Justice for 6 Puppies Reportedly Frozen to Death in Wire Crate

Target: Tom Watson, Criminal District Attorney, Gregg County, Texas

Goal: Prosecute individual who reportedly neglected litter of puppies and allowed them to freeze to death.

Six puppies were allegedly found neglected and abandoned, frozen to death in a wire crate. Authorities believe the puppies were only a few weeks old. Now, the unnamed owner is set to be charged with animal cruelty. Demand he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The temperatures in Longview, Texas, where the puppies were found, were below freezing for several days and authorities have been urging pet owners to keep their animals indoors. In addition to the six deceased puppies, authorities also report that they found two adult dogs on the property. Thankfully, they were found alive and are now in the care of a local animal rescue.

The name of the property’s owner has not been made public, but they face one year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000. Ask that they be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law will allow if they are proven guilty. No innocent animals deserve to suffer.


Dear District Attorney Watson,

Authorities in your district discovered a horrific sight: six puppies were found allegedly neglected and frozen to death in a wire crate. They reportedly suffered from the brutal, below-freezing temperatures before ultimately succumbing to their tragic fate.

Their owner, who is allegedly responsible for this crime, faces up to one year in prison and a $4,000 fine. I ask that you prosecute them to the fullest extent the law will allow. They should not walk away with a slap on the wrist if found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Hill



  1. This cruel bastard need to be drinking his own medicine.

  2. This is pure laziness and selfishness and evil. Don’t get a pet if you can’t neuter them. It should be law. Put them behind bars! Those poor puppies suffered huge because of a lazy human.

  3. Soak this heartless piece of shit in ice water. Then throw his sorry ass in a freezer on the absolute coldest temperature!How can some people be so cruel and heartless??? These disgusting animal abusers/neglectors/ torturers/ murderers NEED TO BE TREATED THE WAY THEY TREATED THOSE POOR ANIMALS!!!! Then have a public burning for all to watch!!!!These abusers will burn in hell!!!!!!!

  4. What monster could do this. they were already in a cage just bring them inside.
    This act of cruelty was intentional and the monster who allowed this should be jailed for 10yrs. Put the person who did this in a cage in the freezing weather so he can feel the agony the puppies did
    What horrific death they had to endure at the hands of this POS

    • joanne bradley says:

      Agree with your comments. Firstly why let you dog have pups if you cannot be bothered to look after them and why would you have pets and keep them outdoors in freezing weather locked in a wire cage with no chance of escaping. If ts too cold outside for people then its too cold for animals, keep them indoors. This is a total act of abuse, these innocent pups must have suffered needlessly. Ban this heartless moron from owning animals for life. Maximum punishment for all animal abusers.

  5. I have no words for such heartbreak…
    Those respnsible absolutely have no humanity in them. KARMA WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!

  6. carole licciardone says:

    You fucking piece of shit. Did you not care about these babies that you allowed to be kept outside. I hope your neighbors stick you outside and let you freeze to death like you did to the puppies.

  7. This is a senseless act. There should be required classes on how to care for animals before anyone can legally have an animal. If someone illegally has an animal on their premises, they should be reported, fined and/or imprisoned. Each animal caretaker should have a badge or sign stating they’ve gone through the necessary protocols and required classes. Classes should be teaching about how to care for an animal, reasons for having the animal, which should not be for sport or a phase, what to expect from your specific type of animal, hypothetical situations and how to handle them like when your animals not neutered yet, gets pregnant and has a litter of babies, etc. There should definitely be stricter laws to protect animals from senseless acts and abuse by careless people who have no empathy and understanding about how to care for an animal and that the animal is not there to entertain them or serve them when they feel like it. Enough is enough.

  8. Patrica Birtles RGN SCM says:

    So sad . Those responsible must be brought to book . Convict them then if I had my way castrate or sterilise them so the bad seed can no longer be passed on .

  9. Those poor puppies. I am so sick of careless people! That person could have left the crate be inside by of a PetSmart or Petco –someone would have helped them. This monster deserves to be locked in a crate and left outside by to freeze to death!

  10. Fetia Faggiano says:

    Ohh I hope this Lazy Scumbag piece of Shit gets Jail time and Fined !! My heart broke for these puppies 🐶
    What a fkn piece of shit.. And I’m noticing it’s Texas residents Again !! Wtf

  11. This just makes me sick to think that these little puppies died, freezing to death because no one cared enough to give them warm basic shelter. 6 little lives lost that didn’t have to happen. The maximum punishment is the only acceptable outcome and NO plea deals for this worthless human being. There is no excuse good enough for allowing this to happen.

  12. The pos owner must be held accountable for this stupidity! Dumb *ss pos!

  13. Patricia Williams says:

    Babies… you let mom get pregnant, have the babies, took them away And left to die! With all the rescues, fosters, spaces, helping hands, and you left them to Freeze! Evil walks among humans and you are it! May Karma find you!

  14. Apparently in Texas if you’re not a steer you don’t count and there are no laws to protect you, just your abusive and sadistic owner. This is such deliberate abuse that it screams for a deliberate and proper punishment. I challenge the Texas courts to actually do something about this and give jail time, a fat fine and a lifetime ban on animal contact to this depraved jerk.

  15. Throw the book at this POS who let these poor puppies die. There should be an animal abuse registry to keep these heartless people from ever owning ANY animal again. They deserve the same treatment as those poor puppies. Animal abuse laws need to be strengthened in every state to keep the innocent animals safe. This happens way too often and it needs to be stopped. Disgusting humans!

  16. Isobel doyle says:

    What is so sad here is that the prison sentence 1 year. And fine 4thousand dollars.
    In 1 years time the dirt bag low lifes responsible will be out and doing the same cruel crap to other animals.They need to be thrown in jail for a long time. Never ever be able to have any access to any kind of animals ever again. They should be fitted with ankle monitoring equipment for the rest of their lives.

  17. Lifetime ban from ever owning animals again please.

  18. This person needs to be neglected in the same way…how utterly evil. The agony these little ones had to endure. There are too many sick heartless individuals out there and the LAW in this country needs to be upheld. This unhinged POS needs to have the multiple felony charges that fit his demented actions stick. Judges and lawyers if you all just give yet another twisted abuser a slap on the wrist you are spitting on these defenseless victims.

  19. This HORRIBLE ABUSER needs to be punished to the FULLEST extent of the Law under The PACT ACT which President Trump signed into Law November 2019 which makes it a Federal Crime to abuse ANY animal and is punishable by imprisonment.

  20. Paula Teixeira says:

    This is disgusting. The POS responsible needs to be severely punished and never allowed to own any animals ever again. The town where he lives needs to have a billboard sign telling what the POS did !!

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