Stop Killing and Mutilating Animals for Leather

Target: Tereza Cristina, Minister of Agriculture, Brazil

Goal: Halt leather production that subjects animals to abuse and death and destroys the environment.

Most often leather is seen as a byproduct of animal farming, but in truth, animal hide contributes directly to the profitability of factory farms and slaughterhouses. Comparatively, a cow’s hide is worth much more than its flesh.

Worldwide, the leather trade sees over one billion animals killed from cows to horses, pigs, goats, and even non-livestock animals like cats, dogs, and fish. Because leather is not typically labeled or regulated, you cannot know for sure which kind of animal you are wearing. Most leather comes from countries where animal welfare laws are not enforced or do not exist. Cows, for example, are bred for their hides are forced to live in factory farming conditions with extreme deprivation and overcrowding. Animals have to endure sadistic abuse for leather including having their faces branded, being dragged through mud and feces, and being skinned while still conscious. One of the most disturbingly common forms of leather used in luxury items is taken from newborn or even unborn calves and lambs.

Not only does leather production inflict cruelty on animals, it also harms and kills humans, and destroys vital ecosystems. A pivotal Greenpeace report showed how the Brazilian cattle industry was the major cause of global deforestation, accountable for more than 15% of the world’s destruction of precious woodlands. Brazilian leather is also part of the supply chain of major global brands, of which numerous factories accept leathers from cattle raised on illegally cleared land.

Raising animals for their skins has a devastating impact on our environment with its production causing the majority of pollution. Tanning, which makes leather more durable, causes significant harm. With Brazil in the position as the leading global exporter of tanned leather, the country is responsible for poisoning a large part of our planet. Many of the routinely used chemicals during tanning are extremely carcinogenic and endanger the health of the workers in tanneries. They are most often of low socio-economic status and are exposed to serious risks in their workplace including labor rights violations such as forced labor, child labor, and wage theft. With poor environmental protection, most waste water and solid waste from the tanning process is also legally poured into rivers, destroying nearby fauna and flora. Rivers that are contaminated with tanning waste products are ranked amongst the world’s most toxic places, alongside Chernobyl.

Leather is a horrible product that causes severe harm to animals, people, and the environment. Sign this petition to ban the production of leather in Brazil to end the abuse of millions of animals.


Dear Mrs. Cristina,

The leather production in Brazil is accountable for the death of millions of animals every year, and endangers people and the environment, but continues at a rapid pace.

Brazil alone is the reason for more than 15% of deforestation in the world. The laws in your country do not stop the leather industry from illegally clearing land to raise cattle for their hides.

Tanning leather is the number one cause for environmental pollution. Waste products are carelessly poured into rivers and lakes, with devastating consequences for the environment. Workers in factories are subjected to toxic chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic, yet tanning is a common practice to increase the leather’s value.

The lives of animals are precious and should not be taken for human gain, especially when ethical alternatives exist. Prohibit leather production in Brazil, and value animals’ skins on their bodies and not yours.


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Photo Credit: Annette Teng



  1. There are awesome substitutes for leather. We can stop this horrific abuse by avoiding leather products. Animals do not need to suffer anymore for leather products.

  2. Faux Leather looks just the same.stop killing animals because you want to wear their skin or eat their flesh!!!!

  3. Animal abusers globally, must be exterminated by means of a slow and agonising death!

    • Amen to that Michelle. The world is full of evil sick cunts that need to be sent to hell. I wonder and pray when it will happen. Ashamed to be human, worst species on earth.

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