Cat Strangled, Tied to Tree, and Left for Dead Deserves Justice

Target: Cincinnati, Ohio Animal Care Humane Society Chief Dog Warden Troy Taylor

Goal: Find and arrest person who nearly killed cat by tying him to tree with retractable dog leash.

A two-year-old cat, named Dagger, was barely breathing after he was found with a retractable leash around his neck and tied to a tree. It is important that an investigation be conducted to find the individual who committed this senseless act of animal cruelty, to keep other animals in the surrounding areas safe.

Dagger was discovered by his owners after escaping from his home. Although he was still breathing when he was found, he may not survive. He is on several medications for head trauma because his brain function was severely damaged from being strangled by the leash. Dagger’s legs also need to be rotated every four hours so they will hopefully once again be able to function on their own. His family is now relying on donations to help with the cat’s medical care.

Although the incident was reported, it is not clear whether officials have started searching for the guilty party. Sign this petition to demand a full investigation take place and that whoever did this be arrested if they are found.


Dear Chief Warden Taylor,

A cat, known as Dagger, was recently found nearly dead after he was tied to a tree with a retractable dog leash around his neck. Whoever committed this crime needs to be found and immediately arrested to better ensure other animals in the vicinity will not also be targeted.

Dagger was discovered by his owners hours after he escaped out the door. He was able to receive medical treatment through the help of a local animal rescue called the Tri-State Noah Project. However, Dagger’s injuries are so traumatic that he is now being fed through a syringe, as well as taking pain medication and steroids. Additionally, Dagger’s legs are being manually rotated every four hours as a means of physical therapy. Dagger’s prognosis currently looks dim, and he may die if his brain function and mobility do not soon improve.

For these reasons, I demand you search for the person who is responsible for committing this heartless act and that they be immediately apprehended so other animals will not be subject to similar abuse.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Janet Garraghan says:

    To the authorities: get that guilty, evil monsters caught and punished or you are complicit in his horrific crime! Don’t let the backward degenerates get away with this! The authorities need to act now, stop being cowards! Make their lives hell as they have for this poor cat! This is cruel and heartless! Whoever did thesis clearly a danger to society! How could any decent human being find this acceptable behaviour! It’s sadistic! Poor, poor defenceless cat! Breaks my heart! I despair of the human race, I truly do!

  2. Hang the inbreed bastard

  3. Disgusting & despicable! This monster needs to be found and serve a decade in jail. A sick perverse vile monster with no compunction brutalized an innocent helpless cat. I hope kitty can recover soon and be well.

  4. Does anybody have any updates on Dagger’s condition? Ever since this petition arrived in my email, I have been worried sick about this poor cat. Any leads on catching the horrible person(s) who abused Dagger? I hope he can recover. Poor little kitty.

  5. Karma, Threefold Law and The Universe will teach the piece of shit waste of sperm bastard who should of been aborted their lesson of what goes around comes around. No God or power on earth will protect the motherfucker from the Satanic Death Spell cast upon them. The God of the dark pit and his Demons will mentally and physically torture and kill them, it is done. Hail Satan!

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