Denounce Ted Cruz for Abandoning Dog in Freezing Texas Storm

Target: Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator

Goal: Take responsibility for leaving pet dog alone at freezing house in midst of winter storm.

When Senator Ted Cruz fled the freezing hell his constituents were enduring, he claimed he was only being “a good dad.” He defended against the outcry by casting himself as a selfless caretaker. Why, then, did this supposedly compassionate and warm-hearted man coldly abandon one of his defenseless “children”?

Senator Cruz and his family escaped to the heat and luxury of tropical destination Cancun in the early days of the winter storms that ravaged Texas. One member of the family was left behind, however: a small rescue dog named Snowflake. Images emerged of the canine barking and staring out the window of the dark, undeniably freezing house while his caretakers vacationed in Mexico.

Although the senator returned a day or so after he left because of the public outrage, records indicate that he initially planned to spend nearly a week away from home. Much like communities across the state, Snowflake would have been left to fend for himself for days in subzero temperatures. Although a Cruz spokesperson claimed a dog-sitter looked after the animal, other reports indicate a security guard parked outside in the frigid cold was Snowflake’s only so-called guardian.

Sign the petition below to demand Senator Cruz answer for his alleged callous cruelty.


Dear Senator Cruz,

Are you familiar with Texas Penal Code 42.092, Senator? If not, let’s elaborate. This statute deals with Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals. Specifically of interest are the following sections: “failure to provide reasonable care to an animal in the person’s custody”; “unreasonably abandons an animal in the person’s custody”; “transports or confines the animal in a cruel manner.” How does it feel to be in likely violation of state criminal law?

When you jetted off to Cancun, you did not just fiddle while Texas froze and abandon the millions of Texans who were depending on you for leadership. You also cast away the dog you once rescued and left him vulnerable to an environment you described as “freezing,” with no means for physical or emotional warmth. This animal depends on you and trusts you for everything. In many respects, Snowflake is your child. Were you being “a good Dad” by letting him suffer, or die, cold and alone?

You must own up to your actions. Stop with the excuses. Apologize and take real, meaningful steps toward safeguarding all living beings in Texas. If you cannot provide the love and care Snowflake deserves, then—much like your leadership role for Texas communities—leave him in the hands of someone who can do better.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Ted Cruz is a worthless sack of garbage. Why the people of Texas continue to elect him is a reflection on their own ethics. All the politics aside, and in reference to little Snowflake, who with a conscious of any kind could have taken a chance and left that pup behind? Cruz didn’t know WHEN OR IF the electricity would come back on. If he knew it, then why did he and his bitch wife need to “save their entitled brats and flee to the beach??? So in reference to the person who says this is not animal abuse, you’re wrong! CRUZ DID NOT KNOW WHEN OR IF ELECTRIC SERVICE WOULD BE BACK ON. If Heidi Cruz was not such a POS, she wouldn’t have left a little poodle in a FREEZING house either. They should have been good parents and taught their brats a lesson in survival as a family and in EMPATHY for their fellow Texans. And maybe a lesson in love for a helpless and innocent pup that should NOT have been left under very dangerous circumstances.

  2. Get rid of this worthless POS he is worthless and deserves to be FIRED!

  3. Shame on you Ted Cruz! Shame on your whole family!

    • When I spoke of Snowflake in my previous comment I referred to the dog as “him”. I’m not sure whether Snowflake is male or female. What did Ted think because his dog’s name is Snowflake he/she could withstand freezing temperatures? He was lookin’ out for his own ass and cared nothing about his dog.

  4. Pure selfish and hateful. He should not be fired. It animal cruelty.

  5. Ted Cruz is a vile, mentally deranged scumbag who has an atrocious reputation re abusive situations. He has a reputation re animal abuse and most certainly cannot be trusted. This vile pos must be placed in prison for no less than 20 years duration and he must never be allowed to own an animal.

  6. He is just another waste of skin – why the hell do the people want him in any position of authority – he should be out on his ass – any person who could leave a poor dog alone in a freezing house while flying off to Mexico. What the hell is the matter with him and his useless family – they are the ones who deserved to be thrown out in the cold – really think he should be finished with his role in politics. Pathetic loser!!!!

    • If he left to the security guard to feed the dog I’m sure he had a bunch of blankets for the dog to cuddle up in I’m not saying this was an ideal situation I for one would have took my pooch with me
      but to say the man should lose his job and have the dog taken away from him is a bit much.
      Should he be admonished for this yes called out on it yes lose his job and have this dog taken away from him no.
      There are way more bigger battles to go after animal abuse is happening in other states another places by too many people and so much worse than a pampered pooch who Ted left abandoned for a couple of days again he was wrong to do that but people let’s not miss out on the bigger fights out there in the plight of the animals. It seems to me maybe people that just don’t like Ted Cruz maybe people that aren’t Republicans want to take any advantage to jump on a bandwagon

      • Mayra Lazala-Stock says:

        Robert you are completely wrong. Thus was animal abuse. If wanted to leave the pooch behind than he should have gotten him/her to a sitter. Not st the house alone to have someone come and ck on him. He is a public official and as such he should have set and example. And not “do as I say” “but not as I do”. He should definitely be charged with animal abuse and the pup removed from his home. This will be a teaching lesson. Just because he’s Ted Cruz, he is not above the law.

        • Seriously! He will 100% not be charged and will not have his pup taken away from him. This petition is utter nonsense and those who support it should instead be focusing on true cases of animal abuse. Snowflake was being taken care of by the security guard and the power came on in the house the day Cruz left as confirmed by Houston-based journalist Michael Hardy. Contrary to the liberal media’s reports, Snowflake was never in peril. I wish all the dogs I read about in these petitions had Snowflakes life.

  7. Take this poor dog away from this idiot!!!

  8. Get rid of his ass. Doesnt even care about an important member of his family, yes his dog is family!!

  9. Cruz is a repulsive incompetent moron who must be thrown out of parliament immediately and maximum charges laid pertaining to animal abuse.

  10. It all goes to show that there are people out there that don’t do as they tell others to do. Snowflake would have been better off if someone with a conscience who really cared had adopted this rescue dog. The least he could have done was have a house sitter there to take care of this sweet dog. No excuse!

  11. Karen Sivley says:

    I would never leave any pet,dog,cat, hamster whatever alone in an unheated house. I have boarded, hired a pet sitter or asked a family to care for my pets when I have had to be away. They are family and must be cared for like family.

  12. He is a garbage human being!!! Selfish ass!

  13. Sandra McLaurin says:

    Finish him in politics and whatever positions he and his family holds in this life. No more animals for them either. Bunch of scumbags. Repent and truly get saved turn turn turn from their wicked ways or for the next life. Welcome to hell.

  14. Joi Juaire-Darfler says:

    You and your wife are a piece of garbage for human beings!
    You do not deserve to have pets, and not have him taken from you but also criminally charged.

  15. Suppose Cruz’s pipes had frozen in the house and burst and the poor dog got soaked. He would have frozen to death. Who gave Snowflake fresh food and water? Who was there to take him outside to go to the bathroom? You can determine a persons character by the way they treat their animals. Ted Cruz isn’t worthy of having a precious dog like Snowflake. Handing out water to Texans won’t redeem you Ted. Charity begins at home.

  16. ted cruz would fuck his own mother if the orange excrement told him to. Scumbag soulless piece of shit and trump’s personal cocksucker and dick licker

  17. Ted Cruz and his wife should be charged with animal endangerment and animal abuse. Far from displaying the ability for critical thought and intellectual prowess required of those holding Senate seats, Senator Cruz is inept, displaying a proclivity for racism, inhumanity in general and now serious animal abuse . To think NO ONE in the family gave a s$&@ for the dog under these conditions tells me the dog should be placed in a good home and Heidi and Ted should be in court.

  18. This is wrong. Ted Cruz has explained that Guards who were there watching his house for ONE night were also looking in on the dog, feeding it and taking it outside. Please research this a bit more before you damage this man’s reputation even more than the rabid media is already attempting to do.

    • Mayra Lazala-Stock says:

      Donna, that was unacceptable. As a public servant he should set an example. so is ok to “do as I say” “but not as I do” if this was another politician Cruz would have criticized and crucified the person. He has done it before to criticize other politicians for wrong doing. So guess what he did wrong. He did wrong for his pet that should be as part of the family he he wrong for the people of Texas. He could have taken his fur baby with them. Therefore he should be charged with animal abuse and his pet be removed. This will be a lesson learned. TED CRUZ is not above the law…..

  19. Mayra Lazala-Stock says:

    Unacceptable😡😡😡. As a public servant Ted Cruz should set an example. So is ok to “do as I say” “but not as I do” if this was another politician or person Cruz would have criticized and crucified the person. In the past Cruz has criticized other politicians for wrong doing and leaving in dire situations. So guess what he did wrong. He did wrong for his pet. His pet that should be as part of the family, and wrong for the people of Texas. He could have taken his fur baby with him. Therefore, he should be charged with animal abuse and his pet be removed. This will be a lesson learned. TED CRUZ is not above the law…..

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