Dog Reportedly Imprisoned in Filthy Cage Without Water Deserves Justice

Target: Plymouth County, Massachusetts District Attorney Tim Cruz

Goal: Give man just punishment for allegedly keeping dog in unbearable filth without adequate food or water.

A female pit bull type dog was reportedly found living inside a cage filled with waste, disgusting rags, empty water bowls, and stale, dry food. Brandon Davis was arrested in connection with the crime. He needs to spend time in prison and be banned from owning pets if it is found he committed this inexcusable act of animal cruelty.

According to authorities, the dog was only let out of her cage to go outside. She reportedly did not have any water. Police further said that the dog was emaciated, and they immediately took her to a local veterinary hospital. Although the veterinarian indicated that the dog would recover, she will apparently need a great deal of treatment and time before she will be in a healthier state.

Davis was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and having unauthorized ammunition inside his home. It is important that Davis spend time in jail and not be allowed to have more pets if he is found guilty of this senseless animal abuse.


Dear District Attorney Cruz,

Brandon Davis was recently arrested for allegedly keeping a large female dog inside a dirty cage filled with urine and feces, used rags, several bowls, and scattered food. It is important that he be held responsible for this crime and further that he no longer be allowed to own pets if it is discovered he abused this animal.

Reports state that the cage was only opened a few times a day to take the dog out in the yard. It is also thought that water was not provided to her on a regular basis. Authorities further reported that she was too thin before taking her to a local veterinary hospital. While the victim is expected to survive, the veterinarian said treatment will be expensive and that a full recovery will take an extensive amount of time.

Police not only arrested Davis for animal abuse, but he was also charged with not having the proper license to possess the type of ammunition allegedly found at his residence.

I therefore demand you suggest Davis receive the strictest sentence that the law will allow and that you further suggest he no longer be allowed to be around animals if he is found guilty of mistreating this feeble dog.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Dante Alighieri



  1. Cindy Miller says:

    Davis is a scumbag who should spend time in jail & also not be given this dog back & not be able to have another animal!

  2. Bridget Donahue says:

    God sees all and waits.


  4. Sue stevenson says:

    Convict these people so others stop doing it also

  5. Davis needs to pay for all medical and care expenses until this dog is rehomed. He should NEVER have another pet. Let him live in a cage in his own filth without water and see how he likes it. Throw him stale food to live on

  6. Death penalty for this POS

  7. He should be locked in the same cage he kept the poor dog in and left to rot.

    • Totally agree! Our laws are not hard enough. Happy to see the Plymouth County arrested him but chances are this POS will get a slap on the wrist. It should be on their driver’s license as well that they are abusers!

      • Rot in hell Brandon Davis says:

        He’s out on $340 bond. Three hundred dollars and he was slowly murdering an innocent sentient being. Thanks for another disappointment, MA judges.

  8. Abuse, torture will continue as long as there is no punishment. These people need to experience the same treatment. Perhaps they MAY consider their actions.
    I think a HUGE fine gets the attention of a lowlife!
    Isn’t animal cruelty a Federal crime now?!

  9. Kelly Wilcox says:

    SICK! SICK! SICK!!!! This is INHUMANE and totally DISGUSTING!!!
    I DEMAND that these LOW-LIFES get what is coming to them.

    I want them to be PUNISHED to the point that they are begging for MERCY for this unthinkable act such as this horrific act that was done to this baby..


  10. This man must be sent to jail. While he’s there I hope he’s really set upon by other inmates who are animal lovers (there will be plenty). He should not be allowed any more pets and made to pay the vet fees. Hope the poor dog is ok.

  11. Jaime Perez says:

    Dirty, rotten filthy scumbag!! There is no excuse for this heinous treatment of an innocent animal. This POS evil monster needs to spend the rest of his miserable life in jail!! May the poor pup heal and go to a good loving home.

  12. Debra Reece Simons says:

    I would like to see anyone who would do this—- anyone who would deliberately harm an innocent animal— to be eliminated FOREVER and PERMANENTLY from the face of the Earth.

  13. Davis needs locked up in the same conditions. End of.

  14. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Same treatment for abusers please!!!!

    • Pamela Hengst says:

      Get healthy soon sweet dog. As for Davis I agree with putting him in a filthy cage, no water. What stupid human treats an animal like that? Since also possessed illegal weapons he either deals drugs and/or fights dogs. He is worthless trash and must be treated as such.

  15. Are people that stupid that they can’t take care of an animal.
    Lock this mother fucker away in a small cage with no food or water

  16. EVIL DEDMENTED BASTARD!!!!! Lock in cage and leave him with NO FOOD NO WATER!!! POS BASTARD!!!

  17. Jeffrey Poupard says:

    Drug dealer and thug. They always try to have pit bull type dogs. Until ghetto culture changes, this will be a regular occurrence

  18. All fucking animal abuser should be killed

  19. Rose Coffey says:

    This disgusting person most definitely belongs in prison and NO WAY should he ever be around any animal again. He’s a mental case; too bad people he knows just don’t go ahead and beat him up, lock him in a shed somewhere, and go check on him once a week.

  20. Full legal consequences, never have another animal in his care, no question!

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