Puppy Allegedly Tortured on Social Media Deserves Justice

Target: Dekalb County, Georgia District Attorney Sherry Boston

Goal: Give woman who allegedly tortured puppy on social media sites harshest legal sentence and do not allow her to be around animals.

A 6-month-old puppy named Max was allegedly tortured several times by a social media star. Brittany Johnson, also known by her followers as Lovely Peaches, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. She needs to receive the strictest sentence the law will allow to better ensure she will not continue this behavior if she is found guilty of these horrific acts.

Johnson allegedly kicked Max across the room, hung the animal up on a coat hanger, and sprayed perfume in his eyes. She also reportedly offered to eat Max’s body on a live feed if the helpless creature did not survive.

Johnson has been accused of committing more than one animal abuse crime. She is now behind bars thanks to many angered social media users. Sign this petition to demand Johnson receive the longest prison sentence possible and to further demand she no longer be allowed to be around animals if these allegations are found to be true.


Dear District Attorney Boston,

Brittany Johnson was recently arrested for allegedly buying and abusing a puppy named Max on her social media sites. It is important that she receive the most stringent sentence possible if she is found guilty so other animals will be safe.

Johnson allegedly showed a picture of Max hanging up on a coat hanger on her Instagram account. She further is accused of forcefully kicking him, and spraying perfume in his eyes.

Johnson has been accused of other incidents involving animal cruelty. I therefore demand you seek the longest jail sentence possible and have her barred from being around animals in any capacity if she is found guilty of such thoughtless abuse.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    Hang the bitch. Prosecute this scumbag to the full extent of the law and hopefully someone will beat the living shit out of her.

  2. This woman needs to go to prison and never come out. I had never heard of her and looked her up on IG. Thank God her account is gone but others had screen shots of her posts and it looks like she also had a 2 year old daughter that she was abusing and allowing others to sexually abuse. She is insane and obviously a horrible person to harm innocent children and animals. She needs to be stopped.

  3. Give the harshest punishment proper judge can give!! And he can live stream her cellmates beating her up!

  4. This woman is a psychopathic animal abuser! She is a danger to both animals and humans. She definitely needs to be prosecuted and barred from going around any animal ever again!

  5. i read about this on you tube and saw the picture i just hope this puppy is safe and if you go on line they need to also get her for child abuse … they are in some of her videos of the things she said and did to both child and the poor little dog on line this pos is on sick person and i cannot believe that you tube did not shut her down. and for the people that encourage her you should be banished from this earth if you feel like what she has done is ok … it is not on either account. i suggest that you not watch her vidoes because what you see cannot be taken away .. it is horrible i only watched one and the other was her talking about abusing her infant daughter. she does is not fit to walk around free …sad part is she will likely get a slap on the wrist and supposedly she has money to post bail if she gets to post it. i just hope this poor puppy was taken away and still alive some posted it was … and i pray that her daughter is taken away from her … she is disgusting pce of crap…. dhs here is a job for you to nail her do it … and judge you need to allow her you tube videos in court so that you can see the pce of crap your actually dealing with for puppy and child .

  6. Julie Bates says:

    If the law had balls the woman should be charged with BATTERY! Should get a FELONY CHARGE !!

  7. This vile and evil animal torturing lowlife bitch Brittany Johnson must be brought to Justice and jailed for life. This evil bitch is definately a psychopathic depraved pea size brain animal and child torturing evil bitch from hell.This pos enjoys torturing innocent and helpless animals and children. Kill it slowly.
    Eradicate this filthy lowlife pos bitch Brittany Johnson from our planet.

  8. This is beyond outrageous. I hope that this sadistic psychopathic bitch is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and is never allowed near another animal again. Since this is not her first animal cruelty offense, perhaps it would be better if she were removed from the planet.

    • No “perhaps” she has to go, I want Street Justice to get her, strong heavies who love animals to do their worst and leave her in remote to wither away. JUSTICE for ANIMALS please

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