Save Vulnerable Wildlife By Reducing Dangerous Emissions

Target: Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison

Goal: Take further measures in order to try and reach net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

Although Australia joined the Paris Climate Agreement in an attempt to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 percent or more by the year 2030, the government has not taken further steps to combat climate change. If nothing is done, more wildfires will continue to destroy native plants and animals.

Since individuals in Australia produce among the highest level of emissions in the world, scientists believe that rising temperatures are partially caused as a result of these emissions, which eventually leads to out-of-control wildfires. Additionally, Australia exports a great deal of fossil fuel, which also causes a large amount of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere when burned. These higher temperatures lead to climate change and eventually to raging wildfires.

More than 60,000 koalas were adversely affected by the last wildfires, and many forests still have not started to grow back as they should. Despite these facts, the Australian government will not commit to making the changes needed to protect these species. Sign this petition to demand Australia take further measures to reduce emissions as much as possible in the years to come to better ensure surrounding plants and animals will not continue to be destroyed at a rapid rate.


Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

Australia’s wildfires are thought to be responsible for displacing or killing approximately 3 billion animals and for further making it so much of the native flora is not able to grow back. Even though this is the case, your government still refuses to take the necessary steps to further reduce emissions.

While joining the Paris Climate Agreement is a good start, future wildfires will continue to destroy the country if more is not done to lessen emissions. Australia produces more emissions per capita than most countries. You also export more fossil fuels, eventually resulting in more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere creating higher temperatures, and, in turn, causing longer and more intense wildfires.

Thirty percent of the koalas’ habitat was destroyed in New South Wales alone because of the last wildfires. Koala populations have already greatly dwindled, due to habitat destruction. Fiercer and longer lasting fires will likely make it so this animal and many more will soon become extinct.

For these reasons, I demand you take further steps to reduce emissions in order to help prevent many unique species from completely dying out.


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Photo Credit: Thomas Schoch



  1. I can not sign this petition knowing that Australia isn’t alone in this pollution problem. Why blame it on one country when we all need to fix the same problems in our own? All developed countries produce pollution; obviously some more than others. The United States, for example, is trying desperately to reverse the blatant threats to the world’s environment caused in the last four years by an uninformed, uncaring, administration. Let’s stop pointing fingers and do our part.

  2. Government has noooooo balls to ACTUALLY change distructive practices
    $$$$$ from oil , mining attic exploration talk !!!
    Wind power is not a money maker
    Environment is screwed

  3. Paula Morgan says:

    Australia came into everyone’s heart through Steve Irwin. However, this fabulous country is not holding up to climate change and this must be improved … in ALL countries. As they say, we’re all in this together. You have an amazing animal population in your country but selling 2 million kangaroos a year for Nike shoes is totally unacceptable. Animals used in such a way are not considered a natural resource. Animals are living, breathing beings and entitled to their lives as much as humans are. To date you are mining, using coal plants, etc., with total lack of regard for climate change, your true natural resources, your animals, tees, land, oceans, coral reefs, and yes, your people. Everyone must do their part to fight climate change, share the world with animals, protect their people and educate them as to how to aid in this venture of restoration of our planet.

  4. All animal and wildlife must be protected internationally.

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