Don’t Let Industries Kill Migrating Birds Without Repercussion

Target: Secretary of the Interior- Deb Haaland 

Goal: Renew protections for migratory birds and penalize industries that do not comply.

The Trump administration made a mockery of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act by implementing a rule that it would not be enforced. Trump’s attempt to protect industries from being held accountable for their impact on migrating bird populations received little support, yet is on track to go into effect a month from now. Conservation groups have promised to sue and efforts are in order to overturn the outrageous ruling.  

Over the past 50 years it is estimated that 3 billion birds have vanished from North America. On average, reports show that industries are responsible for 709 million bird deaths a year. The qualifier that Trump’s administration imposed on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act would excuse industries from any legal repercussions for killing millions of birds a year.  Sign the petition below to demand that the Migratory Bird Treaty Act be enforced and industries be penalized for practices that result in the deaths of migrating birds. 


Dear Ms. Haaland, 

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is an important protection that must be upheld. The decision made by Trump’s administration not to enforce this law serves industries and disregards the lives of migrating birds. For too long, industry and the wealth of men have determined law in this country. Let us put that trend behind us. So much life has been lost already, and more are dying every day. If legal protections for non human lives are not enforced, then there is no incentive for things to change.

Industries must be penalised for their practices that result in the deaths of millions of birds a year. The penalties have to have an impact on the industries-so as to ensure that necessary changes are made in a timely manner. Actively turning a blind eye and choosing not to enforce the law is essentially condoning these harmful practices, and allowing business to continue as usual. I urge you to overturn the Trump administration’s rule immediately and implement real penalties that subject industries to effective legal consequences. 


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Photo by: Ian Sharp




  2. I know that some of you people say that you are Trump supporters AND animal lovers. I’m sorry, but the two just don’t go well together. He has appointed heads to the EPA and other environmental cabinets who have histories in oil and gas industries, tried to wreck the Migratory Bird Act, reduced the sizes of some National monuments, sacrificed the Arctic National Wilderness to the highest bidder for oil, gas and timber, and has insisted on building his wall on the border with Mexico while tearing down centuries old saguaro cacti and cutting off food and water to wild animals caught on one side or the other. And these are just a sample of the damages that he has wrought. I’m am glad that he is leaving (hopefully without more violence and bloodshed) and that we can reinstate our hard won environmental laws and preserve and protect our precious wildlife and wild lands.

  3. Trump is known internationally as an animal hating jerk.

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