Justice for Puppies Allegedly Neglected to Death at Unlicensed Pet Shop

Target: Joseph T. Corradino, State’s Attorney for Fairfield County, CT

Goal: Punish woman who allegedly neglected and starved three puppies to death.

Chronic neglect allegedly led to the deaths of three puppies in Connecticut. The woman charged with their deaths, Catherine Palmer, reportedly was in possession of seven more puppies and two elder dogs at the time of her arrest. This tragedy could have been even graver, and accountability should be a top priority.

Palmer does not seemingly even live at the residence where she was said to have kept the animals. They reportedly lacked access to even basic food and water. Tenants of the building had reported at least one unresponsive puppy, kickstarting the investigation. These witnesses later alleged that the accused woman had attempted to replace the ailing puppy with a healthier animal in order to fool authorities. Conditions at the residence where the other dogs lived were extremely unsanitary, according to reports.

Even after this initial incident, the vulnerable animals remained in this seemingly unlivable household until another distress call from the same tenants. By this time, three of the young animals had reportedly lost their lives. Even worse, Palmer was allegedly running an unlicensed pet shop while these poor animals were suffering.

Justice must finally be done for all of the reported victims. Sign the petition below to demand Catherine Palmer face full punishment under the law if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Corradino,

Catherine Palmer has been charged with causing the deaths of three small puppies, endangering several others, and operating an unlicensed pet shop. This woman seemingly abandoned the innocent animals under her care to malnourishment, sickness, and filth, even  after she was reportedly warned of their rapidly deteriorating conditions. Countless more animals could have suffered a similar fate.

Please prosecute this woman to the fullest extent of the law. If she is found guilty, pursue maximum punishment for these horrific acts of alleged animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here

Photo Credit: Aditya Oberai



  1. Margaret Burlingham says:

    What about mandatory training for the city workers that went out the first time and Did Nothing about one dead dog until the residents called again a second time, this time too late for even more puppies that were found dead? This has to stop.

  2. This HORRIBLE ABUSE needs to be punished to the FULLEST EXTENT of the Law under the PACT ACT!!!

  3. The wretch needs to get what she deserves. No more animals. I hope she suffers before she dies. Killing innocent animals,sad pathetic excuse of an human.God don’t like Ugly. She deserves no food and water.

  4. This bitch that is responsible for these innocent and precious puppies should be punished and sent to prison. That bitch. Those poor babies didn’t deserve any of that. Punish the bitch.

  5. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Imagine if proper action was taken the first time the call was made. Those puppies would be alive. Whomever responded to the property the first time and did nothing should also be charged. They are just as guilty as that woman. Hopefully the pet store will also be shut down. Disgusting and heartbreaking.

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    Why wasn’t anything done the first time authorities were called to the scene?? Three innocent babies wouldn’t have to suffer and die at the hands of this incredible ho bag!! She needs to pay all vet bills and then spend the rest of her miserable life in jail!!

  7. Joseph T. Corradino, State’s Attorney for Fairfield County, CT

    Torture this lowlife psychopathic vile and evil Bitch who deliberately starved three innocent and helpless litle puppies to death.Kill the evil bitch. Let me get to this evil slut of a bitch and I will eradicate the bitch from the planet. Die you lowlife psyco vile and evil animal torturing murdering bitch from hell. Burn in hell!!!!!!That’s where you belong!!!!!

  8. All animal abusers globally must have the death penalty implemented.

  9. Mechthild Schoeberl says:

    Close that terrible store once and for all!
    Those subhumans need to be prevented from ever owning a pet shop!

    Punish the ones responsible with jail and a heavy fine!

  10. Kill this witch- so she cannot harm another living being

  11. All Animal Agencies employees should first of all have compassion for animals wellbeing, protection and undergo trainings to be able to see animal cruelty,abuse and neglect at first sight.
    Give punishment to the full extent to this person? and ALL animal abusers.

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