Denounce Ted Cruz for Abandoning Dog in Freezing Texas Storm

Target: Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator

Goal: Take responsibility for leaving pet dog alone at freezing house in midst of winter storm.

When Senator Ted Cruz fled the freezing hell his constituents were enduring, he claimed he was only being “a good dad.” He defended against the outcry by casting himself as a selfless caretaker. Why, then, did this supposedly compassionate and warm-hearted man coldly abandon one of his defenseless “children”?

Senator Cruz and his family escaped to the heat and luxury of tropical destination Cancun in the early days of the winter storms that ravaged Texas. One member of the family was left behind, however: a small rescue dog named Snowflake. Images emerged of the canine barking and staring out the window of the dark, undeniably freezing house while his caretakers vacationed in Mexico.

Although the senator returned a day or so after he left because of the public outrage, records indicate that he initially planned to spend nearly a week away from home. Much like communities across the state, Snowflake would have been left to fend for himself for days in subzero temperatures. Although a Cruz spokesperson claimed a dog-sitter looked after the animal, other reports indicate a security guard parked outside in the frigid cold was Snowflake’s only so-called guardian.

Sign the petition below to demand Senator Cruz answer for his alleged callous cruelty.


Dear Senator Cruz,

Are you familiar with Texas Penal Code 42.092, Senator? If not, let’s elaborate. This statute deals with Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals. Specifically of interest are the following sections: “failure to provide reasonable care to an animal in the person’s custody”; “unreasonably abandons an animal in the person’s custody”; “transports or confines the animal in a cruel manner.” How does it feel to be in likely violation of state criminal law?

When you jetted off to Cancun, you did not just fiddle while Texas froze and abandon the millions of Texans who were depending on you for leadership. You also cast away the dog you once rescued and left him vulnerable to an environment you described as “freezing,” with no means for physical or emotional warmth. This animal depends on you and trusts you for everything. In many respects, Snowflake is your child. Were you being “a good Dad” by letting him suffer, or die, cold and alone?

You must own up to your actions. Stop with the excuses. Apologize and take real, meaningful steps toward safeguarding all living beings in Texas. If you cannot provide the love and care Snowflake deserves, then—much like your leadership role for Texas communities—leave him in the hands of someone who can do better.


[Your Name Here]

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    • Exactly. Pets are part of the family. How selfless to leave it alone in the home by itself for what was going to be a week. Dogs feel abandoned and they can get mental issues from being alone with no contact. Look at how humans handled 2020 with covid and maybe you will understand a little more how a dog feels. They can’t pick up the phone and call Grandma. What a terrible example he set by leaving a dog all alone in a home. At least let a friend or relative take him in!! Snowflake deserves soooo much better.

  1. Selfish person who only cares for himself. He should be removed from his political position setting very bad example.

    • I agree. He set a very bad example. How would he like to be Snowflake and some family ditch him? I mean he couldn’t even endure the winter storm but leaves Snowflake to fend for himself.

  2. I hope Snowflake left little souvenirs on all his carpets!

    • Cute thought but I don’t wish that. If Ted can’t endure the winter storm you better believe he doesn’t pick up dog dodo. That task will go to an underpaid helper.

  3. Patricia Williams says:

    This lying POS needs to be prosecuted for abandoning Snowflake. But the people of TX have been abandoned for years. Kick him out now! Don’t let him get away with lies and more lies. Don’t fall for those photo ops. Look in the picture. NO other cars. It’s a set up.
    Elect some one who cares and works for Every Texan, not just the wealthy. “Fled” Cruz.

  4. You DISPICABLE sniveling bootlicker….I bet you think you’re funny naming your dog “snowflake”. Snowflakes are miracles of nature, pure, silvery, icy beauty, each one different from another… strikingly beautiful. Better to be a snowflake than a stinking, steaming pile of crap…”Ded Crud”, “Fled Cruise”…shame on you for abandoning your constituents and A FURRY FAMILY MEMBER!!! SHAME ON THE REST OF YOUR SKKKAM FAM TOO!!!

  5. Well, we all knew this was a supper asshole and now we know 200% for sure – I am ashamed to know he was born in Canada – being Canadian – what happened to you Cruz to be such a shit head? zero excuses and zero tolerance – none – listening him question a candidate for the bench on news today – this candidate was respectful, Cruz was a complete idiot – get over yourself – you must think the public is really stupid – we are not

  6. heartless SOB…I knew he was an A-hole. now here is additional proof. Nice example to set for your kids.

    • Exactly. Dads are supposed to lead by example. Instead he taught the kids how to flee a winter storm, that he has a responsibility to the community with, and how to have a pet you don’t need to care about. Why get a pet at all. Awwwe on paper it looked good he had a rescue. Poor Snowflake, I wonder if he gets any love at all.

  7. He & his family are a bunch of assholes! All of them left the dog alone. Bring all adults up on animal abuse charges!

    • Agree. All of them abandoned the pet. No excuses on saying someone was going there to care for the animal. While he avoided the storm in the warmth poor Snowflake was alone and freezing looking out the window to keep his sanity. I wish they would give me Snowflake. I will love him and he will go with me when we flee storms. ❤️

      • Do you comprehend that every house without power was freezing? Please read the article by Houston-based journalist Michael Hardy who actually visited the Cruz’s home. He confirmed the security guard said he was taking care of the dog and neighbors told him the power came back on the night the Cruz’s left. Stop focusing on sensationalized headlines.
        This is the first animal cruelty petition I have not signed because it’s nonsense and we’re should be focusing on the real cases of which there are sadly plenty.

  8. Nasty piece of work.

  9. Cruz was gone for one day folks. while I don’t condone this, this is NOT criminal. He had no heat when he left and no heat when he returned so what is the difference?

    • As a Texas politician, he should have stayed home and dealt with the problem; at the very least, suffer with the rest of the people in the state.

    • It was meant to be a week and no excuses. The storm was so bad power was cut off. If you can’t take your dog who is part of the family, leave them in the care of someone not in a cold house alone. He could afford boarding. No excuses. But just fyi, people who actually love their animals takes them with thwm on vacation.

    • Sori he was leaving for at least a week untill the public outcry how dare it leave its precious furbaby Ted Cruz & its wife need pts simple as


  11. Kelly Meadows says:

    Fucking Prick!

  12. Unbelievable the comments that don’t know the actual truth!!!….Society has become a bunch of ass….use your brains folks!!!!! Don’t judge so hastily !!!!

  13. Sorry, I’m all for animal protection, I’m vegan, and have signed petitions like this for over 10 yrs. However, I would love to see some proof the dog was left in freezing conditions. Considering he’s rich, I’m guessing the heat was left on to keep the dog and house plants alive. Also he said he had a dog sitter, which also is much better than dropping your dog off at a pet hotel for a week. Dogs bark. I’m just not buying this story and it’s coming across a lot like the CARE petitions, and their liberal agenda. Can we keep it about the animals and not about your agenda!! This is a smear petition if you ask me. Show some proof if your going to smear someone’s reputation. Not a half ass story.

    • But there was no power, no heat in most of Texas because of the snow and ice. There was no way to deliver heating oil and pipes froze.That’s why he left with his family. At least if he were there he could have cuddled the dog, wrapped him in a blanket, put him under the covers in the bed. All across the state people ran out of ways to heat their homes so they were burning their belongings. He should have stayed with his dog. A dog is a living feeling being, a family member.

      • Mary some people sadly think dogs are just posessions and don’t even think they have feelings. Tim B sounds like one of them. Hard to believe there’s people out there that think leaving your dog alone for more than 12 hours is ok. Guess what it is not ok. Dogs left alone have anxiety. Maybe Tim can imagine being left alone in a home for a week. Warm or cold. Still scary if you are a dog.

    • How the fuck did you not know about the power outage in Texas??! THERE WAS NO HEAT TO LEAVE ON!!!! Lol

  14. Get rid of this fat, repulsive freak!!!!!! Take the dog away give him a home with a human.

    This freak is needs to be expeled from the Senate. I agree with Kelly Meadows above . . . F.P.

  15. Ted Cruz Consistently shows th US His Ignorance,and Callous nature..Why was he elected Senate? Its time to arrest him for intentional animal cruelty..That poor dog snowflake would have died! Remove snowflake from his care andd have this Stupid Idiot Resign!!!

  16. He is a lying, manipulating POS and needs the dog taken away.

  17. Benedetta Machado says:

    Ya know, I was completely shocked that the whole family was ok with leaving a poor dog alone in a cold house. I’m sure someone was tasked in checking on the dog but I can’t leave my pet alone overnight at anytime. Shows how heartless they all are.

  18. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I am sure that no one will forget how Senator Cruz abandoned his State during a crisis so it is not surprising that he would abandon his own dog inside his freezing home. Goes to show you the complete disconnect between the general public and a public official.

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