Dog Reportedly Imprisoned in Filthy Cage Without Water Deserves Justice

Target: Plymouth County, Massachusetts District Attorney Tim Cruz

Goal: Give man just punishment for allegedly keeping dog in unbearable filth without adequate food or water.

A female pit bull type dog was reportedly found living inside a cage filled with waste, disgusting rags, empty water bowls, and stale, dry food. Brandon Davis was arrested in connection with the crime. He needs to spend time in prison and be banned from owning pets if it is found he committed this inexcusable act of animal cruelty.

According to authorities, the dog was only let out of her cage to go outside. She reportedly did not have any water. Police further said that the dog was emaciated, and they immediately took her to a local veterinary hospital. Although the veterinarian indicated that the dog would recover, she will apparently need a great deal of treatment and time before she will be in a healthier state.

Davis was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and having unauthorized ammunition inside his home. It is important that Davis spend time in jail and not be allowed to have more pets if he is found guilty of this senseless animal abuse.


Dear District Attorney Cruz,

Brandon Davis was recently arrested for allegedly keeping a large female dog inside a dirty cage filled with urine and feces, used rags, several bowls, and scattered food. It is important that he be held responsible for this crime and further that he no longer be allowed to own pets if it is discovered he abused this animal.

Reports state that the cage was only opened a few times a day to take the dog out in the yard. It is also thought that water was not provided to her on a regular basis. Authorities further reported that she was too thin before taking her to a local veterinary hospital. While the victim is expected to survive, the veterinarian said treatment will be expensive and that a full recovery will take an extensive amount of time.

Police not only arrested Davis for animal abuse, but he was also charged with not having the proper license to possess the type of ammunition allegedly found at his residence.

I therefore demand you suggest Davis receive the strictest sentence that the law will allow and that you further suggest he no longer be allowed to be around animals if he is found guilty of mistreating this feeble dog.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Dante Alighieri



  1. Carolyn Taylor says:

    Punish this putrid waste Brandon Davis dog abuser to the fullest extent of our sadly inadequate animal abuse laws, now! No living being should ever be treated in such a pitiful manner!

    • Lets not waste time with words and let use actions. Let introduce a bill like we have with humans. You commit a crime against an animal go to jail. I am so fed up with these thugs who hurt animals and some get away with it to do it again. Lets go people!!!

    • Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

      Right…phuckin despicable human garbage!! We’d love to beat the wholly crap out of him and then throw him in the same cage this poor baby was left in, the same way, then fine him and give him jail time..piece of phuckin shi%!

  2. Animal abusers must have the death penalty performed on them.I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure.

    • Michelle Taylor – I agree with your comment.
      Animal abusers must have the death penalty performed on them. This monster bastard Brandon Davis deserves the death penalty. An eye for an eye. If this evil monster bastard is not eradicated from the planet this lowlife VERMIN monster will continue torturing precious and innocent animals.

  3. Carolyn Ecton says:

    District Attorney Cruz, Thank you for arresting and charging Brandon Davis with animal cruelty. He appears to be very troubled. Please arrange that he can never adopt or keep a pet. Davis’ behavior will not get fixed overnight. So important to make it known our society and legal system will not allow this behavior.

    • Julia Edinger says:

      Hoping they don’t spend tax payers hard earn money to fit this “EVIL DEMON”….. Monster deserves the same exact treatment for his punishment,,,asap!!!

  4. Sandra Dragan says:

    You know what? That I don’t know how much more I can take with seeing innocent Animals being hurt, killed or mistreated like they’re being! Something or someone needs to step up & start getting rid of ALL of these Evil demons out there! This is WAY OUT of control!! & the law isn’t doing enough to help protect our innocent fur babies of the world!! >_< What we need is an Animal Vigilante protector!! Where are you?! Help them! Get rid of the Evil garbage in this world!!

  5. Christine Nuttall says:

    All animal abusers should be given a life sentence or the death penalty. Thats all their worth!!

  6. Unacceptable. This man needs time in prison. This is uncalled for . He should be a felon if he is not already one . No dog or animal deserves this .

  7. So tired of these nasty people abusing animals. What a waste of oxygen. Anyone who abuses or kills companion animals needs to have the same done to them. No living creature deserves to be treated so terribly. The animals can’t feed or water themselves, they depend on their humans to take care of them.

  8. Marisa Di Silvestro says:

    All animal abusers must face the same punishment they saw fit to bestow on the animal. Slap dash fines mean nothing- face the same act

  9. Julie Bates says:

    Brandon Davis the dog abuser will get no punishments!! THE LAWS ARE WEEK !!! We need to stand by and CHANGE IT

  10. Ashamed to be human says:

    What a low-life piece of scum Brandon Davis is. Throw him in jail & deprive him of the basic necessities & see how he likes it. Hopefully he might take his own life while he’s at it & relieve the world of yet another worthless human. Animal abusers have no ounce of sympathy in my book, regardless of their background. There is NO excuse!!!! 😡

  11. This ignorant low-life heartless moron scumbag should spend his days locked in a cage with filth and no water or food, see how he likes it. People (inhuman) like this should NEVER own any animal – they don’t deserve the love of an animal. They don’t deserve the air that they breathe. They are a waste of space and energy.

  12. Throw him to the alligators 🐊 this is a great reward for this low life piece of shit!!

  13. Beat him up And lock him in a cage with his waste and filth, seriously, so he’ll have a taste and will never do it again. Of course he can’t, because he’s never allowed to go near animals again. Disgusting individual

  14. MAX JAIL for this DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC SUBHUMAN! This crime is so GROTESQUE and EVIL that LIFE IMPRISONMENT is the ONLY relevant punishment, otherwise this MONSTER may commit other horrific crimes on both animals and humans. ANIMALS SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS OF HUMAN SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS and they deserve JUSTICE – just like YOU and ME!
    All animal abusers must face the same punishment they saw fit to bestow on the animal. This hopefully would SCARE them OFF the horrific ways they bestow on other innocent and defenseless creatures!

  15. What the Hell is wrong with the Judge for releasing him? Bad Judgement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What the HELL is wrong with people in their lack of care for this poor defenseless dog?! Lack of empathy!!!!

  16. Julia Edinger says:


  17. Really throw him in solitary confinement with nothing but stale or bad food,no water and no bathroom. Let him feel like that poor baby girl felt. He is a heartless son of a bitch or should I say a real scum bag. KARMA ONE DAY FOR HIM.

  18. This prick needs to be beaten to a pulp on prison!

  19. The cruel punk owner needs to spend the rest of his life in that filthy kennel with rotting food, no water, no shelter from weather etc etc. ANIMAL ABUSE/KILLING MUST BE SEVERELY PUNISHED. IT HAS BEEN ALLOWED TOO LONG DESPITE HAVING LAWS TO PROTECT ANIMALS. IN MY OPINION

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