Condemn Zoo for Kidnapping Endagered Sloths

Target: CEO of Dallas World Aquarium, Daryl Richardson

Goal: Reprimand the CEO and biologist responsible for kidnapping endangered sloths

The Dallas World Aquarium has been in recent news for misconduct. The CEO of the company, Daryl Richardson, and a conservation biologist named Luis Sigler, kidnapped eight endangered pygmy three-toed sloths from the wild in Panama. The two crooks were allegedly determined to give two sloths to a zoo in Panama and keep the other six. Thankfully their efforts were interrupted by authorities; however, these actions reflect poorly on the Dallas World Aquarium and the motives of zoos across the country.

The kidnapped pygmy three-toed sloths are eight of less than one hundred left in the wild, making the species critically endangered. Pygmy three-toed sloths are incredibly docile and gentle. Capturing them would be no chore, though it is ethically unsound to remove them from their natural habitat to put them in a zoo where they will most likely die. The actions of Daryl Richardson and Luis Sigler are incredibly selfish and dangerous. The two were apprehended by Panamanian animal protectionists and urged to put the sloths back in the wild.

No one wants to believe that zoos are only interested in a profit and not the well-being of animals. There are some zoos that make a huge effort to help endangered animals and their natural habitats; these zoos seem to have the interest of animals at heart. However, consumers must remember that zoos and aquariums are still businesses. While there are many that make efforts to rehabilitate endangered species and gain funding for this purpose, there are also those that are only interested in exploiting these animals for a profit. Due to the actions of Dallas World Aquarium representatives, the latter description is unfortunately most fitting.

Consumers have a major impact on businesses: vote with your dollar and make sure to research the zoos and aquariums that you do wish to patron. Ensure that the zoo or aquarium is making an effort to help natural habitats, rather than causing species to suffer whilst exploiting them. Notify the CEO of Dallas World Aquarium that compassion counts in his business and you are choosing to support more humane efforts of conservation, rather than his selfish ways.


Dear Daryl Richardson, CEO of Dallas World Aquarium,

Recently your business has been targeted for misconduct. A conservation biologist by the name of Luis Sigler, and you, were caught kidnapping eight endangered pygmy three-toed sloths in Panama. You were encouraged to put the docile animals back in the wild; however, your actions have not gone unnoticed and they do not reflect positively on your business.

It is understood that you and the conservation biologist held a permit to take the sloths back to Dallas. You were apprehended at the airport by animal rights activists because this species is critically endangered. Taking them away from their habitat to study them is not beneficial to the species or science. The study of endangered animals should be done as an observation of them in their habitat, with no direct interference. You kept the sloths in crates while transporting them for several days: this is abusive. You might not be a smuggler, but you definitely do not have the sloths’ best interests at heart.

There are less than one hundred pygmy three-toed sloths left in the wild. You kidnapped eight sloths to hold captive; these unfortunate creatures most likely would not have been healthy in captivity. They are fragile creatures that should be left in the wild, not selfishly taken for profitable gain. This incident reflects poorly on the Dallas World Aquarium; please know that the negative publicity received due to this incident is deserved.

I urge you to reconsider your motives behind running a captive animal business. There are many zoos that make valiant efforts to rehabilitate endangered species and their habitats. It is not too late for you to compassionately work for animals, rather than using them for profit.


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