Hamster Reportedly Maliciously Beheaded Deserves Justice

Target: Amira D. Fox, State’s Attorney for Collier County, Florida

Goal: Punish and seek mental health services for the man who allegedly killed a hamster

A hamster was reportedly beheaded in a horrific act of animal cruelty. The suspect apparently bought the animal from a pet store under a false name with the seeming intent of harm. Demand that justice is served in this case.

Christian Lee Hunter is facing animal cruelty charges after Collier county investigators connected him with the seemingly malicious killing of an innocent hamster. The animal was found by the side of the road in a pet store box, reportedly beheaded and mutilated. Also inside the box was a receipt with a name and address, which apparently turned out to be fake. Surveillance footage, though, reportedly led police to Hunter.

This is apparently not the first time a mutilated animal was found on this stretch of road. The woman who found the hamster claimed to have noticed other similarly disturbing boxes. If this is true, then the person responsible must be held accountable before another animal suffers. Sign below and demand that Hunter receives a harsh legal sentence as well as mental health counseling, if found guilty.


Dear State’s Attorney Fox,

A hamster suffered and died a horrific death, allegedly at the hands of Christian Lee Hunter. Per investigators, Hunter purchased the animal at a pet store in Collier County with malicious intent. A woman reportedly found the hamster beheaded in a pet store box on the side of a road shortly after.

Per the same woman, this is not the first time an animal has been found mutilated in the area. If this is the case, then the person responsible must face legal consequences before another innocent being suffers. I demand that you prosecute this case, seek a harsh legal sentence, and encourage mental health counseling for the individual found guilty.


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  1. Yup! This guy’s crazy. Lock him up before he moves on to bigger victims.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    We need a National Animal Abuse Registry NOW!!! This would help prevent future incidents like this. BAN this monster from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with any animals ever again.

  3. Jacqui Skill says:

    LOCK THE SICKO CREEP MONSTER THAT DID THIS AWAY FOR LIFE! HE IS A DANGER TO ALL HELPLESS BEINGS!!!I also agree with Evan Jane Kriss..We need a National Animal Abuse Registry NOW!!! This would help prevent future incidents like this. BAN this monster from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with any animals ever again.

  4. What the serious hell? People are sick I don’t even know what words to use anymore because of all the atrocities I have scene on this site. I can’t read the stories but just seeing the headlines seriously makes me wonder what the freak is wrong with people

    • Me too Dori. The depths of animal cruelty by cruel, twisted, evil, uncaring humans is doing my head in. Just seems to get worse by the day. No animal is safe on this planet. Thats why theres a virus, they should have called it KARMA19!

  5. Cindy Miller says:

    Sick MF!!!

  6. Find the piece of shit and do the same to it!

  7. Instigation of the death penalty must be performed on all animal abusers, internationally. I am ready, willing and ale to help perform this procedure ensuring a slow and agonising death!!!!

  8. Gabriela Torres says:


  9. An eye for an eye. Do the same to him.

  10. Jaime Perez says:

    Just shoot him!!

  11. Amira – I am so God Damn sick and tired of hearing of the atrocities bestowed on the Animal Kingdom by sick individuals like Christian Lee Hunter. All animals have the right to live their lives in peace on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans. The signatures on this Petition are asking that you take the time to prosecute Hunter to the fullest extent allowed under Florida law. Please show the world that Collier County WILL NOT TOLERATE animal abuse and murder. Please!

  12. Julie Bates says:

    Just catch him and castrate the prick
    Change the laws USA
    If this were a child ????? Would we be so complacent????

  13. Makings of a serial killer…

  14. how many more innocents are going to die at the hands of this subhuman slime??? put this guy where he belongs.. UNDER the jail!!

  15. Stop enabling these scumbags by claiming mental illness. They are just evil and don’t deserve to exist.

  16. Paula Morgan says:

    I agree with Evan Jane Kriss that we need an animal registry now! The laws don’t represent animals and this needs to be changed. Animal abuse needs to be a felony in ALL states! There must be steep fines to deter abuse and a prison term of 10 years for bush. This is a hideous crime to do to something so small and defenseless. Obviously this man needs help. He is not mentally well. He is a danger to society. He needs to be taken off the streets, out of society, and into a hospital situation immediately. He seems like a man whose hatred for something was taken out on a tiny innocent being. We are all living beings even this tiny creature. What we do to the least of us we also do t the best of us!

    • Stella Waldvogel says:

      I agree.
      I don’t know if something happened to him to make him like that, but the fact remains that he’s dangerous. There are no mitigating circumstances, what he did was a conscious decision on his part, and I doubt he can be stabilized and released back into society. He’d just go off his meds and do something worse. That level of simmering malice is not something that should be tolerated.

  17. Sick Bastard

  18. Stella Waldvogel says:

    Today it’s a hamster, tomorrow a dog or cat, and before long, a child. Take him out of society.

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