Stop Killing Gophers With Poison That Causes Bleeding From Gums, Feet and Anus

Target: Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks, Alberta, Canada

Goal: Ban the use of strychnine as a pesticide for gopher and ground squirrel control.

Gophers and ground squirrels are seen as a pest and the most common form of eradication is strychnine poisoning. This method is unethical, painful, kills many other species of animals and it should no longer be used.

Strychnine prevents muscles from relaxing once contracted, and causes excruciatingly painful muscle spasms. The animal remains fully conscious while their tightened muscles become exhausted and they suffocate. The animals also suffer internal hemorrhages, and bleeding from gums, feet, and anus.

Strychnine is a very potent chemical that easily poisons the land and other species. Non-target animals are unintentionally affected by inhaling powder that was released into the air, coming in contact with the poison, and eating other animals that were poisoned. Burrowing owls, badgers, weasels, hawks, songbirds, bugs, and mice are some of the many species that have been found unintentionally poisoned by strychnine set out for gophers, not to mention the numerous cases of domestic dogs that are killed each year.

Ground squirrels and gophers are overpopulated in rural areas due to poor farm management practices. Deforestation, poorly managed fields, and the elimination of natural predators are all contributing factors to the overabundance, and it is deplorable that widespread use of a horrific poison is tolerated to control a human-caused problem.

Sign the petition to stop the use of this inhumane and dangerous poison.


Dear Honourable Nixon,

Strychnine should not be used as a pesticide to exterminate gophers and ground squirrels. The out-of-control population of these small rodents is the result of poor land management and it is deplorable that the government allows these animals to die in such a horrible way.

Strychnine inhibits nerves in the body and prevents contracted muscles from relaxing, leading to painful muscle spasms and death by asphyxiation in fully conscious animals. The potent chemical also causes internal hemorrhages and bleeding from the mouth, foot pads, and anus.

Many non-target animals are also killed. Birds and other small mammals are unintentionally poisoned by eating bait laced with strychnine, and predators die from secondhand ingestion. Burrowing owls, badgers, weasels, hawks, songbirds, bugs, and mice have all been found dead or suffering on fields where strychnine bait was applied, and numerous pets have also died from inadvertently coming in contact with it.

Strychnine is an inhumane and dangerous pesticide, and I urge you to ban its widespread use in your jurisdiction.


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Photo Credit: Carmen Edenhofer



  1. Bina Pannell says:

    The only pest on this planet is the human.

  2. This is so sad that we even need to have a petition about this.

  3. So very cruel and sick…All those who think it is the answer should be forced to ingest it… THE CRUELTY MUST END NOW….IMO

  4. Michelle Stewart says:

    There must be a humane way to get rid of them. Sound vibration, loud underground noise, humane trapping and relocating. Anything is better than making a poor animal suffer unnecessarily

  5. These people doing doing this need to think before killing gophers. They have a right to live. Relocation them. Too bad humans can’t go thro the sufferings they go thro. Please stop killing them inhumanely. Don’t deserve to have to go thro this.

  6. Wth is wrong with people, not surprised to hear another inhumane act against animals. I think they need to experience this slow agonizing painful death themselves. We have come so far in advancement on everything in this world except humane relocation of animals such as this, figure out another way !!

  7. How can humans be so incredibly heartless and cruel to innocent, helpless little animals. Too bad we can’t treat these subhumans the same way they treat our beautiful wildlife.

  8. Robin Abbott says:

    AND then in turn the animal’s that eat them are killed, also!!! Completely irresponsible! Leave the coyote’s and raptor’s, that are their natural predator, alone!! Human beings think in such human/ego centric thinking and it will be our DEMISE!! Nature works and takes care of its own! We are the problem and it is our numbers that need to be decreased!!!!

  9. People suck shit

  10. Stephanie Hermiston says:

    Start exterminating troublesome people first, before harmless innocent animals!

  11. Absolutely illegal! Better ways to reduce the population! So sick, they should ingest it and be sent to prison!

  12. Always amazing how cruel and heartless some humans can be to innocent, harmless, helpless little animals. Too bad we can’t treat these subhumans the same way. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

  13. I really hope that our voices be heard to the world… makes stop animal torture, abuse, vicious killing of innocent defenseless animals. It’s so cruel.

  14. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Why are you so cruel and vicious? Why do you pick and choose the creatures around you that should live or die? Who do you represent? Good or Evil? What are pests to you, are actually Gods creation. A creation that does exactly what Men do. They live to survive. Sharing the space as God had intended, building their homes, foraging for food, and reproducing. Yet, they are pests and Men are not? And of all cruel things, death by Strychnine. And you call yourself a Man?

    • well said Shirley…..who in the hell are these low life subhumans that can do this and not be punished for the hell and suffering they have put these animals in……is this the way these idiots feel superior and macho???? well the Bible states, “an eye for an eye”….so in time these low life will get what is coming to them and they too will suffer as they have done to others….

  15. Jane Todaro says:

    This is outrageous. We should ban strychnine. There are other ways to deal with this problem.


    YOU SOB’S!!!!

  17. All these people who do this should be given the same treatment. It’s unforgivable

  18. Οffer the same ‘sweet’ to those who offer it to the poor animals.

  19. Nancy Lasley says:

    ALL animal cruelty must be illegal, with strict enforcement and harsh penalties!!!

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