Obama: Don’t Kill Whales for Oil


Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Save whales, dolphins, and other marine animals from deafening blasts during oil exploration

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  1. Sarah Chatfield says:

    Don’t. Stop harming sea mammals

  2. Melissa Gonzales says:

    Open your eyes people! They were here before we us. They have feeling they love, how can you be so sallow!


    Whales and other cetaceans are MAMMALS, just like us, humans. Therefore, in addition to the fact, as a species, we humans are supposed to be GOOD STEWARDS of ALL CREATION, there is also the little matter of treating our fellow MAMMALS the right way as well.

  4. Bryan Craig says:

    All you oil executives you will have your day in court before the Lord and I hope HE hangs you all by the balls and throws you to the sharks. So the sharks can have their turn.

  5. Leave these mammals alone in their own habitat …governments always taking wat doesn’t belong to them

  6. Jean Atkinson says:

    Whales have enough challenges already without being killed for Oil! Leave them alone!!! What if they harvested humans for food?..

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