Prosecute Famous Actor Accused of Killing Dogs to ‘Get in Character’

Target: George Gascon, District Attorney

Goal: Investigate allegations of multiple stray dog shootings and killings across Los Angeles by Shia LaBeouf.

The ex-girlfriend of actor Shia LaBeouf made some disturbing allegations about the movie star. In addition to accusations of domestic violence, singer Tahliah Debrett Barnett, whose stage name is FKA Twigs, charges that LaBeouf would routinely go around Los Angeles neighborhoods for the sole purpose of shooting stray dogs.

LaBeouf, Bennet claims, bragged about his actions and allegedly said he killed the dogs “to get into character.” The reported acts of cruelty were said to have occurred during production of LaBeouf’s film The Tax Collector, where he plays a lethal drug kingpin. According to Bennet’s account in a lawsuit, LaBeouf thought that committing such vile acts would put him in the mindset of a killer.

LaBeouf has not commented on the allegations, but he needs to be prosecuted if he did commit the acts. Sign the petition below to urge the district attorney to investigate this matter fully.


Dear Mr. Gascon,

Very serious allegations have been brought against Shia LaBeouf, not the least of which involve animal cruelty. The actor’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of executing multiple stray dogs in supposed service of a movie role.

Actors are role models for kids and owe the public answers and accountability. Animal cruelty is a serious problem in Los Angeles. Please pursue this matter with the vigor it deserves.


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  1. If those allegations are found to be factual, then Le Beouf needs to be stuck in prison for the rest of his worthless days. But he deserves to be executed. He can get in character in there. He will have plenty of time to do so.

  2. Please proofread your petition before asking others to sign.

  3. Denise Eaton says:

    If he did this horrific deed then YES he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Doesn’t matter if he was or wasn’t a actor. That is animal abuse. There is NO REASON TO KILL ANIMALS for any reason. I don’t care if he thought it was good for a movie or not.

  4. So if she was aware he was doing this, is she quilty as well? Quilty by Association? Why bring this up now? Why not report him while this was happening to avoid any future incidents?

  5. We had a woman throw puppies into a lake inside cages in my town and she got the book thrown at her. She’s in deep shit to put it nicely. ANIMALS, NOT ONLY JUST DOGS, are living creatures just like human beings! Just because they were supposedly stray, doesn’t mean a God damn thing! They have feelings, souls, and a life to live for in this world , just like every human being in the world does. To drive around and shoot them randomly, so you can be in “character” is disgusting. Shia Labeof was one of my idols when I saw him for the 1st time in Transformers. I thought he was a talented, star on the rise in his field, and now I am disgusted by him. He needs not only help, because he has mental health problems, but he also needs to take responsibility for this shit! Celebs think they’re above the common person and that they abide by different rules than we do. Screw that!!! Hes on the same level as Harvey Weinstein right now!! Harvey didn’t kill anyone for fun, and he ruined many women’s lives, but this asshole is killing what could have been someone’s pet. We don’t know. Not only that, he’s driving around with a gun , planning on doing something bad. He took a gun out of his home, into a vehicle, with the intention of killing something , for some shit movie! Most people choose dogs over people, and I can see why now, by what he did. If he just walks away from this scotf free, and gets put in some high value film, ill flip shit! I’m a single father, who makes $40k a year and live paycheck to paycheck!!! I WISH SOMEONE TOOK NOTICE OF ME, AND CASTED ME IN A FILM !! I’d DROP EVERYTHING in a heartbeat to take that offer, and NOT to be a celebrity, but to make mine and my sons life better!!! Hes worth around 30 million dollars, and is a ticking time bomb. He obviously has no respect for anyone or anything, and thinks he will just walk away because of his celeb status. If NOTHING HAPPENS NOW TO HIM, WHO WILL HE HURT NEXT??? So far its been Mia Goth, than the homeless man in NYC, a police officer, FKA Twigs, and these harmless puppies who already were down on their luck being stray!!! Anyone wants to get back to me, you can email me at I’ll be waiting. Love you all

  6. james waldo says:

    Pussy ass show lenoir is a piece of shit actor who is also a stupid asshole who needs a 38 special stuck in his mouth to blow his head off and make him wiser. Amen gracias

  7. This piece of trash needs to be taught a lesson on how to treat innocent animals. Any and all royalties he receives should now go towards helping homeless animals and he should be fired from his role in the movie, if not the movie should be protested.

  8. Sandy Menden says:

    He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent…actor or no actor…personally I feel he should be shot snd killed just as he did those poor defenseless dogs!!!

  9. If true, this piece of trash needs to be prosecuted to the max. This punk-ss never served turd (no DD 214) was slimming around with securities fraudsters a decade ago to get in character for some film role.

    Urge all decent people to boycott his films if allegations are true and urge you to do your job.

  10. Shirley Quilalang says:

    He’s definitely not a talented actor. Someone should shoot him to get the mindset that he is striving for. This way he can truly know the pure terror his innocent victims have to endure during their horrific last moments on earth.A real actor would know this.

  11. Zara Tubman says:

    I hope this is not true. But if it is those Dogs need justice. No Dog chooses to be a stray. It is circumstances. And to get into the mind set of a killer. There should be no more movie roles like this. Or tv roles. Animals could be in danger.

  12. ILONA WALID says:

    There is NO REASON TO KILL ANIMALS for any reason. I don’t care if he thought it was good for a movie or not.


  13. Angelina Rangel says:

    Piece of trash!

  14. This actor has always been a little deranged but mow that he has taken it to the level of killing innocents he should be given the death penalty. Animal abuse and pedophilia should not be tolerated. These freaks can never be rehabilitated.

  15. Patricia Williams says:

    “To get into character “????? This person is a demented idiot. His behavior is an atrocity and needs prosecuted to the Max. Any tv or movie program that hires him are condoning his appalling behavior. Prosecute Prosecute Prosecute!!!

  16. Sabrina Favero says:

    This big bastard should really being put in one car that transformed itself and crash this sob!!! Lets see how if feels like this!

  17. He needs to be jailed! Sick fuck!

  18. His so-called career has been in the toilet for a long time. He’s done. He was always but a pampered little no-talent diva.

    As for killing dogs for “art”? Remember the “artist” Tom Otterness who shot a dog for a piece of performance art and filmed him slowly dying? Any consequences? No, he got a pricey grant to create whimsical bronze sculptures for the NYC subway.

  19. I don’t care if he is famous or not. He should be in jail! He’s a killer! Ass wipe

  20. Prosecute to the full extent of the law. I don’t care if hes famous or not. He needs to be treated like everyone else. This is wrong on so many levels. Once an animal abuser always an animal abuser. He need to go away.
    RIP to all the animals he killed.

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