Don’t Shield Animal Abusers from the Law

Target: State Senator Charles Schneider, President of the Senate, Iowa

Goal: Don’t protect animal abusers from prosecution and legal punishment.

Iowa is the only state in the United States that doesn’t automatically charge animal abusers with a felony. In fact, new legislation is set to make the law even more lenient for those accused of animal abuse. Under the guide of protecting business and local economies, Iowa’s proposed SSB1195 would prevent local municipalities from enacting an animal protection law if it infringes on the daily processes of a business that profits from animals.

This proposed law is extremely dangerous and will strip animals of the very few protections they have. It shields puppy mills, animal traffickers, and even factory farmers. “The legislature seems to be more concerned about letting these cruel industries earn a profit than they are concerned with the welfare of animals and also the safety of people in these local communities,” says Preston Moore, Iowa Director of the Humane Society of the United States.

Sign the petition to demand the state legislature reject these horrific laws. Animal abusers and traffickers should not be shielded from the repercussions of their crimes under the guise of turning a profit.


Dear Senator Schneider,

News of SSB115 is not only shocking but heartbreaking. Animal abusers and traffickers will be allowed to hide behind this law under the guise of running a business. However, hoarding animals, forcibly breeding them, and cramming them into truck beds to sneak them across state lines is not “running a business.” It is abuse.

Iowa has some of the laxest animal abuse laws in the nation. Efforts should be put into strengthening these protections, not stripping them away. I demand that you reject SSB115 and any law that will protect animal abusers from the punishment they’re due.


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  1. No,don’t shield or hide the animal abusers. They don’t need it. If they can’t care for the pets,leave them alone.Put their butts on animal registry for animal cruelty and abuse. Make sure they use their real names.No animal deserves to be abused or neglected. U wonder y some dogs don’t trust humans.

  2. Paula Morgan says:

    America needs one basic law to help abused animals, not their abusers. There are too many times animals are horrifically abused in everyday life and on social media as well. Humans can be so cruel thus laws must protect these innocent beings. All states need felony laws, massive fines, and a registry for such abusers. There are no excuses and no reasons for abuse. Any person found guilty of abuse needs to cover be around animals again in their lives. These people are horrid and need to be punished for their thoughtless, abusive, acts.

    • Will the new president respond with a law making it a serious crime, punishable by death? These wicked, Evil monsters should be eliminated from earth. If the law won’t do it, Street Justice should step in and see to it that they are all tortured and left to die off somewhere remote. JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS, please

  3. Iowa should just come out of the closet and state that they want us all to know they are the puppy mill capital of America and proud of it. Passing this legislation is an admission of animal abuse protection and its sickening. From now on I will give Iowa a wide berth when road tripping; I cannot put my tourist dollars into a state actively encouraging animal abuse.

  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This is disgraceful and absolutely UNACCEPTABLE, Iowa. The nation is watching in horror and we will not look away.

  5. All animal abusers internationally must have the death penalty performed.

  6. Jolene Krise says:

    You would think Iowa would be tired of being the state that’s so far behind the times. Wake up Iowa. Animal abusers need to be stopped at once. These creeps tr their sick sadistic acts in animals before they get bored and move to humans. Many times it’s the children because these kind of abusers are cowards and need to feel powerful and wouldn’t be tough enough for someone their equal to themselves.

    • The authorities in Iowa Must Punish animal abusers or shoot them at dawn. It is disgusting and evil subhumans need to be stopped

  7. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This is disgraceful and totally UNACCEPTABLE, Iowa. The American people DEMAND that you establish animal abuse laws IMMEDIATELY. The nation is watching and we will not look away.

  8. Kill all animal abusers! Problem solved! No mercy for animal abusers!

  9. Iowa is so backwards

  10. Kill all animal abusers they don’t deserve to breathe

  11. Kill all animal abusers

  12. Julie Bates says:

    Senator of Iowa ???? My ass !!! Put him behind those bars…. watch him change the laws in a minute!!!!
    Idiot person !!!

  13. Paula Morgan says:

    Animal abusers should not be above the law yet it appears the defense attorneys have all the answers should the case even get to court. Abusers break laws thinking they will avoid punishment. ALL states, Iowa included, need stronger as well as ALL states having the same laws which if broken demand a regretful ending to the abuser. Animals and children can not speak for themselves thus the law must! People who love animals feel extreme anger and want compassion shown these living beings. If an abuser has to face a loss of income, a job, a house, a listing on a register for life, and no more animals, plus jail, and fines of 25 thousand, I would think they might think twice about their abusive ways.

  14. I lived on the East Coast for several years before returning home to the Midwest. I’m happy to be back, but it’s embarrassing when states like Iowa are so backward.

  15. Stop protecting the abusers and start fully protecting the innocent animals. Perhaps the lawmakers/govt officials are making money from animal abuse hence no strict laws.

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