Stop Killing Hummingbirds with Poisoned Nectar

Target: Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Goal: End the cruelty of killing hummingbirds with toxic dye in their nectar.

Hummingbirds are dying because of the poisonous, artificial food that is provided for them in feeders. The dye that is added to the hummingbird nectar is completely unnecessary and does not attract hummingbirds any more than food that is not dyed. Studies show that Red Dye #40 causes cancerous tumors in rats and mice; however, a study of its effect on the hummingbird population has never been conducted. This careless behavior causes death and suffering in these innocent animals and has to stop immediately.

A hummingbird that consumes just a minimal amount of Red Dye #40 still shows traces of this poison 24 hours after consumption. Being a carcinogen, Red Dye #40 has also been linked to infertility and hyperactivity. While 3.2 mg per pound of this toxic substance is deemed acceptable for human consumption, man-made hummingbird nectar contains a ratio that is seventeen times higher. Many European countries banned Red Dye #40. Make Canada do the same. Sign this petition to ban Red Dye #40 and save the lives of thousands of hummingbirds.


Dear Honourable Wilkinson,

Hummingbirds are dying across Canada because there are fed nectar poisoned with dye. Dye is a completely unnecessary ingredient in the nectar and is not favored by the hummingbirds any more than clear nectar. Although studies show that rats and mice develop cancerous tumors because of Red Dye #40, no studies have ever been conducted on hummingbirds and the negative effects of Red Dye #40.

Just a minimal amount of dye can be traced for at least 24 hours after consumption inside a hummingbird. Red Dye #40 does not only cause cancer, but also infertility and hyperactivity. While 3.2mg per pound of this toxin is allowed for human consumption, hummingbirds consume an amount of the dye that is seventeen times higher. Red Dye #40 is banned in many European countries, and Canada should follow that lead.

I urge you to take action against this cruel treatment of innocent lives.


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Photo Credit: Carmen Edenhofer



  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    BAN this heinous practice NOW!

  2. Julie Bates says:

    Canada get real … we knew that the RED DYE is poisonous years ago It was stopped in humans food!! BUT FOR MARKETING AND SALES $$$$
    To make it more attractive for humans to buy the dye continues!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON CANADA 🇨🇦. Just make your own sugar water with BERRY sugar …costs quarter the $$
    Bloody humans and $$$$ greedy of manufacturers!!!!

  3. Evelyn Ball says:

    No one needs to buy hummingbird nectar. Basic recipe is 1 part white sugar to 4 parts water. Boil and let cool. Can be refrigerated for up to a week. Waste of money buying something like this in the first place. Also the nectar does not need to be red. Nectar in flowers is not red. Most hummingbird feeders have red parts anyway or you can tie a red ribbon around it.

  4. Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada

    End the cruelty of killing hummingbirds with toxic dye in their nectar.

    Always the vile and evil lowlife human species who deliberately and heinously kill every living species on our planet.
    It is about time all animal torturers and animal murderers were eradicated from our planet not the precious and innocent Wildlife.

  5. Stop this HORRIBLE ABUSE!!!

  6. I am disgusted with Canadas abuse of poor defenceless animals. Become civilised Canada!

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