Stop the Horrible Abuse and Torture of Animals for Dairy

Target: The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Goal: Protect cows, sheep, and goats from exploit for milk.

There are more than one million dairy animals raised in Canada and more than ten thousand dairy operations across the country. What most of the animals in the dairy industry have in common is that they suffer from horrible abuse and torture. Some people argue that organically produced milk is more ethical, but it does not change the fact that cows, sheep, and goats are exploited for human gain.

Dairy cows are an example of how basic welfare diminishes for economic reasons. The cows are selectively bred to increase their milk production with devastating effects on their species; one hundred years ago, the annual production of milk from one cow was 3,300 kg, now it is 8,500 kg per year.

As a standard practice, most cows in the dairy industry will be forcefully inseminated for the first time at around fifteen months of age. A few hours to a couple of days after birth, the calves are torn away from their mothers to steal their milk for human use. The cow is left to suffer from stress and anxiety because of the loss of her baby. After a couple of months, the cow will be inseminated again, for the ghastly cycle to be repeated.

Nowadays, a milking cow is kept for only three to five years until her body becomes so emaciated that it is no longer profitable to keep her. She becomes what is known in the industry as a “cull” or “spent” dairy cow. The animals will have suffered greatly by the time they reach the slaughterhouse where they are brutally killed for meat.

In the dairy industry, a cow’s suffering does not end with her. All her calves have to endure horrendous torture including disbudding or dehorning, which is painful even with the use of painkillers. Her male calves are of no value for dairy production and are therefore processed into veal. In general, veal calves spent their lives alone in small crates where they are sometimes chained at the neck, keeping them far from a natural existence. To ensure pink and tender flesh, the calves are iron deprived in a state close to anemia. The veal industry pathetically created “red veal” where calves are kept outdoors, to counter animal welfare advocates. Nevertheless, they continue to be separated from their mothers, confined in a stall away from any social activity for at least the first few weeks of their lives.

Humans are the only species of mammals that drink milk after infancy, and the only species that drinks another species’ milk. As a food item, dairy is completely unnecessary and can easily be replaced by numerous plant-based foods that are already available. Not only is it not needed, but dairy consumption is also linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as an increased risk of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers. On top of that, the majority of today’s human population is lactose-intolerant.

Sign this petition to end the abuse of animals for milk production.


Dear Honourable Mrs. Bibeau,

Millions of animals in Canada are exploited by humans for their milk. They are purposely bred to increase milk production which has devastating effects on their species, only to maximize human profit.

Animals raised for dairy are forcefully inseminated, have their babies taken away, endure painful mutilation, and are kept in unnatural environments, merely to meet a horrific death at a slaughterhouse.

The majority of the world’s population is lactose intolerant, and dairy is linked to numerous serious health issues. Additionally, humans are the only species to consume milk after infancy, and to steal milk from another species nevertheless, the milk production continues.

It is shameful that you turn your head on these innocent animals’ suffering for your selfish gain. Stop the barbaric abuse of animals for milk.


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Photo Credit: Roee Shpernik



  1. Dear Honourable Mrs. Bibeau,
    We have to conclude that ‘the fact that cows, sheep, and goats are exploited for human gain, is a barbaric abuse of animals-
    Have a heart and think that it is in your hands to ‘stop the barbaric abuse of animals for milk’, which is also linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as an increased risk of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers.
    Thank you!

  2. It is inconceivable that there are people who for money do not have compassion for defenseless animals … it is in YOUR hands to dictate a law that sends all those greedy cowards to jail

  3. Jackie Pflucker says:

    Dear Honourable Mrs. Bibeau,
    What a pity that all those heartless ‘executioners’ cannot be subjected and tortured in the same way – but at least YOU could send them to jail for a long time.
    Please do justice to the poor animals!

  4. Kathleen Scherman says:

    These animals do nothing but give for these greedy B&@$€#¥<!!!!! Yet the very people that take and take??? Do absolutely nothing for their bread and butter!!!! Wow, talk about stupid farmers!!!!! And whoever else is a part of this scam. These farms are soooo disgusting. The cows just stand in their own shit all day, no grazing cuz it’s all MUD!!! Our country allows this!!!!! Someone has to stop this, HEEEEEELP!!!

  5. Your Honor,
    We trust that you will give a law that establishes a fine, jail, and the permanent closure of all establishments in which animals are abused for profit.

  6. Joy Leftow says:

    Please try to help eliminate all the factory farms here in the USA, of which there are many.

  7. Humans do not need to drink animal milk anymore. Thee are better alternatives.

  8. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    The dairy industry is abusive and cruel. Humans don’t NEED dairy products. There are great plant based alternatives available, and people are shifting to them for their health, and for the sake of the cows.

  9. This is the most inaccurate and idiotic propaganda on dairy farms that I have ever read. There is not once shred of actual fact In this crap. Perhaps try going to a dairy farmer, asking questions, tour a facility. Farmers aren’t going to abuse the animals that they need as a way of life.

  10. Dear Loti,
    Factory farming is an affront to
    anyone who values the food they put in their bodies. All beef products are
    polluted with antibiotics, hormones -it takes too long for the farmer to pull out that one animal who has diarrhea -he feeds the antibiotic to a whole row of animals -and we wonder why peoples illnesses require more and more potent drugs to clear whatever they have. And hormones -a
    woman I worked with had a daughter age 9 who started her periods. The pediatrician asked where she bought her meat – it was a grocery store known in the medical profession to buy their beef from a group of “farmers” who overdosed a great many of their animals. Farmers don’t give shit about their animals, it is only A MONEY CROP to them.
    Working with animals is a very trying job -the animals don’t understand whatever language is spoken to them -and so they get kicked, hit with prods, have their tails twisted.
    Do you know why many states have tried to pass “ag-gag” legislation to
    stop anyone taking pictures of what goes on in their dairy, slaughter house -blatant cruelty.

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