Make the Circus Cruelty-Free

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Protect animals from cruelty and abuse by prohibiting their exhibitions in circuses.

Animals in circuses are a brutal display of humans attempting to dominate nature. These disgusting exhibitions are detrimental to the ethical education of today’s youth, which should focus on respect and coexistence with the environment. Sign this petition to end the abuse that animals suffer in fairs and circuses across the nation.

Most circuses do not mandate humane treatment of animals in their shows, and most of the animals are owned by private handlers who are contracted to join the traveling shows. These handlers use extreme and horrific practices to force wild animals to perform unnatural tricks. While a bear appears to perform for a simple treat, rigorous abuse trained him to ride on roller skates. Not to mention, there is continuous strain the animals undergo from being dragged across the country in cramped and unfamiliar accommodations.

Abused animals rarely receive the justice they deserve, since circuses do not remain long enough in a single jurisdiction for a history of animal abuse to be recorded. It is appalling that animals have to be maltreated for such a long time before retribution is obtained. If criminal behavior is proven, penalties are pathetic and will not discourage further abuse.

If circuses are not willing to move toward cruelty-free entertainment, then we must sign this petition to ensure the animals are liberated from human servitude.


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

It is appalling that Canada allows the unethical exhibitions of animals and the abuse they endure at circuses. Animal welfare laws in the country are subpar on most accounts, but it is particularly shocking that animals are allowed to be routinely abused for “entertainment” purposes. These displays of dominance over nature have a concerning effect on youth, who should be encouraged to respect and co-exist with the environment.

Convictions of animal abuse are difficult in the case of circuses that regularly move through different jurisdictions, and penalties are pathetically insignificant and do not discourage future behavior nor produce sufficient retribution.

Several private circuses are already stopping animal exhibitions and shows, but this does not excuse the government from standing idly by, and it is up to the government to stop all animals from being exploited.

I urge you to instate federal legislation that prohibits animal exhibitions in circuses.


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Photo Credit: Clarence Alford



  1. There should be NO animals whatsoever in ANY Circus. As a matter of fact, there should be NO CIRCUSES anywhere,ever again!

  2. Suzanna van der Voort says:

    It is a disgrace that there are still circuses where wild animals are forced doing tricks to amuse humans! If humans want to be amused, humans should do the tricks them themselves!
    Any country who dares to call themself CIVILIZED should ban ALL exploitation of animals for once and for all, only and because amusement!

  3. Dori Bailey says:

    Why have a circus at all? Making animals performed by making them Jump Through Fire and do tricks snapping a whip at them that’s sick. And it’s cruel and it’s inhumane and it’s abusive. Who goes to a circus now? That was yesteryear. You can’t go to anything now because of the pandemic. It’s time to take down the circus tent you’re over your old let these animals live out their natural life and let them be

  4. I agree that circuses should all be animal-free. We are trying to save so many of Earth’s species right now that it seems ridiculous that there are endangered and threatened species being used and abused in circuses for entertainment. I know that some people are against zoos also, but at least those animals in accredited zoos are well taken care of, and the animals are on a list for trade and breeding. Sometimes this is the only way to save a species until (hopefully) their progeny can be released into the wild.

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    Animals do not belong in circuses to perform stupid tricks for humans.

    • Fucking cruel Canadians, constantly signing these petitions for their vile acts against animals. They need a fucking bomb dropped on them! Go kill more baby seals you ass wipes!


  7. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Step into the 21st century already, for crying out loud. It’s a thing of the past. Do the right thing for these innocent abused animals. It’s time we end their suffering.

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