Stop Maiming Dogs by Removing Their Vocal Cords

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Prohibit non-therapeutic devocalization of dogs in Canada.

Against veterinary recommendations, people are allowed to debark dogs in Canada. While individual vets can refuse this elective surgery, there are no legal repercussions for the people who choose to maim their dogs in this way. Sign this petition and call upon the government to instate laws that protect canines from this invasive and unnecessary surgery.

Excessive barking is often the result of improper care and training from dog owners, and comes from anxiety, boredom, poor socialization, and isolation. It is people’s responsibility to address the underlying causes of barking and not surgically alter their dogs because it is convenient.

Dogs endure post-operative pain, and also run risks of coughing, gagging, and aspiration pneumonia. They also run the risk of dyspnea (respiratory distress) and stridor (or noisy breathing). Furthermore, a dog’s bark can return to normal a few months following the operation, putting the dog at risk of being tortured a second time.

Dogs bark to communicate with each other. It has also been suggested that barking has evolved to include dog-to-human communication. This is how companion animals express happiness, anger, and how they protect us. Join this petition so we can protect them.


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

The fact that people can surgically remove their dog’s vocal cords is a shocking reminder of Canada’s pathetic animal welfare laws. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association strongly advocates against non-therapeutic devocalization, and yet the government does nothing to legally protect companion animals.

While individual provinces may put restrictions on this barbaric act, the federal government needs to follow other leading countries such as the United Kingdom and the European Union and prohibit debarking at a national level.

Excessive barking is often the cause of poor care and training on behalf of dog owners, and the animals should not be made to suffer because of human error. Debarking does not benefit the animal, but is done purely for human convenience, and the dogs are exposed to numerous post-surgery complications that reduce their quality of life.

I urge you, as the elected representative of the people of Canada, to stand up for animal welfare. Stop the non-therapeutic devocalization of dogs. This one act will have a significant impact on the lives of many animals in the country.


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Photo Credit: Scott Campbell



  1. Susan Budde says:

    Archaic and cruel. Thank God that very, very few vets would even do this and very, very few people would want this done to their dog. It should be illegal by Canadian law, rather than left up to the individual provinces. It is illegal in virtually all modern, progressive societies and it is illegal for a reason. It is cruel and barbaric.

  2. Stop this cruelty!!

  3. Wow! Really?! Humans continue to outdo themselves. While we’re at it let’s take the cry away from babies, the chirp from birds, the splash from the ocean, the laugh from children . . . .dumb@sses.

  4. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Feed ALL animal abusers to the lions crocs or sharks. World a better place without these evil human beings!!

  5. Tjaart Meyer says:

    Dogs bark. Thats what they do and how they protect.

  6. annette davies says:

    dogs express themselves with barking and is a form of communicating. THis is so barbaric and cruel must be banned. the vets that do this are sadistic monsters

  7. What on earth is this all about! I honestly despair of the arrogance of the human race.

  8. Renee Risser says:

    The Amish shove a metal pipe down their dogs throats and damage the vocal cords to keep them from barking. Can we stop them also?

  9. That this should even be an issue in 2021 is beyond comprehension.

  10. Linda S Fausey says:

    This barbaric practice is the result of human stupidity. Stop it.

  11. Maria Nowicki says:

    Let’s “despeak” the human idiots instead.

  12. I am sooo sad …. goddamn VET MUST LOOSE HIS LICENCE….. not given probation!!!
    Shame shame on Canada!!

  13. Perhaps COVID will get rid of some shitheads

    Revoke their licence !!

  15. Todd Fletcher says:

    Who in the hell is doing this crap!!! The dumb keep on getting dumber!

  16. Agree too – wicked CANADA again

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