Stop Killing Dogs and Other Animals in Gruesome Body-Grip Traps

Target: Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota

Goal: Prohibit the use of body-grip traps.

Multiple dogs die every year when they wander into traps set by hunters. These deadly body-grip traps are set up for small mammals and baited with enticing foods. After a hunter lost his pet to one such trap, he has made it his mission to change the laws and protect other dogs from the same fate.

“It happens every year. It’s going to happen this year. Someone’s dog, someone’s pet, or their favorite hunting dog, is going to die in a trap,’’ said John Reynolds, of Merrifield. His beloved springer spaniel, Penni, was caught in a body-grip trap set for a bobcat and died painfully. She was just one of several that perished that year, thanks to Minnesota’s lax laws regarding trapping. Currently, hunters can set traps anywhere they please, even on private property, without marking them with signs. This puts not only dogs in danger, but also children who may be on a walk in a recreational area.

Bobcat hunting season has officially begun, which means dogs are in danger now. Sign this petition to demand that Minnesota’s governor make it a priority to protect the state’s pets from further harm.


Dear Governor Walz,

Body-grip traps are responsible for multiple dog injuries and deaths every year. This is due to Minnesota’s lax laws regarding the use and marking of these deadly devices. You are in a position to change these statistics and save lives.

Currently, it is legal to place a body-grip trap in recreational and privately owned wooded areas where families take walks and domesticated pets roam. These traps do not need to be marked with a sign, giving locals no warning. This is unacceptable and extremely dangerous not only to dogs, but also to children. By prohibiting the use of traps in highly frequented places and requiring clear identification, lives can be saved.

I ask that you work to end the slaughter of innocent animals in body-grip traps.


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  1. Despicable, evil. No excuse for this unimaginable suffering in the 21st century. Humans today are simply modern savages. Sickening and heartbreaking. Deep SHAME on the human animal.

  2. Julia Edinger says:

    All those devices should be used on all those “evil beings” who have them,,,period!!! MUST BANNED THEM !!!

  3. Anyone who does this needs to be put in one or more of these traps until expired. Throw remains in trash

  4. Any trap set by humans to ensnare an animal is bound to capture an animal it was never intended for. And btw, traps of any kind, for any type of animal should be banned. They are inhumane and cruel, ban them all!

  5. Stop this inhumane practice! They are used for animals that can’t get up, or stand as well, which make them incredibly cruel tools of torture. Where is our humanity that we are willing to inflict pain and torture on animals just because we think no one cares about them and that they will be killed for meat anyway. Torture of another living being is never right and an affront to God.

  6. Don’t understand why these traps aren’t banned. Hunters should not be able to use this kind of traps period. It’s inhumane not only for domestic animals but wild animals too. It’s a very cruel way for any animal to be trapped this way.

  7. Lorie Martin says:

    Never understood why these are still legal!!! Absolutely ridiculous and very cruel!

  8. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters. These vile bastards must be turned into fertiliser!

  9. If the hunters did not want the pets y take them out to kill them. That is so inhumane. What if a maggot got his body caught in a body grip trap,that would hurt like hell. God don’t like that to his animals. I hope they suffer in hell and rot. Pass a law that keeps these maggots from doing this to innocent animals. Hope they get arrested for the crime of killing the pets.

  10. Hope he stops hunting other Animals now! doubt it!

  11. Proverbs 12:10—HORRIBLE CRUELTY!!!

  12. ALL animals are living, breathing beings that feel hurt and pain and have emotions just as you and i do.. What people do to animals is cruel, inhumane and just wrong! Why do people think they even have a right to hurt an animal?

  13. Elease M. Bradford says:

    My heart breaks for the innocent animals who suffer painful deaths in these body-grip traps. They need to be outlawed all together. In the meantime, they need to be marked with danger signs and not allowed on private property. Nor should they be in areas open to the general public.

  14. All animal abusers must have the death penalty implemented. A slow and agonising death is essential.

  15. What the hell is wrong with human beings? Try something other than sadism for entertainment. Sick, sick, sick.

  16. These traps should be made illegal…NO animal should die in such a horrific way!
    What in Hell is wrong with people?

  17. Cotton Jenny says:

    You people make me sick. You are practically on the brink of war because a dog was killed in a body grip trap, yet you would have no problem if it was a cat. Before you hypocrites say you wouldn’t, yes, you would. What was supposed to have been trapped in that monstrosity? A bobcat! I don’t care of its a housecat or a Siberian tiger, fact, a cat is a cat and as entitled to life as much as ANYONE! I say stop the damn hunting bullshit, for sport or game and do what GOD said we could do when he gave us permission to eat LIVESTOCK! Those are pigs, chickens, cows and such like that not cats, dogs, or non-livestock animals.

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