Rescue Horses From Reported “Farm of Horrors”

Target: Sheriff Bill Elder, El Paso County Sherriff’s Office, CO

Goal: Seize horses from alleged “property of horrors” where they are reportedly neglected and malnourished.

Reports indicate malnourished horses have been left to suffer on a horror-filled farm. The woman authorities say owns that property has previously been arrested for animal cruelty. Neighbors are outraged and demand that the horses be removed from the property immediately. Sign the petition to join them.

Authorities were called to the Colorado farm of Mindy Danskin after receiving complaints of malnourished horses. While they did indicate what they found was alarming, they added that the horses were healthy enough that they could not be seized. However, neighbors describe horrific abuse on the property.

“Starving, starving. I’ve seen [Danskin] dragging dead horses out of her pasture using a rope around the back part of her truck,” one neighbor told news station KRDO. In 2018, Danskin was arrested after several dead horses were allegedly found on her property.

It appears that Danskin did not learn her lesson and had no right to continue owning such majestic animals after allegedly failing to keep them alive the first time. Sign the petition to demand that these horses be seized and given a new chance at life.


Dear Sherriff Elder,

Over two years ago, Mindy Danskin was arrested after several dead horses were reportedly found on her property. However, authorities have once again been called to her farm after neighbors claimed more horses were being neglected. While authorities did admit the horses seemed malnourished, they were still healthy enough not to be seized.

Neighbors, however, describe a different story. They speak of starving horses and corpses being pulled out to the property’s pasture. Danskin has already indicated she is apparently unfit to care for these animals and even a court of law has found this to be so. I ask that you seize the horses on her property before another life is lost.


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  1. Julie Bates says:

    Such a bloody horror show !! The woman is still not reprehend!!

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    What the F is wrong with the animal authorities in this God damn state????!!! I lived in this shit hole for 20 years. Myself and two other people reported horrific neglect and abuse by a kitten mill owner. Calls and letter were sent many times. I documented everything in great detail. Finally a sheriff was sent to check things out and he ACTUALLY STEPPED OVER THE BODIES OF DEAD KITTENS AND FOUND NOTHING TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT!!!!!!. She was also reported to authorities by neighbors who could see she left horses outside with no access to water. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH AUTHORITIES IN THIS SICK STATE?????!!!!!!!!

    • I ask the same question Linda, poor animals need love and care, truly heartbreaking

    • Miss Linda, my name is Brandy and Im from fort worth, texas. I wish I could get a small piece of secluded land and round up these sick fuckers in cages stripped naked beaten and starved til they slowly die. I need like minded people and to supply land. I have a list

  3. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    The authorities that look the other way are just as guilty as this POS. The horses are not malnourished enough or dead to suit you? What is wrong with you people? How could you knowingly look the other way? Stand up and grow a set and stop being cowards. Do the right thing and be their voice! Disgusting and reprehensible.

  4. Another piece of wasted flesh on this earth. This stinking creep deserves the same treatment she put these horses through. Starve her ugly self!! If you won’t take care of animals, then DON’T HAVE THEM!!

  5. The article says that “Danskin didn’t learn her lesson” from her first visit from authorities to assess her dying horses. I believe it should read that “ the IMBECILIC AUTHORITIES didn’t give a shit about her dying horses on the second visit!!! There is definitely something wrong with this woman AND the authorities! I hope this isn’t a losing battle and that the horses get taken away and cared for properly.

  6. Here’re a thought these people need to lose their property!! Property stays with the farm animals that were abused!!

  7. This HORRIBLE ABUSE needs to be punished to the FULLEST extent of the Law under The PACT ACT which President Trump signed into Law November 2019 which makes it a Federal Crime to abuse ANY animal and is punishable by imprisonment.

  8. Paula Morgan says:

    This can not be a functioning farm. Farmers would care! Horses are not able to fend for themselves in these circumstances. They are not free to roam but fenced in on your property. People, like yourselves, need to face the punishment of the law. No one has the right to do this to their own animals, or any animals. No excuses! You who are involved want to eat, don’t you? You want to drink water. You want to believe the people you live with care. Why then not care for your own animals? If you can not afford to keep animals there are agencies to contact. But to do this? No! I do feel your names need to be on a registry and you need to face a felony charge for this abuse, prison, and a steep fine. I also feel you should never be allowed to own or care for any other animals.

  9. This severe animal abusing bitch must be put to death by means of a slow and agonising exit!

  10. Necesitamos leyes mas duras para condenar a todo malnacido que le haga mal alos animales.


  12. GOVERNOR AND STATE ATTORNEY NEED THIS PETITION!! Comments are true! Law enforcement does nothing to protect animals!!

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