Young Beagle Dangled Upside Down and Thrown From Moving Car Deserves Justice

Target: Commonwealth Attorney of Norfolk, Virginia Gregory D. Underwood

Goal: Find and prosecute person who hung dog upside down and dropped her out of car window in busy traffic.

A 1-year-old beagle was taunted when she was held by a passenger upside down outside a car window and callously dropped onto a busy road while the vehicle was in motion. Whoever did this needs to be immediately found, arrested, and prosecuted to ensure such a horrific event will be less likely to happen in the future.

A witness saw what happened and stopped to rescue the animal. They called authorities, and the dog was taken to a nearby veterinary hospital to be evaluated. Although she is OK, the animal is understandably now fearful around people.

Police are still searching for whoever did this. Sign this petition to demand that if the person is found, they be arrested and receive time in prison for committing this unthinkable act of animal cruelty.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Underwood,

Police are currently investigating an animal cruelty case after helping a 1-year-old beagle that was hung upside down and dropped outside a car window as the vehicle was being driven. It is important that the person responsible be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in order to help keep other animals in the area safe.

A witness stopped their car and blocked traffic to rescue the young dog before calling police. The animal was taken to receive medical care, where it was determined that she was physically OK. However, the veterinarian noticed that she was still quite shaken from the incident. The beagle is currently under the care of animal control.

Although it is possible for an abused animal to recover from severe mistreatment, some dogs continue to experience stress as a result of the former cruelty displayed toward them. A dog can also develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after being treated poorly and may later show unwanted behaviors, such as aggression, toward new owners, which may result in the animal being returned to a local shelter. For these reasons, I demand you seek the strictest punishment possible for whoever committed this senseless crime if they are found.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Find the bastards and do the same to them. They deserve to be in jail for life. Hope they get karma fast. No animals for them. Whoever they r,the pup survived. Who is laughing now,bastard. Stupid psychos. May u rot in hell and suffer til u die.

  2. Find who did this and tie to the back of car and hit highway at 75 mph during rush hour — release after 45 minute drive into busy rush hour traffic. . .

  3. The scumbag heartless person or persons that did this are cold-blooded low-life psychopaths and need to be identified and PUNISHED SEVERELY for the pain and TRAUMA they caused this poor innocent helpless dog. This is inexcusable and INFURIATING and UNACCEPTABLE.

  4. The leftists marxistdems don’t even want to bring to justice murderers, rapists, antifa , blm thugs and illegal aliens of course can commit any crime with no consequences.

    I so much want felonies, with many years to serve in jail, for all cat, dog, rabbit, abusers. All of God’s creatures deserve justice.

    Of course, in jail there are those that don’t tolerate animal cruelty and decides a better sentence……

    I hope the dog is adopted into a loving family.

  5. Janet Garraghan says:

    Unbelievable! Find them and punish them to the fullest extent of the law! They can’t be allowed to get away with this! The authorities need to act and take some responsibility! Whoever did this is clearly a danger to society! There are too many backward degenerates who are selfish, cruel and heartless! Too many evil monsters who couldn’t care less about the suffering of any other living creature! How could any decent human being find this acceptable behaviour! It’s sadistic! Poor, poor defenceless dog! Breaks my heart! Too many ‘Me, Me, Me’s – it’s all about them! Selfish to the core and don’t give a damn about the world around them! I despair of the human race!

  6. Whatever could the defence be?! There just isn’t one so any prosecution should ensure these people get the maximum.

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