Dog Who Reportedly Had Tail Cut Off With Knife Needs Justice

Target: Chad M. Salsman, Bradford County, PA, District Attorney

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly cut dog’s tail off and left the animal to suffer.

A Pennsylvania man allegedly cut his pet dog’s tail off with a knife and then refused to take the suffering animal to the vet. Instead, he reportedly gave the dog Tylenol and let the wound heal improperly, exposing the innocent animal to infection and disease. Sign the petition to demand justice.

Authorities were called to the home of Richard Armitage after he was reportedly seen outside, swinging a small, white dog violently around his head by the harness. When police responded, they apparently discovered the dog’s unhealed wound. Armitage allegedly admitted to cutting the dog’s tail off with a knife, giving the animal Tylenol, and then moving on as if nothing had happened.

Now in the care of the Bradford County Humane Society, the innocent dog will require surgery to heal his wound. Armitage, meanwhile, has been charged with animal cruelty. Sign the petition to demand that, if these accusations prove true, Armitage be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear District Attorney Salsman,

County resident Richard Armitage has been accused of horrific animal cruelty after reportedly slicing the tail off his pet dog and neglecting to take the injured animal to the vet. Authorities only discovered this alleged abuse after they were called to Armitage’s home after reports of more violence against the animal.

If these accusations are true, Armitage is a danger to animals and society as a whole. I ask that he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law so that the innocent dog so brutally abused finally receives justice.


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Photo Credit: John Pavel



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    No Tylenol.

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  3. Becky harrold says:

    Pos. People disappoint me everyday. Let’s cut his balls off. Give him a Tylenol

  4. Pos. People disappoint me everyday. Let’s cut off his balls and give him some Tylenol

  5. Put SCUMBAG POS Richard Armitage behind bars! DO NOT let this POS be near an animal ever again!

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    Prayers sweet baby

  8. I would happily return the favor and cut off his dick, roll him around in the dirt for a couple hours and toss him a few Tylenol! Hope this scumbag drops dead. Animal cruelty laws are a joke in Pennsylvania!

  9. Beverly Morin says:

    What in hell would possess somebody to cut off a dog’s tail!!! with a knife!!! And then!!! Then swing the suffering animal around in the air. Every time I read about one of these twisted and insane acts of abuse, I ask WHY WHY WHY in God’s name do this shit? Get the POS off the streets. Do not allow this scumbag the freedom to repeat this violence!

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  12. To a non trained person without the experience nor meds and tools. This act is cruel and inhumane. Only a Licensed Veterinarian needs to make these operations.

  13. Larry Menden says:

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  14. Ashamed to be human says:

    That poor fur baby needs a new, caring & loving home. God knows what other despicable abuse he or she has suffered. RICHARD ARMITAGE should be made to pay for all the dog’s on-going medical costs & NEVER be allowed to own or be near any animal ever again. Burning at the stake should be reintroduced for evil bastards like him. 😡

  15. Briana Cohoon says:

    This would’ve just been continued if not 4 this incident. Now the torture us over. Can’t go unpunished

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  17. Pam Levernier says:

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  18. Instigation of the death penalty and nothing less must be performed internationally on all animal abusers!

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