End Cruel, Unnecessary School Animal Dissections

Target: R.J. Simpson, Chair of Council of Ministers of Education, Canada

Goal: Stop animal dissection in Canadian schools.

Millions of animals are dissected by school students each year. Some animals are bought in bulk, while others like stray cats are rounded up on streets and in back alleys. All are killed for scientific purposes, something a reported 25% of Canadian secondary school students are opposed to. The traditional animal dissection in biology classes across the country needs to come to an end.

Animal dissection in schools has significant implications on animal welfare. The industry of obtaining animals for school dissection is fraught with potential abuse during procurement, handling, and killing, and it is unethical to utilize and kill living creatures for youth who are not made aware of the larger implications of their class project.

Dissection is unnecessary with modern technology. Studies show that virtual methods are often more effective than traditional dissection with real animals. These modern approaches include electronic dissection programs and intricate models to teach biology, as well as the ethical and humane treatment of animals.

Some schools across Canada are phasing out animal dissection, or they offer options for students to choose not to participate. However, many schoolchildren are not given the choice to opt out, despite their constitutional rights. Legal action may be required for a student to uphold their personal opinions and beliefs. It is unacceptable that a youth has to go to such lengths to uphold their right to freedom of conscience and religion.

Help stop the exploitation of animals in schools and give students a cruelty-free education.


Dear Honourable Simpson,

I urge you to stop the unnecessary dissection of animals in Canadian schools and replace it with modern technology. Many schools across the country are phasing out animal dissection from their curriculum or have implemented policies that respect student choice in the matter. If no policies are in place, schoolchildren must take it upon themselves to ensure a cruelty-free class experience.

Many apps, virtual programs, and intricate models exist that provide a superior form of education. At the same time, youth learn about the abuse animals undergo for human purposes and students are taught to respect animals and their environment.

Stop the exploitation of animals for children’s education and help youth create a compassionate future.


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Photo Credit: Kirill Tsukanov



  1. This type of ‘learning’ needs to be relegated to the college arena where it might have some sort of relevance. Unless you already know you’re going into a field where this might be a necessary part of your degree this is totally irrelevant and depraved and devalues the life of animals. Shame on schools anywhere that use this bogus ‘teaching’ moment when a computer version will work just as well or better. SMH


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