs. Stick his ass in the cage with no food and water. See how it feels. Throw the sentence on him 99 years for abuse and neglect. He don’t need any animals.

  5. Shane Paul says:

    This POS needs to be locked in a cage himself and left there to lay in his own shit and piss with no food or water for a while. Then right when he’s about to die, drag his ass to prison and charge him with 12 felonies and a sentence of 5 yrs for each dog…and still don’t let him have a toilet.

  6. Stephanie Geyser says:

    He is a “dog trainer”? What a joke. He’s just a scam artist who takes money from stupid pet owners – who are just as guilty, as they should have done background checks into his qualifications (of lack thereof) before entrusting their dogs to this lowlife garbage. And exactly how long did the pet owners leave their animals in his “care” (!) for the animals to become so underweight, without the owners enquiring when they could get their dogs back? Stupid pet owners. Clever conman. And it is the defenceless animals who suffered.

    • The trainer was qualified by the government for 32 years. We wanted our rescue fully trained because she had spent all her time on a chain. We bought the dog so she could be adoptable and be free.
      The sheriff has copies of the dogs medical records and they have never contacted us .
      Sugar was abused, 15 lbs under weight lived in filth and was very ill.

  7. How many petitions can we sign? When will it end? The penalties to be made more strict and the fines should be increased. Not only is it sad that we have to read these stories again and again, but reading these comments makes it clear how much mental illness is among us. People are really mean and violent, and we all need to be aware of this. The eye for an eye justice system does not work on an insane person. This man is likely very ill, and while he deserves to be penalized, he more likely needs treatment and should NEVER work with animals again!!!

    • How could he be a trainer and not know what he was doing? I’m with you on sick, but eye for eye would surely work for me!!

  8. MAX JAIL for this vile perpetrator! ANIMALS SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS OF HUMAN SADISTS!!! This trainer shall NOT be ALLOWED to OWN animals ever again! These poor dogs MUST BE REMOVED from him IMMEDIATELY because he is a DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC MONSTER!  ANIMAL NEGLECT and VIOLENCE shall be treated as any human neglect and violence. Animals SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS — and they deserve JUSTICE just like YOU and ME!
    I demand a HARSH PUNISHMENT for Deehan. He must also be forbidden from working with, or be around animals in future!

  9. This is absolutley Inhumane, this is animal cruelty described to a tee!
    Shawn Michael Deehan must Never be able to own any animal Ever again!

  10. Rebecca Riefberg says:


  11. The sick freak tha did this should be hung and beaten with a metal studded baseball bat.

  12. Death penalty!!!!

  13. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Anyone who is in business to provide a service or care for an animal or child should be held to high standards. Michael Deehan is a disgrace for mistreating animals in his care. Thankfully he was charged with felony animal cruelty and hopefully a conviction will follow.

  14. Lauren Rischel says:

    ‘People’ who abuse animals should be prosecuted as if their crimes were done to a human, and sentenced accordingly.

  15. Nadine brundige says:

    This low life should be placed in a dog cage, no food, no water and left to wallow in his own piss. That’s justice.

  16. Commonwealth Attorney of Orange County, Virginia Diana O’Connell

    Prosecute the vile nd evil animal torturing monster from hell dog Shawn Michael Deehan trainer who deliberately and heinously let innocnt and helpless dogs live in their own waste with painful sores.

    Some of the precious helpless dogs suffered burned skin after twelve of them were reportedly discovered living in crates filled with their own urine and feces. The vile and evil psychopathic dog trainer monster Shawn Michael Deehan was arrested and charged shortly afterwards. This monster animal torturer must be brought to Justice and jailed for life.This monster from hell is definately guilty of this monsters sadism and evilness and this vile and evil pos should be put to death.
    Kill the vermin monster bastard from hell.

  17. All those involved in the torture and suffering of these animals need to be securely chained in these same filthy kennels for the rest of their lives. THE HORRORS MUST END NOW FOR TOTALLY INNOCENT BEINGS….IMO

  18. Percy Sullivan says:

    Why are motherfucking maggots such as these allowed to live? They are NOT humans, by any means.

  19. Janet Garraghan says:

    Please punish him to the fullest extent of the law and ensure he can’t be anywhere near animals in the future! He’s clearly a danger to society! Don’t let him get away with this! There are too many backward degenerates who are selfish, cruel and heartless! Too many evil monsters who couldn’t care less about the suffering of any other living creature! How could any decent human being find this acceptable behaviour! It’s sadistic! Poor, poor defenceless dogs! Breaks my heart! Something has to be done by the authorities to stop this! I despair of the human race, I truly do!

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