Justice for 6 Puppies Reportedly Frozen to Death in Wire Crate

Target: Tom Watson, Criminal District Attorney, Gregg County, Texas

Goal: Prosecute individual who reportedly neglected litter of puppies and allowed them to freeze to death.

Six puppies were allegedly found neglected and abandoned, frozen to death in a wire crate. Authorities believe the puppies were only a few weeks old. Now, the unnamed owner is set to be charged with animal cruelty. Demand he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The temperatures in Longview, Texas, where the puppies were found, were below freezing for several days and authorities have been urging pet owners to keep their animals indoors. In addition to the six deceased puppies, authorities also report that they found two adult dogs on the property. Thankfully, they were found alive and are now in the care of a local animal rescue.

The name of the property’s owner has not been made public, but they face one year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000. Ask that they be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law will allow if they are proven guilty. No innocent animals deserve to suffer.


Dear District Attorney Watson,

Authorities in your district discovered a horrific sight: six puppies were found allegedly neglected and frozen to death in a wire crate. They reportedly suffered from the brutal, below-freezing temperatures before ultimately succumbing to their tragic fate.

Their owner, who is allegedly responsible for this crime, faces up to one year in prison and a $4,000 fine. I ask that you prosecute them to the fullest extent the law will allow. They should not walk away with a slap on the wrist if found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Hill



  1. Renata Kuchinsky says:

    May this monster really get what he deserved
    Not a slap on the wrist

  2. These vile, severe animal abusing cretins must have the death penalty performed on them. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure. These vile scumbags must endure a slow and agonising death!!!!

  3. Cheryl Miller says:

    Punish this person to the fullest and never ever allow them to be animal and pet owners!!!!! So in incredibly sad and uncalled for!!!!!

  4. Name and sham we to he owner !

  5. Christine Nuttall says:

    Could have a year in prison? What a joke!! Try a year for every puppy. Im absolutely disgusted and I hope someone gets hold of this evil scum bag and beats him to a pulp.

  6. It’s 2021. We shouldn’t be begging & pleading that the human scum of society is punished for animal cruelty.

  7. Put him in a cage and let him freeze to death. So sick and tired of our worthless species and its blatant disregard for other species lives.

  8. Rosemary Barnett says:


  9. An eye for an eye looks really good when there is no real justice!

  10. Linda Cummings says:

    Throw this soulless heartless monster in a tiny cell, OUTSIDE for a week and forget about him. WE DO NOT WANT THIS ASSHOLE WALKING AMONG MAN NOR BEAST. Make the world a better place, let him freeze to death slowly in agony for days.

  11. CC Hernandez says:

    Bring this dog to justice!!

  12. CC Hernandez says:

    Bring this dog to justice!

  13. Tami schreurs says:

    Pos needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Poor babies!

  14. Find the owners! Lock them up in a tiny crate with no food or water, in below 0 weather, hell make it -30 degrees! They deserve no less, an eye for an eye! The need to know how those little babies suffered! Karma you pieces of shit I pray the same happens to you! Rest In Paradise little ones, I’m so sorry

  15. Stacey Nutter says:

    Shouldn’t the person responsible for this be charged with 6 different counts of neglect and abuse?!!!! How about 1 year in prison for each puppy?!!!!! That means 6 years behind bars!!!!

    There have been numerous rescue organizations offering help to those in need in preparation for these horrid conditions in Texas!

    This person should punished!

  16. Julia Edinger says:


  17. Throw the book at them, then use it to knock some sense into the pathetic excuse for a human being. May they get paid back by karma

  18. A-hole put him out to freeze to death slowly in wire cage!!!!! Justice for theses precious babies!!!

  19. Makes me want to cry. Those poor little things.

  20. What is wrong with these people, Are they just really srupid or evil ? Poor pups i hate to think of what they have suffered and hope person who let this happen is sevearly punished

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