Dog Apparently Beaten With Hammer and Buried in Snow by Owner Deserves Justice

Target: Prosecuting Attorney Kenneth P. Cotter, St. Joseph County, Indiana
Goal: Investigate and prosecute man accused of beating dog with hammer and burying her in the snow.

A man reportedly beat his dog with a hammer and then buried her in the snow. Neighbors apparently witnessed the event and called South Bend police. When the police arrived, they reportedly saw the attack in progress and intervened on the dog’s behalf. The man was apparently pulled off his dog and the dog was dug out of the snow by the responding officers.

The man accused of the crime, John Hill, was arrested for Cruelty to an Animal and the dog was rushed to the local veterinarian, where sadly they were forced to euthanize her.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Kenneth P. Cotter,

An innocent dog was reportedly beaten with a hammer and buried in the snow by her owner. The man accused of this crime, John Hill, has been arrested and the case has been forwarded to your office.

Animal cruelty has no place in our society and I ask you to pursue this case to the fullest extent allowed under the law. We ask for justice on behalf of this poor innocent creature.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ivan Bandura



  1. That inhumane, human 💩 needs beaten badly and eaten by wild animals. He doesn’t deserve to live.

  2. Of course this happened in Indiana! Welcome to animal abuse country, where the politicians don’t care about animals or the abuse they endure! I bet you’ll prove me right too!

  3. Elaine Smith says:


  4. Sick fucker! He needs to be castrated while awake and then beat to death.

  5. Ashamed to be human says:

    That POS deserves to be issued the same treatment he inflicted on that innocent dog. Pathetic coward. 😡

  6. Animal abuse is out of control because humans are out of control. Too many cannot handle the slightest inconvenience and what do they do? They rage and their rage is aimed at the most vunerable. Imagine this unconditional loyal loving being seeing her “family member” turn on her and the agony mentally as well as physically she endured. Society needs to step up and demand that such twisted POSs get thrown in jail as the violent offenders they are without lawyers and judges getting them off with only a slap on the wrist. It is beyond sick. Too many humans are a disease to this planet; period.

    • I totally agree!! We can sign petition after petition, but until the laws and consequences are changed and enforced I don’t see ENOUGH of a change. The world has gotten so scary ugly that I’m all about an eye for an eye. People like him are not worth attempting to rehabilitate.

    • We need abuse and cruelty laws across the United States, with a national abuse registry, and possible licensing and background checks. If you abused an animal of any kind, you are no longer able to have pets, livestock, or keep animals in your home or vicinity.
      Abuse and cruelty are rampant. Maybe this would help. Thanks!

  7. He should be shot between the eyes at point blank range then dumped in a polluting river!

  8. Mr. Cotter, prosecute this sadistic sociopath to the max. Glad the police arrested this low life.

    Hope fellow inmates beat the hell out of this loser every single day.

  9. Debra D Gaddy says:

    This is the saddest thing that I have heard regarding an innocent animal being beaten with a hammer by a man. This man should be punished to the fullest and then some by the law. He should be put in a cell with an animal lover. There is no excuse for this type of mistreatment to an animal. He is a monster. He doesn’t need to be among the living. I still wonder if the neighbor could have stopped him before the cops came and this poor baby would still be here. Rest in Peace little one!

  10. I’d like to take the owner wrap them up tight in a quilt. Then beat them with a hammer. It’ll leave all kinds of injuries but not a mark on the body.

  11. Wouldn’t mind showing him what it feels like to be beaten with a hammer. People like him are a waste of space.
    All animals deserve to be treated with care, compassion and love. If you can’t do that, DON’T HAVE AN ANIMAL!!!!
    We need better laws to protect animals, all animals. And I don’t mean a slap on the wrist and some crappy fine, I mean jail, serious jail time.

  12. … and they live among us … and shouldn’t.

  13. This monster deserves a severe punishment — he is a real threat
    to animals and humans alike … maybe a long time in prison,
    hopefully with animal lovers.

  14. I like to beat that fuck with a hammer

  15. Ok JOSEPH COUNTY INDIANA….this is your time to step up and do something about animal abuse!
    This SCUM. This CRIMINAL must be severely punished in your county. Your OWN POLICE OFFICERS witnessed this murder. Do something.
    Convict and prosecute this trash. WE ARE ALL WATCHING YOUR TOWN. MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR TOWN.

  16. Paula Morgan says:

    To beat anything with a hammer is beyond comprehension. This man knew what he was doing. He wanted to kill the dog and he did. What a wretched soul this man is. He should not be in society, he is a danger, he needs a part of his life taken by time in prison, never having any other animal in his care for the rest of his unworthy life. He also needs to pay a very costly fine. Members of his family may suffer but he chose to kill a living being. There needs to be a cost to taking a life and he must pay that price. The defense needs to know there are no excuses. The judge must not spare this man in any way. This man is guilty, there are witnesses and the full extent of the law must come down on this horrendous excuse of a man.

  17. Bill Triplett says:

    John Hill: You’re a piece of human garbage. A coward of the worst kind. And you deserve a beating by hammer. Repeatedly.

  18. Tony sazzorelli says:

    You Fkn ScumFknbag…. I hope one day you meet someone or plural people, and they give you a Fkn beating of your Fkn low-life miserable pc of shit death! I actually hope there is a Fkn Hell – you you Cocksucker will burn in it for eternity! Man my Fkn blood is boiling – Hope you choke on your own vomit while whoever it is, is beating you to death! FK YOU!!!!!

  19. this mother fucker needs to die

  20. What is it with these shit head people I wish I could be a judge just one day . I would get rid of so many animal abusers . I hope to God the police will lock this pos up after he’s severely beaten . This poor dog suffered immensely.

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