Prosecute Famous Actor Accused of Killing Dogs to ‘Get in Character’

Target: George Gascon, District Attorney

Goal: Investigate allegations of multiple stray dog shootings and killings across Los Angeles by Shia LaBeouf.

The ex-girlfriend of actor Shia LaBeouf made some disturbing allegations about the movie star. In addition to accusations of domestic violence, singer Tahliah Debrett Barnett, whose stage name is FKA Twigs, charges that LaBeouf would routinely go around Los Angeles neighborhoods for the sole purpose of shooting stray dogs.

LaBeouf, Bennet claims, bragged about his actions and allegedly said he killed the dogs “to get into character.” The reported acts of cruelty were said to have occurred during production of LaBeouf’s film The Tax Collector, where he plays a lethal drug kingpin. According to Bennet’s account in a lawsuit, LaBeouf thought that committing such vile acts would put him in the mindset of a killer.

LaBeouf has not commented on the allegations, but he needs to be prosecuted if he did commit the acts. Sign the petition below to urge the district attorney to investigate this matter fully.


Dear Mr. Gascon,

Very serious allegations have been brought against Shia LaBeouf, not the least of which involve animal cruelty. The actor’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of executing multiple stray dogs in supposed service of a movie role.

Actors are role models for kids and owe the public answers and accountability. Animal cruelty is a serious problem in Los Angeles. Please pursue this matter with the vigor it deserves.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Lynn Skilling says:

    He needs severely punished,he’s clearly unhinged & already been accused of domestic assault

  2. What the F**K????
    Get into character for part!!!!
    Evil bastard….
    Ban him from ALL films now. Jail the twat …….
    Let a dog lover target practice on HIM .
    Shit actor if needs to kill real dogs for part….

    • Who the hell is he? Famous in whose mind? Self important nothing. He certainly didnt achieve “stardom ” for his looks. Boycott his films. Put the little thug back on the streets where he obviously came from. He’s a subspecies who deserves nothing but misery and real justice.

  3. Christine Grabar says:

    There’s no excuse for such cruelty! This monster deserves to be shot by to death!

  4. Never ever going to watch anything this prick is in! A total POS! A total loser!

  5. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This Actor Shouldn’t Partaking this kind of Animal cruelty shit & his career needs 2 come 2 a halt.

  6. Linda S Fausey says:

    Not only should he be banned from further performance in any venue, but should be prosecuted. There is no excuse for this and it demonstrates some nasty deviant tendencies.

  7. Nena Miller says:

    He is clearly a sociopathic creep. Put him in jail. If he was playing a rapist would he rape a few women to get in character? What an asshole.

  8. Jacqueline O'Connor says:

    Nasty piece of work!! Nothing but a disgusting lowlife scumbag!!

  9. Hanna Gerami says:

    Famous my a$$
    I never heard nor have I ever seen him. Ugly piece of junk

  10. Those who are violent to animals are quite often violent to human beings as well. This man deserve exemplary punishment for having killed animals for futile reasons and most of all to become invisible for the rest of his unuseful shitty life.

  11. Malnacido el hijueputa este loco estupido ojala que te encierren por abusador y maldito.

  12. Marilyn COLLINS says:

    What a piece of human garbage. It’s a Felony lock him away.

  13. Shia gmust be punished to the fullest extent of the law immediately!!

  14. Anna Freeman says:

    Treat him like anyone else

  15. Nadine brundage says:

    If this proves to be true , he needs the nearest mental institution or prison.

  16. Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed about 22610.

  17. Susan Budde says:

    This sick, depraved loser needs to serve time and also be black balled from any movie roles. He is twisted and he is a criminal. What a piece of shit!!

  18. Margaret Burlingham says:

    Producers of this film would do well to fire him

  19. This HORRIBLE ABUSER needs to be punished to the FULLEST EXTENT of the Law under the PACT ACT!!!

  20. This vile,ugly,pocked face dog killing scumbag must have the death penalty performed on him.
    A slow and agonising death for this evil cretin is essential!

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