Stop Maiming Dogs by Removing Their Vocal Cords

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Prohibit non-therapeutic devocalization of dogs in Canada.

Against veterinary recommendations, people are allowed to debark dogs in Canada. While individual vets can refuse this elective surgery, there are no legal repercussions for the people who choose to maim their dogs in this way. Sign this petition and call upon the government to instate laws that protect canines from this invasive and unnecessary surgery.

Excessive barking is often the result of improper care and training from dog owners, and comes from anxiety, boredom, poor socialization, and isolation. It is people’s responsibility to address the underlying causes of barking and not surgically alter their dogs because it is convenient.

Dogs endure post-operative pain, and also run risks of coughing, gagging, and aspiration pneumonia. They also run the risk of dyspnea (respiratory distress) and stridor (or noisy breathing). Furthermore, a dog’s bark can return to normal a few months following the operation, putting the dog at risk of being tortured a second time.

Dogs bark to communicate with each other. It has also been suggested that barking has evolved to include dog-to-human communication. This is how companion animals express happiness, anger, and how they protect us. Join this petition so we can protect them.


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

The fact that people can surgically remove their dog’s vocal cords is a shocking reminder of Canada’s pathetic animal welfare laws. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association strongly advocates against non-therapeutic devocalization, and yet the government does nothing to legally protect companion animals.

While individual provinces may put restrictions on this barbaric act, the federal government needs to follow other leading countries such as the United Kingdom and the European Union and prohibit debarking at a national level.

Excessive barking is often the cause of poor care and training on behalf of dog owners, and the animals should not be made to suffer because of human error. Debarking does not benefit the animal, but is done purely for human convenience, and the dogs are exposed to numerous post-surgery complications that reduce their quality of life.

I urge you, as the elected representative of the people of Canada, to stand up for animal welfare. Stop the non-therapeutic devocalization of dogs. This one act will have a significant impact on the lives of many animals in the country.


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Photo Credit: Scott Campbell



  1. Susan zimmer says:

    We humans are so inhumane – end this madness

    • Thomas Kuhn Sr says:

      No, it’s just the unintelligent Canadians with no feelings except for themselves that are the cowardly POS’s that commit abusive crimes towards innocent animals. Then again, let’s not forget about a large % of Australians that kill innocent animals for no good reason.

    • Naila Johnston says:

      Amen!! Only humans are sooo cruel!!

    • What kind of vet would do this? What kind of revolting person would want this, certainly not someone who loves their pet!!what kind of country would not ban this horrendous cruelty? CANADA!!!!!!!! We are indeed the worst species ever to live.

  2. Who the hell is doing this? How about those monsters having that done to them and it being done now?
    No reputable vet should be doing this ever. If caught doing that they should never be able to practice again. Then the vet as well those evil monsters should be jailed for life

    • Sabrina Favero says:

      That s really something incredible!!!! Wtf people subhumans think to do??? Stop this horrible practice now!!!!

  3. Isobel doyle says:

    This needs to be stopped. It should be outlawed and all vets need to be held up to stop this cruel treatment of dogs. I say if a person is caught doing this then their punishment should be cut out their vocal cords better yet include cutting out their tongue. Let them see how it is to live this way

  4. “Sign petition” does not work!!

  5. Donna Shook says:

    I could understand if the dog needs the procedure if it’s medically necessary. I could understand a few other reasons, also. Such as having to make the choice to be forced to move from your home because neighbors complain or call police constantly. When forced to make a decision to be able to keep a beloved pet’s vocal cords or a roof over their heads, it can get tricky. Not everyone can afford a place that rents and allows pets. It often cost significantly more to keep a pet in a rental property. Many people have to save up to buy or rent a new home. It takes time to put things in place to be able to move. Not everyone can just up and move that easily. Not everyone can afford specialized training for their pet. Some HOA’s/neighborhoods have strict rules on noise control. Some neighbors can be very hard to deal with/appease. You may not find out how things really are until you’re already living in the house you purchased or rented. Sometimes, someone may have to resort to making the painful decision to do it. With all that being said, I do not condone doing this procedure simply because someone doesn’t want to take the time to be responsible for their dog, or want to take the easy way out of an irritating situation. Dogs have reasons for most of their actions. We should try to understand our pets and try alternative methods before doing something so extreme, that could negatively impact them. My pets are my family. I could not see myself ever doing this to my dog. They are part of my family, and are just like my children. I refer to my grown children and my pets as siblings. While incessant barking can get on my nerves from time to time, I would not clip their vocal cords because of it.

    • If you ‘need’ to remove your dog’s vocal cords for any reason that is not medically necessary, such as to make your landlord happy, then you need to re-home your dog. There is no excuse or reason that justifies maiming your pet for your convenience and anyone who does so should be charged with animal cruelty and abuse.

    • Donna,

      Then some people should NOT own pets and are not equipped to do so. If it comes down to placing the animal in a loving home versus keeping it in a rental apartment, but slicing its vocal chords to appease neighbors or an HOA? The choice is clear; there is no argument here.

  6. What is the purpose of having a dog if they can’t bark. The reason of having a dog is to let u no some one is coming or breaking in house. That is the stupidest reason to not have a dog not bark. Think if someone did that to u,it would be frustrating. Can’t communicate to anyone cos ur voice box was removed. Think about that,maggot.

    • yes Debra, why have a dog????? it is their way of protecting you and making you aware that someone is near….all these subhumans should be thrown on a boat and taken out to the ocean and whatever happens to them……oh well!!!!!

  7. There is no good reason to have this done (perhaps with the exception of cancer/painful nodules on larnex/Etc). I’m sorry, but the “I would have to move and can’t afford it” doesn’t fly with me – that is not a good enough reason. 99% of the time it simply takes time and effort to teach you dog to not bark at everything. If you can’t put in that time and effort for your pet, you should not have one…and frankly don’t deserve one. They aren’t an inconvenience, they are family.

  8. Anyone who cannot tolerate a barking dog should not have one, period. We do not remove voice boxes from people we don’t want to listen to and this is no different; it’s cruel and unusual punishment for simply being a dog who is owned by a total idiot and asshat. This needs to be illegal.

  9. Lynn T Oshiro says:


  10. Pam Woodard says:

    It seems there are no limits to the cruel, sadistic, barbarism of humans. People hear the word “barbaric” and think of practices from the distant past. Nope. It’s 2021, and we still haven’t evolved.

  11. Raymond Ings says:

    I’m ashamed to be a Canadian so much legal cruelty allowed. I’m currently in the UK and the Brits are so far ahead of Canada when it comes to animal welfare.

  12. Dena Durand says:

    Stop this cruel cruel thing, have those idiots of humans cu TV their vocals and see how they like ut!!

  13. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Not surprised that Canada has no laws against debarking. A Country known for brutal maiming and vicious slaughters of beautiful white seals. It is mind boggling that debarking dogs is legal. Barking is what dogs do. Put aside your arrogance and your macho ego and you just might be able to see just how cruel and inhumane debarking a dog really is. There are many nuisances in life. Man kind is responsible for most of them yet we must tolerate them. Stop picking on and maiming something that can not defend themselves. Because that would make you a Bully and a Coward.

  14. Holly Bell says:

    It is the vet’s who also be held responsible for this. Just like de-clawing a cat. These practices need to stop. If the owner still wants to have this done maybe if Vet’s would not do this then it would stop. Of course they still make shock collars too.

  15. Christine Grabar says:

    I strongly agree with everyone. There’s no excuse for doing this to dogs. People with fur babies need to protect them from cruelty. Barking is the only way dogs can communicate and meowing is the only way cats can communicate.

    I would never be live anywhere that would not allow my cats.

  16. Susan Kulikowski says:

    This is inhumane and I’m appalled that this is legal in Canada. Justin Trudeau needs to make sure this barbarism is stopped. Dogs need to bark.

  17. Renata Kuchinsky says:

    Stop this barbaric practice.

  18. Anny ass thst would do that should never have a dog, I want mine to be able to commumicate. How cruel can we be

  19. Michelle Stewart says:

    De-barking must be made illegal everywhere. The only way the vocal cords would be allowed to be removed is if it was a medical necessity (example because of cancer)

  20. Patricia Williams says:

    It’s not just Canadians. Puppy mills do it in the US. And they don’t use vets. They grab the dog, force its mouth open and use scissors. If the cut something else and they bleed to death, they don’t care. No medication. Just cruelty.
    Puppy mills need to be outlawed. And do not let dogs from puppy mills from other countries into the US.

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