Badly Injured Dog Reportedly Dragged Behind Speeding Car Deserves Justice

Target: Gizat Nurdauletov, Kazakhstan Prosecutor General

Goal: Give person who reportedly dragged dog behind moving car the toughest sentence punishable by law.

A dog was allegedly tied to the back of a car and forcibly dragged as its driver sped down the road. Kazakhstan police have not named the suspect involved. However, he was detained and is now being questioned by authorities. This person needs to be put behind bars for the maximum amount of time if it is found he committed this unthinkable act of animal cruelty.

Video footage appears to show the dog being dragged behind a moving car with a trail of blood following his injured body. A witness told police that they honked their horn until the driver finally stopped. After the witness asked the motorist why they were mistreating the animal, he allegedly picked up the dog and threw the animal inside his boot before leaving the scene.

The dog was swiftly taken to a veterinary clinic to receive treatment after the suspect was detained. The animal reportedly needs to take pain killers to sustain any quality of life. Sign this petition to demand the person allegedly responsible for this blatant act of animal cruelty be given the longest prison sentence possible.


Dear Prosecutor General Nurdauletov,

An unnamed suspect was recently detained for tying a dog to the back of his car and then speeding down the road,  dragging the helpless animal behind him. He needs to be given the strictest sentence under the law if it is found he committed this horrific crime.

The alleged incident was captured on dash camera. The driver was allegedly going so fast that it would have been impossible for the animal to run behind the car. Instead, the poor dog was dragged and badly injured. Witnesses described a trail of blood left in his wake.

The dog fortunately lived and was treated for his injuries. However, the wounds were reportedly so bad that the dog will experience prolonged pain and suffering. We therefore demand you suggest the person allegedly responsible receive the most stringent sentence allowed by law if it is found he committed this heartless act of animal abuse.


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Photo Credit: SanduStefan



  1. Marilyn COLLINS says:

    It’s piece of sub human crap needs to die. Please get rid of him he doesn’t deserve this world

  2. Larry Menden says:

    The person (s) who did this heinous thing to this poor dog should be tied to the back if a car and drug down the road until the person is dead.

  3. Life sentence for The bastard who did this. Justice for the dog!

  4. This evil dog killing cretin must be put to death. I am ready, willing and ale to help perform this procedure ensuring that this POS endures a slow and agonising death!

  5. Punish this HORRIBLE ABUSER to the FULLEST extent of the LAW!!!!!

  6. Roslyn Pollinger says:

    Punish this horrific animal abuser!!!
    Jail time, fine and never to own a dog again. I’d rather see him tyed to a car and dragged thru town. An eye for an eye!! Horrible heartless bastards!!

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