Senior Tortoise Allegedly Stabbed and Beaten Repeatedly Deserves Justice

Target: Santa Clara County, California District Attorney Jeff Rosen

Goal: Justly punish man who allegedly beat and stabbed tortoise numerous times and require him to seek mental health counseling.

A 70-year-old rescued pet tortoise named Michelangelo was defenseless when he was allegedly hit with several objects and stabbed with a piece of wood. George Robles was arrested shortly after the incident took place. He needs to spend time behind bars and further be required to attend regular counseling sessions if it is found he committed this horrific act.

The tortoise was acquired from a rescue group and has been taken care of by preschool staff for the last few years. He is considered to be a beloved pet to the kids who attend Play ‘N’ Learn Preschool and is used to interacting with humans. It is therefore doubtful that he feared Robles after he reportedly broke into the school. Furthermore, Michelangelo’s age would likely prohibit him from swiftly moving away during an attack. Dr. Tal Solomon, a local veterinarian, stated that surgery was needed in order to remove wood and glass and to repair Michelangelo’s shell. No organs were damaged, and he will hopefully return to school soon.

Sign this petition to demand Robles receive a strict legal sentence and to also demand he be required to get professional help if he is found guilty of this senseless act.


Dear District Attorney Rosen,

George Robles was recently arrested for allegedly breaking into a local preschool and beating an old pet tortoise. He needs to spend time in prison and be required to attend counseling sessions on a regular basis if he is found guilty of this apparent act of animal cruelty.

Michelangelo has lived at the school for the last four years after being obtained from a rescue group. He is loved by the kids and taken care of by staff members. Because he is so used to people approaching him, Michelangelo was likely not fearful when he was allegedly approached by Robles. According to reports, a piece of wood was found going through his outer shell. Surgery was performed on the animal to remove shards and other pieces of wood, per a local veterinarian, and Michelangelo will have to be monitored closely over the next couple of months. For the above reasons, I demand you suggest Robles be punished under the law and that he also be required to see the appropriate counselor on a weekly basis if he is found guilty of this unthinkable act.


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  1. Milantia Roy says:

    George Robles was arrested shortly after the incident took place.

    He needs to spend time behind bars and be deported to where he came from, even if he was born here … to the country where his ancestors came from.
    He is not fit to be a citizen of the USA.
    Thank you!

  2. jackie Pflucker says:

    Dear District Attorney Rosen,
    What about subjecting Robles to the same ‘treatment’ he gave the turtle? He does not need any counseling but to spend time in prison – being a correctional institution or in jail.
    Cowards like him do not deserve to be free, they must pay for what they have done, and who knows if this will be the only time that Robles mistreats or tries to kill an animal just for pleasure. He sounds like a born sadist with bad instincts who will not hesitate to continue doing so.

    • He can choose a super brutal beat down that will cause him severe damage and a 50-50 chance of dying or he can spend 30 years in prison, which would in all likelihood would result in getting rape along with epic beat downs. After that he must remain in a rubber room for another 20 years at minimum. That should cure him. yes

  3. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    What a despicable individual. He deserves no compassion and Dear District Attorney Rosen, please see to it that he goes to jail for the longest possible time.
    Think of what he’ll be capable of doing … Please keep him indoors for the sake of of us all.

  4. sylvia vegas says:

    How disgusting – what a coward! Please lock him up so he won’t hurt anymore innocent animals. We have to bear in mind that’s the way all future criminals start if they are not stopped when they start abusing innocent creatures.

    • Christy Lowe says:

      I agree with you. This low life coward needs to spend a good good amout of time in prison. That’s actually how people become Serial Killers is HOW they kill creatures and animals. please give this Senior Tortoise justice.

  5. This is another case of attempted murder with severe bodily harm. When all the counts are added up that scumbag should spend no less than 30 years in prison at minimum. After that lock him up in a rubber room for another 20 years, period.

  6. Irene Tuzzolino says:

    What kind of coward does this to a SLOW AND DEFENSELESS animal?

  7. Please give this poor senior Tortoise justice. The vile coward who donw this terrible act on a innocent tortoise

    needs to spend a whole lot of time in prison. Cowards who do animals, small creatures like this end up to be Serial Killers. PLEASE GIVE THE POOR SENIOR TORTOISE JUSTICE PLEASE.

  8. Counseling??? How about a bullet to his head…worthless subhuman.

  9. Instigation of the death penalty must be performed on animal abusers and nothing less!

  10. Stab the bastard to death. No jail for him but he shall die

  11. there is always an ugly, stupid face to these actions…i hope his punishment is severe for attacking a helpless creature…

    dumb f…ing piece of manure…

  12. And do not place this Poor animal back in a school setting. No one should have to stay in school 24 hours a day seven days a week and only get fed and watered periodically. This tortoise needs to go to a rescue group perhaps the one that gave him to the school in the first place (The school that didn’t protect him). Or send him to live with someone who will care for him and love him. Animals are not ours to exploit and not ours to keep in a school for the children’s entertainment.

  13. May KARMA catch up soon with that vicious psychotic retard …SOON !!!!

  14. Paula Morgan says:

    A man did this to an elderly tortoise? Again my question is why? The man is supposed to be in danger mentally but so are we all when people like this are allowed to go into society. No ones the right to break into a preschool and attempt to kill, painfully kill, an old tortoise. What reason does he have for this action? He can only offer excuses and there simply are no excuses for what he did. Would he want this done to him. No! So why did he feel it was alright for him to do this to another living, breathing, being? This man deserves to be treated for a mental condition but then serve time in prison, be on a registry for breaking into a preschool as he could hurt of kill children, and he should never be allowed around any animal again throughout his lifetime. This is a felony, right? America needs to step up the laws to protect lesser brings from those hateful beings that set out to harm or kill.

  15. Loco hijueputa. Metanlo preso por un largo tiempo.ojala te llegue tu dia George Robles.
    Karma te mando.

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