Don’t Celebrate Sport That Exploits Animals for Entertainment

Target: Nathan Cooper, Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Speaker

Goal: Do not make rodeo the official sport of Alberta

The rodeo has historic roots, honoring the early ranchers who drove their cattle across the prairie grasslands. But this outdated way of life should not be used as a pretext to put animals through rigorous abuse for human entertainment and profit. Since the 1980s, over one hundred horses have been killed in the Calgary Stampede alone. Not to mention the stress and torture many of the animals go through to make the shows more “entertaining.”

A shameful bill is before the Legislative Assembly to make rodeo the official sport of Alberta.

There are hundreds of rodeos taking place each year across the province, and countless animals are exploited in these events. The rodeo is one small aspect of rural Alberta, and it is shameful to present this vicious pastime as the province’s official sport.

Alberta, and its people, are about much more than the rodeo. Sign this petition to stop this bill from moving forward.


Dear Honourable Cooper,

Of all the sport in Canada, rodeo is perhaps the most controversial. The millions of dollars brought into the province each year by the rodeo is carried on the backs of stressed and abused animals. Private member’s Bill 212 would make this cruel sport the official face of the province, and would show the world that Alberta stands for violence and animal cruelty.

While the rodeo attempts to honor the early ranchers of the prairies, the exploitation of animals needs to become a thing of the past.

I urge you to stop Bill 212. Do not make rodeo the official sport of Alberta.


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  1. Curtis Lamoureux says:

    If you truly do your homework you will see that the animals are well cared for, and not abused as you want everyone to believe. What you should do is protest abortion and join a pro-life group in your area.

  2. Ask the poor animals if they like rodeos you dumb ass.

  3. This has been going on for far too long. There has to be something else where these people can prove their Manliness

  4. Paula Morgan says:

    Rodeos are for you to make money, acquire some limited fame at the expense of animals. The Wild West is dead. High Technology took over. Find something to play on your phone instead.

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    Rodeos should be banned everywhere! It’s unnatural for animals to be made to buck by hurting their flanks and for babies to be roped and tied down!! Stop this cruelty now.

  6. Jim Takahashi says:

    _ Displaying humans overpowering animals has been appreciated and is deep-rooted in western culture, where meat production and consumption has been remarkably high. Many of the formerly colonized nations are like Europe on steroids.

  7. Kanada ist ohnehin ein Land, welches auch im 21.Jahrhundert noch sehr brutal und grausam mit hilflosen Mitlebewesen umgeht. Z.B. Lebendtier Transporte, Abschlachten von jungen Robben u.v.mehr. Nun muss nicht auch noch die barbarische Tierquälerei mit dem Lasso Einfangen von Kälbchen, Kühen und Pferden begonnen werden, anstatt endlich Tierquälereien gesetzlich ab zu schaffen, werden erneute gesetzlich legalisiert. Armes Kanada, lebt es noch im Mittelalter?

  8. Jaime Perez – I agree with your c omment.
    “Rodeos should be banned everywhere! It’s unnatural for animals to be made to buck by hurting their flanks and for babies to be roped and tied down!! Stop this deliberate torture, suffering and in many cases an agonising death now”.

  9. Valerie Elizabeth Adams says:

    That’s why they’re called cow BOYS. Real men wouldn’t need to prove themselves.

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