Frogs Allegedly Used and Tormented in Foosball Game Deserve Justice

Target: Jessica Kwok, Group Director for Community Animal Management at Animal Veterinary Service

Goal: Find and arrest teenagers who allegedly used frogs  as foosball props.

A dozen live frogs were allegedly tortured when they were used as foosball props by a group of teenagers in Singapore. The reported incident is currently being investigated. It is important that these individuals receive time behind bars and the appropriate counseling if it is found they committed this unthinkable act of animal cruelty.

A video appears to show the teenagers placing frogs in the middle of a foosball table and then later hitting one of them with a foosball rod. Although faces cannot be seen in the video, reports state that the episode was filmed by a teenage girl. The Animal and Veterinary Service and the SPCA were quickly sent copies of the clips that appeared online by concerned citizens.

The Animal and Veterinary Service made a statement saying they are investigating what happened and further that they are taking the case seriously. If an investigation proves their guilt, demand that these teenagers receive legal punishment for their alleged crimes and that they be required to see a mental health specialist so that such an incident will not happen again.


Dear Ms. Kwok,

As you know, a group of teenagers is currently being investigated after a video appears to show them beating frogs with foosball rods while playing the popular game. These individuals need to spend time in prison and be required to see a therapist if they are found guilty of such unfounded animal abuse.

Reports indicate that the words “Thanks for the 100 frogs” can be seen on the screen shortly before someone allegedly uses a foosball rod to smack an unsuspecting frog. Videos of the online clips were quickly sent to your organization, as well as to the SPCA.

Because of the magnitude of the alleged cruelty, we demand you continue investigating this case until all suspects are apprehended. We also demand that you suggest that these teenagers receive a harsh punishment under the law and further that they be required to attend counseling sessions if they are found guilty of this heartless crime.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Jacqui Skill says:

    Teenage barbarians! Stop them now ..they are ignorant criminals already

  2. Stop this HORRIFIC ABUSE!!!
    😢 😢

  3. As far as I’m concerned a lot of teenagers are just STUPID! If one suggests something, the rest go right along with it. They most likely think that their “antics” were funny. Well, it’s time to do more than slap their wrists. Make an example of them and teach others that you just don’t do these things to animals. Maybe a fine and some constructive ecological community service would help.

  4. Animal abusers must be sentenced to death internationally. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure. A slow and agonising death is essential.

  5. The parents of these kids do not teach them empathy for animals.
    Children have to be taught to be kind to all animals as the animals feel the same pain as humans. It is such a sad thing that teens are doing this kind of abuse . They all need to be punished for this crime.

  6. these stupid “kids” need to have their ass kicked and also be placed on a board and start bashing their heads hard…these kids do not deserve to be in this world and would be better off with them gone & spending time with their leader SATAN….then their fun will begin!!!!!!

  7. Jaime Perez says:

    Best these little bastards with a steel bat! Stinking freaks who think it’s ok and funny to hurt innocent animals!

  8. Punish these monsters or they will continue the abuse😡

  9. Since the parents do not teach their kids empathy, a several year long sentence just will.

  10. Julie Bates says:

    Truly there is NO discipline at HOME Nor In school
    Frankly sense of right and wrong doesn’t exist !!!
    The word KINDNESS is replaced by being HOT SHIT !!! Sad world

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