Ban Cruel & Abusive Greyhound Racing

Target: Salma Lakhani, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

Goal: Ban the abusive racing of greyhounds across Canada.

Every year, greyhounds are drugged, abused, and forced to run until their bodies literally break, all in the name of “sport” and “entertainment.” Greyhound racing remains popular, and unlegislated, in Canada. However, faithful companion animals should not be used for human entertainment. Stop greyhound racing immediately.

The dogs begin intensive training when they are 1-year-old and start racing six months later. During training, they often sustain injuries such as torn muscles, soreness, and broken toes. After they are raced for 4 to 6 years, they are given a poor retirement. Many are returned to farms for breeding, while those that are unfit for adoption or breeding are euthanized.

Greyhounds are fast, sleek animals who love to run, but this is no excuse for abusing their nature and forcing them to perform at certain standards to win races. There have been many instances of greyhounds being drugged to improve their performance. While the National Greyhound Association takes pains to ban these members, the Canadian government does nothing to protect the mistreated dogs. Many other accounts of ill-treatment have surfaced, and again, the federal and provincial leaders sit idly by while companion animals are reared for human amusement.

Racing dogs are abused for profit as well. Even though betting on greyhounds is illegal in Canada, certain websites still accept bets on them with impunity. Many states in the USA have outlawed greyhound racing, and only a few still maintain tracks and events. While this is thankfully a dying sport, the Canadian Government cannot stand in impotence while animals within its borders languish in such horrible conditions.

Take action and help put an end to greyhound racing.


Dear Your Honour,

I was shocked to hear that there is a greyhound race track still operational in the province of Alberta and that these dogs can legally be raced across the country, with very few regulations governing their well-being. Many states in the USA have banned greyhound racing, but Canada still allows this archaic form of “entertainment” in the 21st century. While interest in this sport is dwindling, I urge you, on behalf of the Government of Canada, to take action and put an end to this unethical sport.

Many greyhounds are drugged to improve performance, and yet there is no legislation to prevent this. The animals are injured during training and races, yet this physical abuse is allowed. Animals are euthanized if they are no longer worthy or useful, and this is acceptable for human amusement. While betting on greyhounds is illegal, many places still take bets on races.

Companion dogs are being abused and exploited in plain sight and this is allowed under the law. This shameful negligence on behalf of Canada must stop. Put an end to greyhound racing across the nation.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Ravinder Singh says:

    Is your country developed and educated? Those who needs animals for entertainment, are worst then illiterate people. I have got no word and there is no word in the dictionary to describe such people.

  2. Patricia Attaway says:

    Are there any animal protection laws in Canada? There are so many petitions about cruelty in that country.

  3. Bina Pannell says:

    The report omits the fact that many greyhounds are sent to China either to be tortured and killed as dog meat or for the Chinese to race. If the latter, the life of the poor dog hangs in the balance whereby if it loses a race it is beaten to death.

  4. Cindy Miller says:

    Anyone that needs to watch animals running to their death or make money off them is a very sick being!

  5. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    BAN this hideous practice NOW!

  6. Race humans, not animals.

  7. Salma Lakhani, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

    Ban the abusive racing of greyhounds across Canada.

    Race the vile nd evil human species not the precious animals.

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    Dog racing needs to be banned worldwide! There is no need for this gruesome “sport.” Anyone who enjoys watching dog racing is sickening and depraved.

  9. Stop this HORRIBLE ABUSE!!!!

  10. Stop all kind of animal racing and abuse in your country and worldwide.

  11. Ban barbaric greyhound and general dog racing internationally. It is cruel and barbaric.

  12. Let’s protect the dogs. They deserve to live. Need to stop racing them.Race the humans,not dogs.

  13. The only racing I have ever seen in Canada is amateur racing where owners take their dogs out for an afternoon of fun, just like they do with obedience, agility, dock diving, lure coursing, frisbee, etc. Most of these are CKC sanctioned events. These are much loved family pets who come out to have fun and then return home to the couch to live out their lives with their families. No money involved, just ribbons and happy dogs at the end of the day. I much prefer to see dogs getting EXERCISE and MENTAL STIMULATION than being tied up and ignored in the back yard. Get out there folks and go do some events to see how happy the dogs actually are. They LOVE to run.

    Maybe high school sports should be banned too because kids can get hurt….

    • This Louise person is absolutely right.

      As far as the people writing this bogus petition, are you also trying get money out of the people who believe this horse shit? Because I hate to break it to EVERYONE – there is no professional greyhound racing in Canada.

      Can I still let my dog chase a ball? Is that still okay with the “woke” crowd?

  14. “Professional” racing should be banned, not “amateur” racing and as far as I know there is NO professional racing in Canada.

  15. Can you please point to where professional greyhound racing occurs in Canada currently?

  16. Let me know where this professional greyhound racing is happening?

    I’ll wait.

  17. Since when there’s greyhound racing in Canada ????

    As far as i know, only amateur racing/coursing exist in Canada, and either way, these dogs loves to run and are well taken care of. They are not abused.

    Instead on going after great dog owners and their beloved pets, maybe you should look into other stuff where actual abuse occurs

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