Stop Senselessly Killing Animals for School Dissections

Target: Kurt Liebich, Chairman of the Board of Managers, RedBuilt

 Goal: Stop Project Lead The Way from promoting cruel dissection in classrooms.

Project Lead The Way offers a variety of educational programs from pre-K to Grade 12, supposedly to enrich student’s learning experience. However, while some of their methods are ethically approved, PLTW also used the carcasses and body parts of murdered animals–including fetal pigs, sheep organs, and cow eyes–for dissention.

After a pregnant sow is brutally slaughtered, her fetuses are violently cut out of her stomach. The dead baby pigs are cut open themselves, never given the chance of a happy life. The body parts of other animals are soaked with formaldehyde as preparation to be vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag.

Despite Project Leads The Way’s claim to “reinvent the classroom experience,” they nevertheless use barbaric learning methods.

Not only is the practice of dissecting parts of dead animals horrendously cruel, but it is also harmful to the students. For the students, cutting open a dead body can be a very traumatic and disturbing experience. As well as that, students that participate in dissection perform worse on learning assessments than students participating in alternative programs.

The company claims that it wants “students to thrive in an evolving world,” carelessly ignoring the fact that ethical means for dissection are readily available. While promoting the repulsive mutilation of chemically preserved animal corpses, PLTW hypocritically stays in the past.

Modern dissection methods exclude the gore and solely focus on a student’s learning performance. Dead animals do not belong in a classroom. The exploit of animals is going too far. Even dead they cannot rest in peace. Sign this petition to end the cruelty of dissection, and compel Project Leads The Way to use ethical methods to educate.


Dear Kurt Liebich,

Project Leads The Way wants “students to thrive in an evolving world,” while hypocritically staying in the past by promoting the cruel practice of classroom dissection. Corpses of animals are brutally cut open, baby animals are torn out of their dead mother’s bodies, and eyes are pulled out of a cow that just took its last breath. Students are also subjected to trauma witnessing the horrific disfiguring of carcasses. It is also known that students perform worse in learning assessments when participating in dissection, than students that use ethical methods.

Our modern world offers a vast variety of learning methods that do not require carving into dead, chemically preserved animas. The torment of animals has to stop once and for all.

I urge you to prohibit the dissection of dead animals in your classrooms, and use alternative, ethical methods to educate.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Please stop this useless and needless teaching method. It is unfathomable to me that in the 21st. century we are still utilizing such unethical and barbaric teaching tools.

  2. This is DEVOLUTION, not evolution. Just another wicked form of programming youth to have zero empathy or humanity.

  3. I feel that is cruel. If a child does that at school,what makes u think they won’t go out to kill just for the hell of it. Stop having biology classes or find something less bloody. Who r these teachers to kill animals? They r not God

  4. Paula Morgan says:

    Teach kindness towards animals, not dissection. There are other ways to teach anatomy of animals. We allow killing contests in this country which must stop. And science must stop the death of so many animals for it teaches animals have no right to live. Animals have every right to live! Teach caring as well as biology. You can do this without death to so many innocent animals. So, as Nike says, JUST DO IT!

  5. Dissect these vile brats and their incompetent, mentally deranged teachers!

  6. Jolene Krise says:

    Use the scum b abs on death row. Give the students the real thing. Leave the innocent animals alone.

  7. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    There is NO need to use ANY animals or animal parts in biology classes. There are NON ANIMAL alternatives available and they MUST be used.

  8. Stop this disgustingness!This is abysmal!Stop absuing animals!you can simulate these things realistically today!!!

  9. Jaime Perez says:

    Stop this sickening and depraved act. There are better methods to use as training. This is desensitizing kids to the suffering of innocent animals. Children must be taught kindness and respect for animals.

  10. I did these same things in college (with much trepidation). That was over 40 years ago! I can’t believe that this hasn’t changed! There are now better ways to teach anatomy with life-like models. It’s time to spare lives, teach respect for life and also teach anatomy ethically.

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