Dog Who Reportedly Had Tail Cut Off With Knife Needs Justice

Target: Chad M. Salsman, Bradford County, PA, District Attorney

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly cut dog’s tail off and left the animal to suffer.

A Pennsylvania man allegedly cut his pet dog’s tail off with a knife and then refused to take the suffering animal to the vet. Instead, he reportedly gave the dog Tylenol and let the wound heal improperly, exposing the innocent animal to infection and disease. Sign the petition to demand justice.

Authorities were called to the home of Richard Armitage after he was reportedly seen outside, swinging a small, white dog violently around his head by the harness. When police responded, they apparently discovered the dog’s unhealed wound. Armitage allegedly admitted to cutting the dog’s tail off with a knife, giving the animal Tylenol, and then moving on as if nothing had happened.

Now in the care of the Bradford County Humane Society, the innocent dog will require surgery to heal his wound. Armitage, meanwhile, has been charged with animal cruelty. Sign the petition to demand that, if these accusations prove true, Armitage be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear District Attorney Salsman,

County resident Richard Armitage has been accused of horrific animal cruelty after reportedly slicing the tail off his pet dog and neglecting to take the injured animal to the vet. Authorities only discovered this alleged abuse after they were called to Armitage’s home after reports of more violence against the animal.

If these accusations are true, Armitage is a danger to animals and society as a whole. I ask that he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law so that the innocent dog so brutally abused finally receives justice.


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Photo Credit: John Pavel



  1. May he suffer in return, 10 times the pain.

  2. No animals ever for this POS!!!!! Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!!! He deserves to be in prison!!!!!

  3. The human race continues to disgust me. If only we still operated with an eye for an eye.

  4. Cut his d*** off see how he likes it

  5. This man should spend time in jail and fined heavily.He should be banned for life from owning any animals. Perhaps we should cut a part of this scumbag parts.This poor baby I hope he heals and finds a new loving home.

  6. What a heartless POS this man is. They should cut of his “tail” too.

  7. Felony max sentence is a must. No animal should ever be allowed around in or ever belong to this monster for life.

  8. take this SOB and cut off his dick. Make him pay for all the medical care and care of this animal until adopted. Make sure he never owns an animal of any kind again.

    • Donna Kruft says:

      Sounds like an a winning idea!!I am so distraught reading so many animal abuse stories!! WTF wrong with the human race?? It’s not only animal abuse that worries me. Keep reading more and more child abuse stories!! These people need their dicks cut off for sure!!

  9. An eye for an eye for one…
    I hope that such monsters do not have children to teach such heinous behavior to nor should they be trusted with children.These are twisted minds that need to be called out and dealt with; period as the dangerous indviduals they are.

  10. hoping that the covid virus mutates and only kills people who kill and abuse animals – that would make our world a better place – what a pscyhopath –

  11. I’d like to cut something off this guy and it’s sure isn’t a tail!!! Miserable crap pos!

  12. Hopefully the fucker who did this gets his dick cut off then decapitated.

  13. Samina Araf says:

    Cut his private parts off and throw him in a ditch and leave him there to suffer! Break his legs so he can’t climb out, sick in the head, soul less evil scum!!!

  14. What a freaking lunatic, lets casterate him and give him Tylenol, WHILE HE HEALS . Lock this POS up and NOT allow him to EVER have animals again!

  15. Tracy Smith says:

    Off with his head!

  16. Shelly Blaze says:


  17. Nancy Chiodo says:

    Force this subhuman to make large payments to an animal rescue. Garnishee his earnings for life.

  18. Cut his D*** with no medical atención

  19. Fetia Faggiano says:

    Ohh they better Jail this Scumbag and Fine him serious $$$ teach this Loser s Lesson on How to treat animals !!

    My heart breaks for this puppy ☹️

  20. Jacqui Skill says:

    Lock the dehumanized cruel monster that did this away for life..he is a danger to all helpless beings

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