Dogs Allegedly Starved, Covered in Feces, and Restricted By Chains Deserve Justice

Target: Kanawha County, West Virginia Prosecuting Attorney Charles T. Miller

Goal: Give couple who allegedly left their dogs to starve and die inside waste filled home strictest legal sentence.

Terrence Lee Williams and Shirley Williams were charged with animal cruelty after four dogs were allegedly discovered chained up inside an abandoned house buried in their own waste. They need to receive the toughest sentence under the law if they are found guilty of such astonishing animal abuse.

After police located Shirley Williams, she told officers that her husband and son had taken responsibility for the animals’ welfare. William’s son claimed that his teenage daughter had been caring for them. However, authorities reportedly found massive amounts of urine matted up in their fur. Officers further reported that the animals had little room to maneuver around and that there was no food in their bowls. Three of the dogs were allegedly so thin that their skin had folded over. Another one was reportedly not able to walk.

Demand that anyone found guilty of neglecting these helpless dogs receive the harshest sentence possible.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Miller,

Shirley Williams and Terrance Williams were recently arrested after officers allegedly found their four dogs living inside an empty house attached to chains without food or water. The dogs were reportedly covered in their own feces and urine. They need to receive the most stringent sentence allowed by law if they are found guilty of abandoning their animals.

According to Shirley Williams, her husband and son were responsible for their care. The son told officers that the dogs were being visited by his 16-year-old daughter two times per day on average. However, officers doubted this was the case since their fur was allegedly filled with urine. Additionally, reports stated that the animals’ bowls were not within reach and that they were completely empty. Officers also said that the skin from three of the dogs had folded over their spine, ribs, and tailbone. They further reported that one of them was not able to walk. Although the dogs were taken to a local veterinary clinic to receive the urgent care they needed, their state is not currently known.

For these reasons, we demand you seek the maximum jailtime possible for the people convicted of the alleged abuse of these innocent animals.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Charles – Please prosecute these assholes to the fullest extent allowed under West Virginia law. This act of cruelty was deliberate and this family needs to answer for their crime of abuse and neglect. Please show the world that Kanawha County WILL NOT tolerate animal abuse and murder. Please!

  2. Cruel people like this deserve the exact same treatment.

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    These freaks all deserve some good street justice! Beat the holy hell out of them for this atrocious act.

  4. These pathetic excuses for humans need to be brutally destroyed. They don’t deserve to exist

  5. Each and every vile animal abusing cretin internationally must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!


  7. The owners need to be tied and done the same treatment. Hope the book is thrown at them. No more animals for them.Too bad don’t have a registry for animal abuse.

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